Randy Pitchford comments on the price point of the Borderlands 2 level-cap increase

Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, has commented on the fact that the developer is charging for the upcoming level-cap increase releasing for “Borderlands 2” next week. The DLC which will increase the game’s current level-cap from 50 to 61 will cost $4.99 on the Playstation Network and 400 Microsoft Points via Xbox Live. Pitchford reassures fans that the $5 price for this DLC isn’t arbitrary and is a result of thousands of hours the team took developing the level-cap increase alongside a third playthrough of the game. Randy Pitchford stated, "It's just $5 for 1000's of hours of work in design, engineering and balancing. If it is not worth it to you, it is elective."

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Agent Smith1911d ago

Because they like to go 1 step further!..... except when it comes to Aliens >_>

HorrorGod1911d ago

Because they go to ELEVEN!

CalvinKlein1911d ago

Price??? shouldnt this be free, at least if you buy any DLC? I dont care I sold my copy already anyways. I was at level 50 for so long that I just didnt care to play more of the DLC because I couldnt level.

Skate-AK1911d ago

Probably cause the first Borderlands had an extra level cap up to 61. Not sure why they chose that to begin with though.

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Mr_Writer851911d ago

If this was a story based DLC AND a level cap I'd say fair enough.

However a level cap on its own = no sale. I'm still only level 38 anyway so still a way to go.

Minato-Namikaze1911d ago

Wait is this included in the season pass? BL2 was a day 1 buy for me, but after how they handled it and the LDC all gearbox games are now a wait and see for me. Its a shame really cause i enjoyed it but I was expecting more from them.

Mr_Writer851911d ago

It does which is good for those who did buy it I guess. However I didn't the story DLC can be hit and miss and things like skins and new characters weren't included.

Skate-AK1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Yeah it is. There is one more story DLC that is being released through the season pass also.

akaFullMetal1911d ago

This is cheap, and I love the dlc from Borderlands, but this sucks.

Alos881911d ago

I remember how the first game's level increase came with one of the proper DLC releases, I miss those days.

GusBricker1911d ago

Who bought the season pass, Randy?

Captain Qwark 91911d ago

agreed. i payed 30 bones for that season pass. thats half the cost of the full game no reason i shouldnt get half a games worth of dlc. so thats at least 20hrs worth of campaign, like 50 new enemies, 2 new bosses, and 2 character classes

also whats the point of a season pass if your not gonna release all dlc under it. seems like a huge screw job to me.

FunAndGun1911d ago

All season passes benefit the publisher more then the consumer.

They make the content valued at $20 to THEM, then they say the content is worth $50...BUT you can get the content for $30.

It is all trickery to make people think they are getting value out of something when in fact that is the price point the publisher was looking for all along.

Just like shopping at Kohl's. EVERYTHING in the store is on sale, but the sale price is what they are OK selling the item for anyway. They get a sale on what you think is a deal.

I don't know why anyone would buy a season pass without knowing what they are getting in the end. Guess that is why I have never bought one yet.

Nevers1911d ago

Yeah, Borderlands 2 is the last time I ever buy a Season Pass. Of course, I'm partially at fault cuz I made assumptions as to what the Season Pass would include based on the VERY NEBULOUS DESCRIPTIONS provided. But now I know *and knowing is half the battle.

*the other 50% is 25% blue lasers and 25% red lasers.

xander707691911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

@ GusBricker

People who purchased the season pass are getting the level cap increase for free...did you even read the article?

@Captain Qwark 9

The season pass explicitly tells you exactly what it will get you before you even purchase it. It tells you, upfront, that you will ONLY get the 4 story add-on DLC's, for the price of 3. The level cap increase is an added bonus that wasn't even mentioned when you made the purchase. Complaining about the season pass not doing anything other than what it said it was going to do just makes you look like an idiot. If you didn't think getting the 4 DLCs for the price of 3 sounded like a good deal, then you should not have purchased the season pass.

Captain Qwark 91911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

i know what it said when i bought it, i dont dispute that. im just saying the whole idea of a season pass should be so someone can easily get all the dlc at one nice convenient price point. dont bother with a season pass if its not gonna include all the dlc, just keep it broken up like they are anyway

it would be the equivalent of a tv show you buy per episode selling you a "season pass" and then having an extra episode or two thats not included. flippin stupid


Nevers explains my point better than i do. i couldnt agree more

Nevers1911d ago

I'm only arguing semantics but if one does not get a pass for the entire DLC "season", then the correct terms are not being used. When you buy a season of DVDs you get the whole season plus extra content. When you buy a season pass for a team sport or a theater, you get a seat at every game/event/show plus some extra stuff for being so loyal. When you buy a "season pass" for a game you get maybe all the major DLCs and usually none of the minor ones. Season Pass seems to be a great term for publishers to legitimately pull a bait and switch.

xander707691911d ago

@ Nevers

It is just semantics. It is not a bait and switch, you are told in a very clear cut manner what you are getting before you finalize the transaction.

Sure, gearbox could have made the season pass include *all* DLC, but this would have increased the price of the season pass considerably, and would have led to complaints from people who dont necessarily want every piece of DLC, like all the extra skins and whatnot. Instead they basically offered you a 4 for the price of 3 deal, for the 4 major DLC packs. Maybe they should have called it something else, but like you said, its just semantics, it really makes no difference what it's called, as long as it is made clear what you are paying for before the purchase is made, and it is made clear.

All I'm hearing is people complaining that the season pass did not save them ENOUGH money. Gearbox/2k didn't have to offer it to begin with, and maybe they shouldn't have. They offer a deal to gamers and all it does is hurt them in the end because this generation of gamers is the whiniest, most entitled group of babies I have ever seen.

Nevers1911d ago

I already admitted to making assumptions as to what I was buying. I already owned that mistake. No need to be so redundant.

In marketing semantics is everything. All these publishers are well aware there is a certain connotation associated with “Season Pass” to your average consumer. There isn’t a regulation about what defines “Season Pass” so it’s well within their right to take advantage of that. Just as it’s my right to call out that this tactic is preying on consumer ignorance. No matter how many pedestals they are put upon, the intent for these companies is to make THE MOST profit off us one way or another. I think many times people forget this.

X1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

@ nevers

Buying season tickets for your sports team doesn't give you tickets to your teams' away games.

Would the games your team play on the road for about half the season be considered minor?

Nevers1910d ago

The analogy of sports isn't directly 1 to 1. There are only similarities to each business model.

If we are going to keep with the analogy - I would think that your teams away games are another team's homegames. If the league is the developer and each team represents a videogame schlepping a Season Passes, then the away games would be classified as DLC for the other games.

But whatever... Season Passes aren't going anywhere anytime soon. They make too much money.

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