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MAG & SOCOM: Most Requested Sony Exclusives

TRS writes: "When Sony decided to close down Zipper Interactive last year, the gaming industry lost more than just a longtime developer of PlayStation exclusives. The late Zipper Interactive left behind 2 rather large voids within the shooter genre. As of now, Zipper’s two staple franchises are the most requested video games of all-time on the PlayStation Blog.Share website." (MAG, PS3, PS4, Socom 2:US Navy Seals, SOCOM HD, Sony, Zipper Interactive)

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RetroGam3r  +   974d ago
I still play MAG to this day. I was gutted when Zipper went. All my hopes of a MAG 2 went with it. Course they did Unit 13 on Vita and that was good, But again now we wont see a sequel or indeed any DLC for it. MAG may have lacked a huge colour palette or fancy graphics, but the feeling of being in a massive full scale war was fully achieved. Now no one ever wants to play domination, its all team dethmatch...sigh
C_Menz  +   974d ago
Sony has Planetside 2. Not really any reason for a MAG 2 when they could just release it on the PS4.
Reverent  +   974d ago
I love Planetside 2 and everything... but it is extremely pay-to-win. If they port it over to the PS4, there needs to be some serious balancing changes.
buddymagoo  +   974d ago
I miss MAG so much!
TooTall19  +   974d ago
@Reverent everything in PS2 except cosmetic items can be unlocked without paying anything. I use the default weapons often. Good players have created $0 characters and still had good stats.
Why o why  +   974d ago
congrats on another championship magoo.... van p must be pleased. grudge. .

never got to play mag or socom. I hear they're different but the older ones were better
MysticStrummer  +   974d ago
"Sony has Planetside 2. Not really any reason for a MAG 2 when they could just release it on the PS4."

Sony has both. Best case scenario : Put both on PS4

They should have one or the other preinstalled on all PS4s in my view.

OT - MAG is still my favorite online FPS of the generation. I enjoyed SOCOM4 as well though. I'd love to hear either series is coming to PS4.
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C_Menz  +   974d ago

Why go through the trouble of developing MAG 2 when the same principle is already done in Planetside 2? Doesn't make any sense from a business standpoint.

As far as pay to win. PS2 is more "pay to skip the grind". You can only buy weapons to unlock them faster, and in most cases the stock weapons are good enough that you don't need to.
ISNeko  +   974d ago
Planetside 2 is by no means a replacement for MAG.
@"I love Planetside 2 and everything... but it is extremely pay-to-win."

no it's not
OhReginald  +   973d ago

Planetside 2 is NOT pay 2 win by any means.
Reverent  +   973d ago
@OhReginald and shutUpAndTakeMyMoney, I didn't exactly mean it that way. Like C_Menz said, it's "pay to skip the grind". And I personally don't like this gameplay design because unless it's an RPG, I hate grinding. I know not everyone is the same way, but even so, it's still my opinion.
rezzah  +   974d ago
Wow us that what it has become? Only team deathmatch...

I wished it didn't dwindle in its popularity because it is the most massive online game I've ever played.

I still hope for a MAG2, even if the original devs are no longer around.
Irishguy95  +   974d ago
Join us!

In Dust 514, which has gotten very good since the original Beta. Although small enough in scale...still awesome

Big Clans created in MAG are moving over to Dust
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MysticStrummer  +   974d ago
I had fun with the Dust 514 beta, and the connectivity with EVE is cool, but it's not nearly as epic as MAG. I'm sure I'll try out Dust when it releases, as long as I have the HD space available. They need to hurry up and release it too, with PS4 on the horizon.
Larry L  +   974d ago

The game IS released and has been for a while. Go download it and start playing. It's the full game, it's just going to continue evolving, which is why the beta label is still there. That's even if it's still labelled beta, they may have already taken that tag off, I'm not sure.

But regardless, the game has been released for public consumption. Eat up.
MysticStrummer  +   974d ago
@Larry - Hmmm I'm not seeing anything online that says Dust 514 was released. I know anyone can play it now, but that's not the same thing if it's an open beta. TBA 2013 is still the release date, and not long ago I saw a story on N4G that said it would be released later this year. I'll check it out, but Defiance is going to take up a big chunk of my HD next week.
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DeadlyFire  +   973d ago
Its possible for MAG 2 to exist either way its owned by Sony I believe. :)

Planetside 2 can co-exist with it just fine.

Dust 514 isn't bad either. Its coming to PS4 at somepoint. CCP already stated they plan for it to live as long as possible across every new Playstation.
Blastoise  +   974d ago | Helpful
Here's a link to a MAG 2 Poll (from the article)
Log in with your PSN account and vote it up if you want MAG 2, probably won't amount to anything but there's no harm in trying!

Reverent  +   974d ago
SOOOO voted. Thank you for sharing that.

Btw, +bubbled for "Helpful".
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Monolith  +   974d ago
Just voted
rezzah  +   974d ago
Thanks a lot. Helpful +
younglj01  +   974d ago
thanks for info I voted... ;)
Drekken  +   974d ago
I had some really fun times playing MAG with my buddies. MAG could have been a flagship title... it was really ambitious for the hardware. It had some tweaks that it needed, but it was the best team shooter on the PS3.
Qrphe  +   974d ago
Put MAG on PS+, that's all I'm asking for and it's realistic.
Veneno  +   974d ago
God damn right we want another MAG!
JoGam  +   974d ago
I miss MAG. Those were some of the best times gaming.

@ RetroGam3r....MAG servers are still up? If so Im on tonight. Gotta start downloading those maps now. I stopped playing after I got the Platinum.
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BitbyDeath  +   974d ago
Plz add Motorstorm and Warhawk to this list.
-GametimeUK-  +   974d ago
Warhawk was the only PS3 game that could take me away from my 360... Then Uncharted... then the whole library over time.

Warhawk was basically the beginning for me because I didn't like the original Motorstorm, Resistance or Ninja Gaiden. Shame I hated Starhawk. I really wanted to love it. Warhawk 2 FTW.
remanutd55  +   974d ago
Yes Motorstorm needs to come to the ps4 and Warhawk needs to come to the vita and then Warhawk 2 on the ps4.
chasegarcia  +   974d ago
Seriously, please put Socom 2 HD on kickstarter and let the money talk.
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vitullo31  +   974d ago
needs to happen one way or another
SynGamer  +   974d ago
SOCOM 2 HD on PS3 AND PS Vita = instant purchase! Make them both compatible online together and I'm definitely interested.

+1000 for the Kickstarter idea. I honestly think that would be a great way to gauge interest.
Merrill  +   974d ago
I will never understand the love for Socom 2. It was by far the worst in the Socom ps2 series, IMO. Socom 1 & 3 blew 2 out of the water. The hit detection in Socom 2 was a joke, players would take full clips in their back, turn around and hit you twice and you would die.
user7693958  +   974d ago
S2HD? no thanks.. so far i belive no hd remake has online options for it so there is no point.
why not, a next gen SOCOM inspire on SOCOM 2! and SOCOM confrontation. that will sale 2mil for sure, as a minimum..
red2tango  +   974d ago
How does Sony not fucking get it? It's the highest rated game on the request section. I don't even want the single player. Put up multiplayer and I'll pay $20 alone.
user7693958  +   973d ago
I will pay $60 plus all the dlc's on day on..
And I know over 20 guys who will fallow this without a doubt .. plus I wil easy make 10 others go for it.. so they can play with me and they just need to go with the Confrontation formula but 60fps lag free and fluid seamless gameplay..
maniacmayhem  +   974d ago
MAG on the PS4 with the power behind should be awesome. Why are fans of Sony making these FPS shooters their most requested?

Me, personally would love to see a sequel to ICO or Shadow.
PirateThom  +   974d ago
MAG was more tactical than most shooters and SOCOM isn't first person.

I really do miss Zipper.

SOCOM 4/Special Forces wasn't an absolutely awful game, it just wasn't SOCOM... Unit 13 was a great game as well.
BlackTar187  +   974d ago
I don't miss zipper i watched them try and force what they think the socom game we should be playing was. Not once did they ever in any of the socoms listen to the fan base. Not once never. I loved them for MAG and Socom 1 & 2 but they made so many bad games and refused to listen to what made them so pop. that them dying (Other then jobs disappearing) was kinda for some sick reason justifying for me.

Please note i never want people to lose their job. I do however want companies to listen to what people want and comment/ head the advice instead of them telling us we don't know whats best for us and that we should play the game they want us to regardless of it not resembling anything of the old game its attached too.
04soldier  +   974d ago
I agree Black Tar... SOCOM 4 was just awful.. I and many many others were screaming at the top of our lungs on their forums..

All of the Call of Duty and Gears of wars staples somehow made it into SOCOM 4..

Regenerating health, bleh, Chest high walls, Snap to cover, Two primary weapons?!?!?

Im glad that they lost their jobs.. next time they'll pay attention to their fan base..
MikeMyers  +   974d ago
The sequel to ICO and Shadow will be The Last Guardian if it ever comes out. Looks fantastic but it might be coming to the PS4 now.

FPS have become a very popular genre. Thanks in large part to the growing interest in online gaming. MAG was awesome when you had the right people playing. One of my favorites. They butchered the SOCOM franchise since the PS2 imo. Looks to me they are putting most of their focus on the KIllzone franchise instead. I really enjoyed Resistance but it's doubtful that will continue.

My choice would be a sequel to The Getaway.
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Qrphe  +   974d ago
>first-person shooter shooters
>SOCOM being an FPS
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Blastoise  +   974d ago
MAG was a blast. A little rough around the edges but a massive group of people all charging out at the start of the match with some super cheesy metal music was just awesome.

I loved rebuilding barriers and sniping people parachuting down (Sniping was really good, useful but not overpowered for once, may be my favourite kind of sniping in any game)

It was so cool travelling to another point of the map and seeing an entirely different battle going on
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JoGam  +   974d ago
Dude so true. I swear Im getting on MAG tonight. Grabbing some brews and play. Valor was my faction of choice.
TotalHitman  +   974d ago
Same. Although Sver is tempting with all their advantages.
Morpheuzpr  +   974d ago
Phuck sver they destroyed the game. I seriously believe sver was the sole reason why mag lost so many players.
OrionNoctis  +   974d ago
one of those would be nice as a ps4 launch title!
-GametimeUK-  +   974d ago
Hated MAG and didn't enjoye Socom Confrontation (I know this wasn't a Zipper game) or Socom 4.

I never played any PS2 Socom games. I feel like I am missing out and I would love to try a new Socom game that stays true to its roots.
wenaldy  +   974d ago
Never go full retard.
DS36  +   974d ago
I LOVED MAG! But Don't you guys think Planet Side 2 is almost identical to MAG except bigger and more in the futuristic.

What would be a brilliant idea would be to have Planet Side 2 as a PS4 launch title. The game is free to download and play on the PC. Just be prepared to pay up real cash for upgrades to vehicles, weapons, and armor.

Make it happen Sony.
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KillrateOmega  +   974d ago
I remember playing SOCOM 1, 2, & 3 way back on the PS2. Good times, man. They were some of my earliest introductory games to tactical, military shooters.

Stealthily taking down tangos while they're peeing (lol), sending Bravo squad off to another objective while Alpha handled another, setting up positions for ambushes, breaching, trying to capture hostile High Value Targets without killing them, etc.

Now I feel like playing SOCOM again... :(
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dragonyght  +   974d ago
damn i already gotten over my Socom addiction, now you just got me going through withdrawal
FunkMacNasty  +   974d ago
Dude, the old SOCOM games from last gen were the best!! I remember just being blown away at the depth of the missions and the commands you could give to your fireteam.. I wonder why there were no games other than the SOCOM series that took advantage of headset commands for a single player game? it made for a seamless experience.

Any SOCOM game that comes out from here on, should go back to the old school no-frills and in-depth strategy of the old ps2 SOCOM's. SOCOM 4 was terrible, imo. It coulda been awesome but they made it all action oriented.. It's hard to sneak around when you can't even equip silencers before the mission.
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Morpheuzpr  +   974d ago
Didn't you get the memo? You need kinect for that now. /s
tommygunzII  +   974d ago
I was just playing Combined Assault a couple weeks ago, the one SOCOM single player campaign I never finished.
Those 4 games are some of the main reasons my PS2 doesn't get dusty, FFXII too :)
hardcorehippiez  +   974d ago
socom made by slant six with help from guerilla games for ps4 please sony . it needs to stick to its roots and keep the same controls customization and options for lobbies that the originals had. with guerilla helping slant six we would get stable net code and a big upgrade in the graphics which is something that the socom games deserves.
user7693958  +   974d ago
best idea ever.. /6 had the right idea but they sucks at actually making games stable and good, lag free and error free..
GG has done tps before, so I believe they can handle SOCOM for the next gen better than anyone at SONY.
hardcorehippiez  +   974d ago
confrontation was the best socom this gen even though it was built on old ps2 code. i just want to see socom get a ps4 release and get the update it deserves. socom was , is and probably always will be the best hardcore multiplayer game there is
xXtremeHDGamerXx  +   974d ago
I still play Socom Confrontation when there's a 16 vs 16 room up confrontation is still the best team based shooter this gen.
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LOL_WUT  +   974d ago
I love that 12 gauge pump shotgun! And kicking random people out good times ;)
xPREDICTIONx  +   974d ago
I respect MAGs following & I hope it's core fans receive a new edition, but as a huge SOCOM fan & avid supporter, it kind of erks my guts to see MAG with double the blog.share support than SOCOM, the market has so many FPSs, I personally think a true SOCOM should see the light of day rather than a MAG, but if we ever do see a real SOCOM, by all means Sony, build 5 MAGs if you'd like.
04soldier  +   974d ago
it irks me too.. but i think all the SOCOMERS had just given up..

Nothing we did ever came to fruition.. That SOCOM II HD poll has been up for years and no one at SONY / ZIPPER has ever even acknowledged it..

Meanwhile God of War, Metal Gear and Ico and even Silent Hill HD collections have been popping up left and right...

Frankly I feel defeated.. :(
tommygunzII  +   974d ago
I bought my PS3 the day Confrontation came out. Even though it wasn't what I was used to I still played it and loved it.
I liked the idea of 256 players in a match with MAG but I always envisioned that being the future of SOCOM, but it never happened.
I don't know if SOCOM can survive in this generation with CoD running the show. Here's a video that will explain why in my opinion:

Saleem101  +   974d ago
Socom is my all-time favorite shooter...
FrigidDARKNESS  +   974d ago
I would like to see MAG done again on better hardware with more memory.
imsocool1234  +   974d ago
I only played Socom: Confrontation and I've read nothing, but great things about the older Socom games prior to Socom: Confrontation. Unfortunately, I think Socom is dead now. Even if Sony revived Socom and made a Socom 5 and brought it back to it's roots, I don't think it would sell millions upon millions. Call of Duty took that spotlight from Socom.

I liked M.A.G. It had potentional. M.A.G should have taken more time to be polished in terms of graphics, but cry babies ruined the game. M.A.G should have been PC only and should have been more like Planetside 2
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Crazay  +   974d ago
MAG is a highly requested game to get a sequel? Really?!?

I was supremely jacked up for MAG when it came out and found it to be a flaming dog turd with little to no team cooperation and cowboys running off to do their own thing resulting in garbage results.

RIP MAG - You had potential but gamers just aren't ready to collaborate as a collective on such a large scale yet. Maybe in another 10yrs...but...probably not.
Nykamari  +   974d ago
You didn't find the right group to run with, MAG is fun with a group that knows how to play together.
Crazay  +   974d ago
No question about it. I gave up after 3 months of looking for those right people.
dangert12  +   974d ago
I would say I enjoyed both the same, if there ever was a shame about either of the games, it's MAG's control scheme. Horrible. But easily ignored and does not spoil enjoyment of the game.
Raoh  +   974d ago
What a coincidence. I just voted for MAG 2 sequel and an hour later I see this post.

MAG had serious potential.

Socom series could have done better this gen, Spec Ops the Line feels good, got it from playstation plus, still undecided on my overall opinion, but no real complaints yet. Although I hate pushing buttons to run. I'd rather pressure sensitive analog sticks, soft push to walk hard push to run.
younglj01  +   974d ago
I'm an fan of Socom and MAG, they both deserve another game. I love MAG and the only reason I don't play it now is because I can't play domination(best mode of all-time imo)....

Hopefully Zipper realize their faults and Sony give them one more chance under their new studio..I'm sorry those are some great developers and I refuse too give up hope. I truly think Socom 5 and MAG 2 could refined the shooter genre among with KillZone:Shadow Fall on PS4...
Intentions  +   974d ago
Hmm, here I thought they were performing badly, in terms of commercial success hence why their respective developers were closed down :S.

So hopefully, due to consumer demand, they will reconsider to continue developing these titles.
Shacojin  +   974d ago
Once they release PLANETSIDE 2 on PlayStation4 they will all forget about SOCOM and MAG.
Drainage  +   974d ago
the vocal minority think socom2 hd would sell, how cute . even if it did, it would stop new $60 ps3 game purchases . bad business decision
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Triggytrolls  +   974d ago
I would rather a decent Socom game, 4 was turd. Socom was the only reason I got a PS3 in the first place.
PS3gamer4life  +   974d ago
Please release socom3
kingmushroom  +   974d ago
it needs to be like socom 2 I miss it so much it was a badass game, I just love taking out the terrorist without raising alarms freaking sweet.
loancoin  +   974d ago
Played both can't help it I gotta vote MAG sequal, I loved the shit out of that game.
Ulf  +   974d ago
The bean counters hated MAG, because it didn't require a subscription (like PlanetSide 2 does, and Dust 514 has bonus features if you subscribe to EVE). There will never be a sequel.

That said, yeah, it was the best online FPS of the gen, in my eyes. No question.

MAG 2 on the PS3 would probably be awesome, let alone the PS4. Most of Zipper's muscle was probably absorbed by Microsoft (343i, etc.), and Bungie, because they are located in the same town. For that reason, it doesn't surprise me that Bungie is now working on a MMOFPS, and that Halo 4's MP was so well done.

Dumb of Sony to let so much talent get away, IMO. Zipper's MP was FAR superior to the MP in any of Sony's other games. Even if S4 was a departure from SOCOM, it was still a better MP game than most -- it would have been perfect if the designers would have kept a couple important things the same as old SOCOMs. The co-op was freaking amazing, and the MP map design was stellar.
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BitbyDeath  +   974d ago
If they ever do make a MAG 2 it needs splitscreen.
That was the only thing holding me back from buying it.
eusdsdoifw   974d ago | Spam
artdafoo  +   974d ago
Well maybe on PS4 they can do a real game with more than 30 players on the same map at once instead of the travesty that was MAG.
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