Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag gameplay footage was from the PC version

The first gameplay footage from Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag was from the PC version, Pixel Enemy has learned.

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ILive1722d ago

I can't tell if it looks better than the 3, but it appears the animation as gotten better. I suspect, since this is the PC version, the ps4 and Xbox versions should look the same, while being in 1080p. Hopefully.

GiantFriendlyCrab1722d ago

so we can expect the ps4 version to look pretty much like the pc version

rezzah1722d ago

It looked sharper and the colors more vibrant, so it was doubtful that it was a console version.

eliteslaya131722d ago

*Current Gen Console Version

jayblings1722d ago

Have to say, it doesn't look like that big of a leap from AC3

HammadTheBeast1722d ago

Not in game play or setting or character or story either...

Sigh. The devs had so much freedom, it disappoints me that they'd do something so similar to the last one.

stragomccloud1722d ago

Well I'm sure that the Wii U and PS4 versions will look about the same, just at a lower resolution compared to the PC version.

secretcode1722d ago

Wii U? Really? The Wii U is... nowhere near the same power as the PS4.

deadfrag1722d ago (Edited 1722d ago )

Well but AC GAMES never push the PC hardware either,SO WE MIGHT ACTUALLY SEE A WII U version not so diferent than tha has to do with the engine,and this new game is running in the same engine than AC3.

stragomccloud1722d ago (Edited 1722d ago )

There is a gap, but the gap is not near as big as the fanboys would have you believe. Don't forget that the PS4 is expected to steam/capture video in real time. That is very cpu and ram heavy, reducing the power gap significantly.

PS4 is still a lot stronger, yes, but I think only the exclusives will really take advantage of the hardware.

SDF Repellent1722d ago

I think it will be like how the Tomb Raider Legend game will be (X360 version = PS4/X7200 and PS2 version = Wii U/xbox/PS3).

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