Uncharted 3: Top 10 Set Pieces

“Set pieces” became a huge focus of action and adventure games this generation. Studios looking to break up the typically repetitive “run and gun” or “stop and pop” gameplay have strategically inserted massive and elaborate moments of raised intensity and cinematic flare to break up the pacing.

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Snookies121886d ago

Should have been the top ten for the entire series instead.

Neixus1886d ago

Did you even watch the video?

Snookies121886d ago

No, I'm simply stating it should have been the top ten for the series.

FlameHawk1886d ago

How do you have 7 bubbles.....

Neixus1886d ago

I don't really get where you're going at.. are you saying the title is wrong? because the youtube video is named the same.

Snookies121886d ago

No, I'm saying what's the point of going with only Uncharted 3's set pieces? Why not just name the best in the series as whole...

Neixus1886d ago

just watch the goddamn video already

wishingW3L1886d ago

the video has set-pieces from Uncharted 1, 2 and 3. In fact, the #1 is from Uncharted 2 but the video says "top 10 of Uncharted 3".

Relientk771886d ago

The sinking ship, and plane set pieces were awesome

Philoctetes1886d ago

Can't argue with #1 or #2. That said, I would have liked for the rusting shipyard from U3 to work its way in there someplace. I liked that setting a lot.

Irishguy951886d ago

Not really a set piece. Do you mean the shipyard where you swim in between the boats and stuff? The first part of that was extremely good level design imo and one of my favorite parts in the series. A set piece though involves cutscene's worked into gameplay/Building collapse etc. The shipyard didn't really have anything going on besides the raw gameplay

rezzah1886d ago

Nice video.

My favorite is the plane section in UC3. While the train was amazing, the feeling of awe was greater for me while the plane was falling apart until you land on the ground.

PinkFunk1886d ago

Yeah. Something about flying through the air after the plane disintegrates and then grabbing onto that crate, and that feeling of relief the video commentor mentions. Hoooly.

Great video, and honestly seeing all those clips made me realize and remember JUST HOW AMAZING Uncharted is.

...and I can't help but feel even more excited about The Last of Us - if only because ND is working on it. Though it is hard to imagine an ND game without massive set pieces like that, you know? Who knows though, Last of Us could have some set pieces - i'm sure it will have big moments either way...

What do you guys think?

rezzah1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

The Last of Us is something ND has never done before. The tone of TLOU is serious and mature.

If you look at ND's history, you can see the transition of comical worlds to a more mature setting.

The Crash series is always fun and easy to play with a lot of humor. This series was the least serious of all with its cartoon art style.

The Jak & Daxter series is a good representation (and foreshadows) of ND's transition stated above. The first J&D game is easily comparable to the Crash series, with its comical humor and art style. While the art style of the series remained the same, the tone became more mature/darker in both 2 and 3. At the same time, 2 and 3 still contained the humor found in their previous games (mostly thanks to Daxter).

Next came the Uncharted series. UC, like their previous games, had a lot of humor but it was less comical and more mature (Sully's jokes). The cartoon art style was removed, and ND adapted a realistic look for the series.

Currently, there is The Last of Us. As far as we can tell, based on multiple trailers/live demos, TLOU contains no comical (Crash, J&D) or mature (UC) humor. The game appears to be only serious in all aspects, and retains the realistic art style of the UC series. One can relate the atmosphere of TLOU to the TV show The Walking Dead. Since this is the case, there might be a less cinematic outlook on TLOU. ND's focus for this game is something completely new.

PinkFunk1886d ago

Hmm interesting post, rezzah. Seems on the ball!

I did actually feel like the lead character from TLOU reminded me of Rick from the Walking Dead. And of course, they resemble each other in atmosphere as well (same with The Road).

On a side note, have you watched the latest episode of the Walking Dead? My goodness, brilliant!

And lastly, I will admit to some failure and say I've never actually played the Jak & Daxter series. Never had a PS2 (though I played with friends), and frankly though I should probably play it somehow, realistically I know I want go out and buy a PS2 or J&D. If however it were to fall into my lap, I would give it a playthrough!

rezzah1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I'm actually on episode 10 for season 3 of The Walking Dead.

If you have a PS3, there is a Jak and Daxter HD Collection. Contains 1-3, but not 4 which is a Kart game.


I think Sony might plan to release the HD version for the Vita later, that is if you have one. It likely be the same version without any additions.

PinkFunk1884d ago

Bah. I may get that in the future. Truth be told I sold my PS3 cause I needed some cash. Am consoleless at the moment. I get my gaming fix on here.

But when I get one again, I may give Jak&Dax a try. If only because I really, really believe in ND.

And my goodness man, you're in for a hell of a treat in Walking Dead. Some of the best episodes of the entire series are yet to come for you.

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OmniSlashPT1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

It's amazing how good Uncharted 2 looks...5 years and it still looks absolutely breathtaking and fresh.

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