Ubisoft: "There will always be an appetite for more beautiful games"

GI - Xavier Poix, head of Ubisoft France Studios, talks next-gen, building brands, and the fate of Wii U.

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ILive1130d ago

Hopefully, developers do take full advantage if the hardware and bring us some stunning, compelling games.

He mentions 4k. How on earth will a game made in 4k look? I can only imagine that it will blow people away. It will usher in a new level of immersion.

josephayal1130d ago

PS4 would support 4K resolutions

rezzah1130d ago

If i recall correctly, Sony said 4K will be used only for movies (PS4).

-Gespenst-1130d ago

Beautiful doesn't necessarily mean realistic though. Not all games have to be high fidelity renderings of reality.

Conzul1130d ago

Sure. Just remember that beauty != fidelity.

IaMs121130d ago

I think its going to get to a point where is it even necessary to have THAT much detail? For example, render every hair on a fly, or every line in the game separate. Certain stuff you wont notice unless you are specifically looking for it.

Skynetone1130d ago

if all devolpers shared there assets, it would happen a lot sooner, but that wont happen any day soon

TheMutator1130d ago

you mean , for more repetitive games