15 Things You Should Know About Dishonored's New DLC

Kotaku - We haven't talked a lot about Dishonored since it came out last October, which is really too bad, because I think Dishonored is a fantastic game.

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Relientk771819d ago

Sounds awesome, Dishonored is such a great game

barb_wire1819d ago

I need to finish this game - got side tracked and finished other ones.. hopefully they'll release a GOTY/Gold edition of the game with all the DLC.

LordHiggens1819d ago

I couldn't even finish was great but way too hard for me...I keep dying ALL THE DAMN time...frustrating.

Roccetarius1819d ago

If you kept dying all the time..then that's a big problem for you. I thought it was pretty easy.

ziggurcat1819d ago

i only need to know two things from you, kraptaku:

1. story quality: WTF?
2. like this website: no

annus1819d ago

Curious as to how long this DLC will be. Loved the hell out of Dishonored, probably my favourite game from last year, but I beat it in a day which was a bit disappointing.