‘Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster’ trophy support and gameplay changes discussed

Publisher Square Enix has provided some additional details in regards to trophy support and potential gameplay changes for the upcoming “Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster.”

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PirateThom1823d ago

They said it's likely to be two separate trophy lists.

sunnygrg1823d ago

Butterfly catching, Lightning dodging... Here I come lol. Painful nostalgia.

-Gespenst-1823d ago

Why do you care so much? Consumerism gone mad.

Irishguy951823d ago

Really? I get people like trophies but damn...

DarkBlood1823d ago

i know it just make them seem like they dont really care about the game in the first place.

Transporter471823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Nothing wrong with having trophies, they are just for replay ability. Btw oh god the lightning dodges O.O, not again.... lol

Apollosupreme1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I don't even look at trophies... What I mean is, I don't hunt them and I don't really care too much about them. I'm playing FFVI right now and I'm not craving a pop-up bubble after killing my nth enemy..

Swiftcricket1823d ago

Sony made trophies mandatory for any game submitted after January 1, 2009. But this game would still be worth it without them imo.

Temporary1823d ago

To some people, buy the game to play again isnt really worth it ... but the trophies give that little bit of incentive to make people get it. I admit i loved FFX, but i wouldnt replay it if it didnt have the trohpies. Trohpies add a challenge to any game, and I enjoy challenges.

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3-4-51823d ago

LOL trophies....The Game is your trophy you get to use whenever you want.....

You people really need virtual pats on the back ?

Dark_king1823d ago

Some people actually seem to.Though I suppose with this title its a reason to re-buy them if you already have them.

3-4-51823d ago

I guess they just don't make me want to play a game anymore or less.

The game is what matters not earning something useless.

If the game is fun then I'm playing it for that, not to earn a trophy that doesn't exist.

If you NEED a "trophy" that bad in the game, the game probably wasn't that good to begin with.

Good games don't need BS trophies.

Ritsujun1822d ago

3-4-5 needs virtual cookies.

Dark_Eternal1823d ago

Heh. :) I wouldn't let the absence of trophies deter me from playing a game, but it is nice to have them; that way, other people can see which games I've enjoyed and put a lot of time into. Not to mention that trophies acquired by accomplishing tasks that require actual skill -- such as Demon's Souls platinum or Uncharted's Crushing Mode trophies -- are always fun to collect. :D

Heisenburger1823d ago

It's fine to not like trophies.

But why do you feel the need to be so condescending?

It adds an extra layer(for me at least) to the games that I choose to play.

Why compete in a marathon? Why do anything then?

Hicken1823d ago

What do you mean "you people?"

TongkatAli1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Those people made Anita Sarkeesian rich XD


Trophies are fun to collect and some have funny names. It shows off the devs personalities.

Apollosupreme1823d ago

I don't like the smug way you went about this, but I sort of agree with the fact that it's pretty bad if you won't play a game solely because it may not have trophies...

TongkatAli1823d ago

It's the icing on the cake for the already good game. Trophies add a ton of replay value, how is that a negative and something to laugh at ? You don't think its fun completing a challenge and then having proof you did it ?

It's cool to see what people on my list are playing and what trophies they attained. "you people" need to understand we get more for the money that we spend and move along.

knifefight1823d ago

*I'm* buying the game because I want to play Final Fantasy X. Dunno what other reason there would be. If you don't really want to play the game, shoudl a trophy chime REALLY change that...?

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cr33ping_death1823d ago

I played this game over and over withour trophies... The trophies are an afterthought to me.... Cant wait!

KarateExplosion1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I wouldnt let the lack of trophies deter me from playing one of the best final fantasies in HD. I guess that's just me. I would like to see wifi blitzball tho. That would be nice.

1823d ago
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