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Microsoft's maddening Next Xbox silence at GDC

CVG: Monday Muse - Microsoft no-show is Sony's gain

2013 is a special year in particular for the industry, with the next generation of core systems announced, produced and sold during a frenzied and fascinating twelve months.

But the Xbox team will not be attending. They have for some reason decided against exhibiting at the most important GDC of the past ten years. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   975d ago
So you want them to show up and talk about an unannounced console? Yeah that makes sense.
JoGam  +   975d ago
I got a feeling Microsoft will attack BIG and HARD at E3. If they don't.....OH MY......
Godmars290  +   975d ago | Well said
You mean like they've done with the last few E3s when it was more about selling Kinect? Addressing the general market rather than gamers?

I mean we've been through this "Oh, MS's really going to wow everyone this E3!" only to get a "WTF!?"
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JoGam  +   975d ago | Well said
I know right? Thats why I said they have to come correct this E3, because if they don't all hell will break loose. They will just hand next gen over to Sony.
gaffyh  +   975d ago
@godmars - True, but that just means that they are more likely to have more things to show at this E3. I mean their first party studios haven't really made any significant games in the last few years, so they might have something surprising to show.
Godmars290  +   975d ago
No, past examples of lackluster consumer focused presentations does not mean that they'll wow gamers this time around. They just mean that more than likely this E3 will be the same as the last. That the chances are low that there'll be major announcements for gamers.

You know what? We've all played this game before. I'm just getting these ready:

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TheGrimReaper  +   975d ago
imho MS's E3 conference WILL wow many people this year.
a) first time we will see their new console
b) because of the lackluster, previous E3 shows which this show will be compared to

They couldn't do any worse than the past E3s!
At least I'm hoping so...

Strong competition is always good for us gamers.
New IPs would be great or I'll skip their box like this gen (played every Halo coop at a friends house and Mass Effect 1/2/3 on PC).
DOMination-  +   975d ago
Their silence is frustrating but its interesting how so many are discussing them despite it. There is a lot of hype quietly gaining and they haven't even announced anything yet.

I hope their eventual reveal will be worth the wait
darthv72  +   975d ago
They dont have to say anything
the internet is building the hype for them. Silence speaks volumes. Even bad press is better than no press at all.

So in the end, all the bad press will have to culminate into one big i told you so (if nothing is shown) or they will be in staunch silence because they cant think of anything other than how their minds were blown away with what MS does show.

@mike you have a good point. Personal expectations will never be achieved with all the waiting we are having to do. But that could be the intention as well.

whoever they have keeping things tight lipped are really doing their job well. Leaks generally happen unless you want them to happen which we dont know one way or the other if what has been leaked was to throw people off track.

This eventual reveal will be both huge in the perspective of finally getting to know the details and disappointing because afterwards there will be no more secrets to try and dig up. There will be way more talk about it than there has been for the PS4. That certainly seems the case so far.
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MikeMyers  +   975d ago

I hope so but the longer they wait the more people will expect. At some point no matter what they show will never satisfy everyone.

I love the move Sony did because it has taken the limelight away from Microsoft in one key area, North America. The PS4 is getting free marketing because anytime a developer wants to mention a game, whether it be Battlefield 4, Diablo III or Watch Dogs they can't even hint it's coming to the new Xbox.

There is obviously an agreement put in place that only Microsoft can unveil the next Xbox and they so far have only hinted it being at E3.

The bottom line is neither system is even for sale yet and consumers will have months to decide after E3. It just shows how hungry people are for some information. I'm worried those leaks (on the next Xbox) are accurate because in this day and age it's very hard to keep a lid on everything. If not you have to hand it to them for keeping it so secretive and if it isn't what we imagined at E3 that could be huge for them. That is if it actually delivers.
Godmars290  +   975d ago
But what can MS do at this point than something which dismisses the negative rumors?

Will used games be playable? Will their next system require an always on online connection? Will Kinect also have to be connected for the console to work? These are three questions that can and likely will be ignored during E3 because they'll have more important things to talk about. So they may as well answer them now.

Again, the rumors are not about how it gives blow jobs and cocaine, but rather will it do what other game systems have done before it - which is play games.

They've already been given BC by Sony to tout about, rib them over showing an actual console when they first show their console, but those are going to me wholly minor points. Just like the questions being asked now until they're confirmed.
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KaBaW  +   975d ago
@Godmars290 -
There is a difference, though, about an aging console and a new one.
They'd be highly stupid to not have some exclusives put away for it.
ArmrdChaos  +   975d ago
Some people just try way too hard. Agendas are pretty transparent around here. There has to be a better use for this time.
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Godmars290  +   975d ago
None of my comments here have nothing to do with console exclusives. The subject here is system performance. MS not addressing rumors which could negatively impact them if confirmed. Rumors which could be continued to go unaddressed if they want to well after the system is announced.
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Evil-snuggles   975d ago | Trolling | show
dcbronco  +   975d ago
The people that really need to know what Microsoft is doing now actually already know. They are the developers. They've probably known for a few years now. Because they have been developing the games for a while. No matter how maddening the press feels it is not to know, they don't matter. They need to develop a real talent that allows them to come up with topics for articles and stop waiting for someone else to do their jobs for them.

Or they can go back to what they usually do. Making stuff up. It doesn't matter what MS does or doesn't show them. They will only spin it into something else. It's what they do to all companies because it sells newspapers and gets hits on websites.

So go make up some stories. Or better yet, develop a real eye for news and report on the 100 other things happening in gaming that could use the spotlight. MS will release information when they decide it is time. Hearing about things 2 or 3 years in advance is a waste and takes attention away from deserving things that are available now or soon.
rainslacker  +   975d ago

While I agree that the past couple MS conferences have been pretty lackluster, if they were to go and announce the Xbox at this E3 you can expect it to be a pretty big event. They could screw it up and make it completely uninteresting, but no doubt they will at least try to match Sony's own announcement.

Personally though, I think they'd be better off announcing it before E3. Sony has gotten the ball rolling with their early announcement, and by doing so we already know about the social features, Gaikai, it's new controller, and the level of quality we can expect from the launch games. At E3 they can clarify the things we still have questions about, and most importantly, focus on games. MS will want to do the same thing.

On top of that, announcing before E3 will allow them to gauge public perception about said features of the system, and spend time with that at the conference, or to put some spin on it to make it appealing to the consumer if neccesary.

Anyhow, it's all speculation, but I doubt they will announce at E3. They are however getting pretty close. Maybe they're just hoping to go in with more excitement for it than Sony has going for it right now.
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ALLWRONG  +   975d ago
^^^ Damage control alert! ^^^

Sony has yet to show an actual console. So... How exactly is it Sony's gain?
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delboy  +   975d ago
Could be that they have something big in the sleeeve, and want to keep it secret.
If you show it to early, then copycats from Sony might steel it and implement it in ps4.
IcicleTrepan  +   975d ago
I'm kinda hoping they will show not only the new Xbox but I'm really hoping they will show that Illumiroom is the reason they want a Kinect 2.0 in every box. It's something no other console has and while some may think it's a gimmick I can really see it taking off if it works and is used properly.
MrBeatdown  +   975d ago

"Sony has yet to show an actual console. So... How exactly is it Sony's gain?"

Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

'No!' says the man in Washington, 'It belongs to the poor.'

'No!' says the man in the Vatican, 'It belongs to God.'

'No!' says the man in Moscow, 'It belongs to everyone.'

'WTF you talkin' bout?' says ALLWRONG, 'I can't see the sweat on my brow! If I can't see it, that means it's not real! It must not exist! Lies! ALL LIES! THERE'S NO PS4! THERE'S NO PS4!'
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   975d ago
Hilarious that this GDC is considered by the author as the most important in 10 years. Why 10 years? Was it not more important before last gen came out?

Lot's of SDF out there really hyping the failure of Durango. Lot's of little kids out there still crying about kinect, forgetting that the 360 has the best and most version of great 3rd party games out there.

It's going to be a sad day here, when Sony only owners, see that Sony Move is going to get lot's of press this generation, that Apps and dashboard play a big part in their PS4, and that they have to pay for online play with full features.

I can't wait to see them smacked.
MrBeatdown  +   975d ago

"Hilarious that this GDC is considered by the author as the most important in 10 years. Why 10 years? Was it not more important before last gen came out?"

What's "hilarious" is that you can't figure out why.

It could be because gaming is more popular than ever. Or maybe it could be because game development has expanded from primarily $50 boxed products to games of all shapes and sizes, on all kinds of platforms from phones to tablets. It could be because gaming has expanded to audiences that extend well beyond traditional gaming platforms. It could be because indie development has exploded in popularity.

Just some things for you to think about between your spurts of fanboy drivel.
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otherZinc  +   975d ago

They did wow at the last 2 E3 Conferences (M$ did). They've beaten the competition for the last 27 Months! Also, as for "Games", they've had the #1 selling exclusives in those years!

What more do you want?

I also believe M$ is going to lower the "Boom" on the competition with:

*DEMONSTRATING what the console can ACTUALLY Do
*And show better games than- Killzone, Infamous, & Knack! (Killzone hasn't "Killed Halo Yet" so what makes this one so special?)
*And I Repeat: NOT Show Sh*t they "HOPE" the console can do in the "FUTURE" that wont be available at LAUNCH! You know, what $ONY said at their reveal of a console that wasnt there for the reveal?.
kenshiro100  +   975d ago
They have been too quiet lately.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   975d ago
Yeah they have, but despite what @Mars says MS will go all out and not a have a "Kinect only show". Which is dumb because MS has way more studios to make core games. And the past few E3's were lackluster because MS had there other studios working on 720 stuff,first party studios have already signed up with Xbox 720 new and old studios.

MS is putting just about eeeverything in the 720, just like a baby that's about to be born you buy all the baby supplies for it. Hence is why new Ip's aren't being done on 360.

MS is quiet on everything, but this could mean a killer show come E3/personal event time.

Even that doens't matter because people on N4G wanna see the absolute worst in MS. MS could announce free online with 6 new exclusive core Ip's and N4G will still find away to spin it and downplay it.
ziggurcat  +   975d ago
"So you want them to show up and talk about an unannounced console? Yeah that makes sense."

they could've taken GDC as an opportunity to make an official announcement of the system, and possibly give answers on some of the nasty rumours.
JeffGUNZ  +   975d ago
Why would they do that though? Say they have a cool feature Sony doesn't have planned, why reveal or give any indications and then have Sony adopt it? I'm hoping for an E3 full throttle reveal and details with a November release date. A month or two back they has a count down on their site for E3. It's glaringly obvious MS will announce at E3.
_-EDMIX-_  +   975d ago
I completely agree. Sony's own press conference show the system and in and out a price yet still wild many I'm not sure why Microsoft didn't do the same at GDC.

if they're waiting for e3 there going to be in a bad position Sony will announce price show the system and show new IP's.
Ju  +   975d ago
That's the problem, though. GDC is for developers not for general audience. Something's up with MS or they just got caught totally off guard.

To get games out by fall they need to pitch their new console to third party devs now and GDC is the place to do it. That they don't just means to me, a lot of third party devs will be disappointed.

Unclear is, if there is something going on behind closed doors. I can't believe MS is letting this slide completely.

But their first mistake was not to announce a new console before GDC. Of course they can't release it at GDC - this is not the right event for that. Now it is tough to have get developers involved if you have no official statement. The ones that know are not allowed to talk. This will delay release titles for the console. If anything, this is just plain stupid of them. But maybe the roles are flipped again. MS being arrogant in the hope they can force devs to support their console based on previous success. We heard that before and we saw how that ended.
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Hicken  +   975d ago
They don't have to talk about the console at all.

"The Future of Xbox."

If they gave people an indication of where they were going with the Xbox brand, that'd be something. It'd start up some buzz for the system, even without mentioning it at all.

Honestly, it's not that hard. People are just too eager to let them off the hook for not saying or doing ANYTHING.
joeorc  +   975d ago
if this was Nintendo, or Sony you bet there would be a ton of threads about Nintendo making another console or Sony's inability to even make a PS4 due to the issue they have with Money.Already the same people that question Nintendo's WiiU or Sony's ability to even be viable in any part of any Market would be all over this fact that Nintendo's WiiU is not selling great or that Sony would not be saying anything for this long could mean big trouble for Sony!

Microsoft is quite a bit more Healthy in the Money dept. but still you can see Many of those very same Threads that would be said of Nintendo or Sony are right now not really said of Microsoft at this point this an many gamer centric websites would have been all over this many times over.

Not saying this is a fact its just what i have observed for the last few years on online forum and Media in this part of the market. when Talking about Gaming and the reporting of News going on about it.
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Ju  +   975d ago
TBH, I think there's something going on. I will go with the not so popular opinion and say MS is messing up again with their platform.

It is fishy they did not counter Sony's announcement. In fact I think it's totally ridiculous not to say anything. For a company like MS takes more than a month to come up with an answer? Really? And we just go along with that?

Unless of course they try to cover something up because they have in fact nothing to show.

I believe the rumors a close to true, and I am sure there is a thing like "Durango" or what ever. But a dev system is no console. It could be a custom PC in a server case or something. Who knows. MS has a history of putting PowerMacs underneath the table and sell it as their next gen machine. Did we forget that?

Either way, I go ahead an make a bolt statement and say they screwed up and Sony is at least 6 month ahead. They will go the money road and invest as much as they can into marketing for E3 instead of engineering just to make sure they can show a box. It's MS after all. Why would this be different this time around.

Durango's architecture is plain stupid. They were running in the totally wrong direction and it's too late to fix it. I have the feeling they are still debating what to do with that. But there's not much to do. They will have to push it out the door (again) and make sure they release with Sony. Let's see if they can get the manufacturing under control and don't release yet another broken console.

Given that Sony - despite all odds - is still a HW power house, I have more trust in Sony than MS to actually deliver on the HW front; yet again.

We'll see. And now, to my entourage (my usually stalkers here), let the disagrees begin. ;)
fermcr  +   975d ago
Microsoft is hyping the next Xbox by not talking about it ... and by letting rumors run wild.
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Conzul  +   975d ago
I feel no hype for it.

I want Sony to do well this coming gen, but it would just be weird if M$ is truly caught with its pants down. It'll be like PS2 all over again, ensuring that PS5 suffers PS3 syndrome. Success will start skipping every gen for Sony heheh
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KaBaW  +   975d ago
Yeah, I disagree, too. Most of the rumors haven't been good things.
They'd be way better of to dispel all the rumors, at the least.
SilentNegotiator  +   975d ago
Yeah, all of those rumors about it being less powerful than its competitor and having always on DRM...doing wonders for the hype.

rainslacker  +   975d ago
There's buzz about the system, but no real quantifiable hype. At least on here, I can't really say how more Xbox oriented forums may be thinking right now.

It's really hard to get excited for something when you don't know anything about it. You can look at rumors, but overall they haven't been terribly positive. It's worth noting that the most talked about rumors of the PS4 before it's announcement weren't entirely positive either. Just goes to show that sometimes it's worth waiting and seeing.
IcicleTrepan  +   975d ago
I agree. I've never any company clamp down so hard on something before. Even developers making games for it say things like 'this game is coming to PS4, Wii U and other next-gen consoles'. I think they're trying very hard to surprise people when they are finally ready to release it. I don't know if the system will live up to everyone's expectations but the fact they are clamping down so hard makes me think at least they believe they have something..
liquidhalos  +   975d ago
No i disagree with you, as a current Xbox owner i was planning on staying with the brand before the PS4 specs were announced. Microsoft's silence in the face of quite worrying rumors (always on, kinect always on and no used games) have put me right off of the brand.

Realistically in a none fanboy way. I think this silence is damaging to the Xbox.

I refuse to believe that im the only person in the world who has shifted towards Sony for next gen because of the silence. And im also pretty positive that microsofts approach to the 720 so far hasn't attracted any new customers or caused any Sony gamers to switch brands. This is damaging. And this is coming from a genuine Xbox 360 fan.
Perjoss  +   975d ago
"There's buzz about the system, but no real quantifiable hype. At least on here"

Wait, you're surprised there is no hype for a non Sony product on N4G? are you new around here?
TheTwelve  +   975d ago
Microsoft is seeing how it feels to get caught with their pants down.
Munky  +   975d ago
I think its more of a case of them having a plan from the beginning and them sticking to it.
JeffGUNZ  +   975d ago
Yeah I agree with Munky. It speaks volumes of MS that they are so confident in what they have that they were not intimidated or baited to reveal anything premature. They obviously are confident in the product and are sticking to their original plan. It's kind of obvious that both system will be out this fall, so I think people here need to relax and just wait. There are still so many questions for the next PS4 that weren't touch upon. E3 is where all the big stuff will be discussed.
Munky  +   975d ago
And to further prove my point, there is this:


This was posted on Jan. 2nd, so it's pretty obvious that their intention all along was to reveal at E3 regardless of what Sony or any of their competitors was doing.
liquidhalos  +   975d ago
I think Microsoft has been caught with its pants down quite a few times lately. Windows Vista, Windows phone, Windows 8, Surface and now the next Xbox. Microsoft has completely lost the plot, they don't seem to understand what people want. Its more about what Microsoft thinks it can force people to want. Heck i made the mistake of getting a windows phone when they first came out, you couldn't even set your own custom ringtone for crying out loud! We only got that privilege in an update right at the end of my contract period. They are completely out of touch. I was burned with the phone they sold me, the last couple of years of the 360 haven't been that great, surely we can all agree on that. There is complete lack of trust now between consumers and Ms, this silence is doing nothing to help it
Ju  +   975d ago
"plan form the beginning and them sticking to it."

...or a total inability to react in a flexible fashion to a changed environment (Sony's PS4 announcement). This is maybe normal for a mega corporation which usually are not known to be unable to react quickly. But in this industry, this can be fatal.

BTW: ^^ I am thinking of finally ditching Windows if they force Win8 on me. Really? Do I have to accept this totally ridiculous Metro interface? Same there. They want to consequently enforce a "one for all" interface; but it is sure not what people want.
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CGI-Quality  +   975d ago
Um, isn't that what Sony did on Feb 20th?
Drekken  +   975d ago
Well that would be what the DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE would be for... how does this guy have bubbles?

We all know Sony is making MS make some quick behind the scene changes that we will hear about soon enough. Who cares... PS4/PC all the way for me. I have no room for anything else.
Evil-snuggles   975d ago | Trolling | show
JeffGUNZ  +   975d ago
"we all know sony is making MS make soem quick behind the scene changes..." What the hell are you talking about? Did you ever think that perhaps MS has a set plan/event where they want to reveal and discuss their next system? Don't you also know that the systems are pretty much finalized, in development and studios have been working on games for the last 2-3 years? Typical Sony fanboy logic right there. Before we even heard about the 02/20/2013 Sony conference, MS started a site with a countdown to E3. It's so clear that MS plans to reveal at E3 and planned to do so prior to Sony even announcing their reveal. They still have the counter, check it out.

They never show up at gdc cuz they are not so much about games anyway.
maddfoxx  +   975d ago
Maybe they wont release a new consol this year and wait a year like with what Sony did with the PS3. Just be patient guys. . . remember what happened last time they rushed a consol. . .

I'd rather them take their time and release info when they're ready and not because fanboys are pressuring them to take part in some stupid consol war.
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EasilyTheBest  +   975d ago
From a Business stand point I think Microsoft are doing the right thing.
Microsoft are deadly in business because they don't care how much money or how long it takes to win as long as they eventually do.
Microsoft can't be bargained with. They can't be reasoned with. They doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.
greenpowerz   975d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
StrongMan  +   975d ago
Meanwhile, the rumors from leaked documents run wild. MS's silence is very telling.
Merrill  +   975d ago
If their console blocks used games and always needs to be online they're probably trying to figure how the hell they're going to announce said features without the Internet asploding.

If they announce it too soon people will have too much time to dissect it and consider the PS4 instead. But the longer they take to announce it the more Sony benifits from no next gen publicity competition.

They have them self in quite the perdicament.
#3.1 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Godmars290  +   975d ago
My suspicion, my own rumor, is that XBox3 is going to be a glorified cable box. MS will work deals with cable companies to let them sell the console as part of a cable/internet a package deal. Lease them with locked in subscriptions for XBL.

If they are doing this it will likely give them a massive advantage among the casual market the Wii established. Possibly turn hardcore gamers into 2nd class citizens allowing for no used games and an always on connection though such would exclude anyone w/o internet access. With an inflated install base, most if not all who'd be paid subscribers, MS could afford to.

Waiting till E3, or even well after, would only be to their benefit.
OlgerO  +   975d ago
Microsoft is busy countering the PS4 features. they are pulling all nighters and readily applying the duct tape
ichimaru  +   975d ago
some part of me thinks your serious. that part of me pities you. all jokes aside you realise that ms is a multi-multi billion dollar company. they watch their competetors sure, but they have bigger things to do than to "counter" every Sony feature. thats not even a business mindset, "wait watch and counter"? their silence is interesting but without an official announcement its not damaging. I mean it's got you talking
wolokowoh  +   975d ago
@ichimaru I don't see how you got it was joke(therefore got the sarcasm of the second part) but failed to see both parts were obviously sarcastic. If Microsoft was still working on its design, the likelihood of it releasing this year would obviously be substantially lowered. Their silence isn't damaging to the reputation of the new Xbox as much as giving Sony a higher chance of taking the all initial sales.
darthv72  +   975d ago
silence is telling...
it is only telling you what you want to hear not what they want you to hear.

So its easy to assume anything from nothing. But they got you thanking about it. If that is their strategy....i'd say its working.
GalacticEmpire  +   975d ago
You Xbox folk are getting desperate to prove that all publicity is good publicity, which anyone who isn't a rockstar will tell you is complete bulltosh.

There's such a thing as a bad reputation and if Ms let the rumour mill give them one it won't be all sunshine and rainbows, they won't magically be more awesome because of it.

The reality beyond MS tinted blinkers is that there's a lot of wild negative speculation surrounding the Xbox 3 and it needs to be addressed.
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DK286K   975d ago | Spam
Lifebanisher  +   975d ago
Meanwhile at microsoft's headquarters
- let's take off the always on Feature that we have
Microsoft Engineer - yes sir
- Dont forget to allow used games too
Microsoft Engineer - No problem!
-The Camera make sure it stays off even if it's on so that no one will notice.
Microsoft Engineer - ok...

Hurry before we reveal our console okay?

Microsoft Engineer's head explodes
tinezedw  +   975d ago
Can't risk showing too much now cause then won't have much to show at e3.
cyberninja  +   975d ago
There's always E3, oh wait...
Gamer-40  +   975d ago
New Xbox doomed?
abzdine  +   975d ago
MS are scared right now. they are looking to implement a share button right now
DOMination-  +   975d ago
I honestly don't think so. Its a great feature but having it as an option in the guide button menu is just as good. I mean.. Its nice it has a button on ps4 but.. It doesn't really need it.
Evil-snuggles  +   975d ago
Xbox 720 brand new features a bill changer and coin change dispenser and I almost forgot kinect 2.111 HA HA Nelson laugh
hazardman  +   975d ago
MS doesn't need no share button. That the least of their worries right now.
fsfsxii  +   975d ago
M$ doesn't need a share button, they already have a cable box and kinect 2.0
M-M  +   975d ago
I'm almost positive they're working on Kinect microtransactions.
IcicleTrepan  +   975d ago
You mean a renamed select button? please. really this whole 'ms are scared' is ridiculous. This isn't the playground, kiddies. No company 'gets scared'. It's a corporation with thousands of employees, of which Xbox is just one division of many. They just sold 70 million xbox 360s over the past several years. Yeah they're so scared.

Quit trying to apply your grade school playground mentality to the world of business. Are you even old enough to realize what an unyielding predator Microsoft is in the business world?

Of course you'll take this as a dis against Sony but it's not. Any company becoming 'scared' at their competition is laughable, and so are you.
IK IR Y IP T  +   975d ago
Yea this generation ive played 80% of my games on xbox i think thats about to change just wish sony would fix the dam trophy system its generic i hate it and people cheat way too much on it with no penealty
barb_wire  +   975d ago
Plenty of cheats to get achievements too - whole websites full of them.. As for me, I don't really care for trophies/achievements - If I get them while playing a game, great but I'm not gonna bust a nut trying to get them all.
rainslacker  +   975d ago
How is it more generic than achievements? I'll admit I don't know much about how the Xbox live achievement system works, but it seems that Sony has implemented everything that achievements do within their system, and even expanded on it with quantifiable classes of trophies(bronze, silver, gold, plat), as well as added a level system which seems more than just a numbered score.

Also, I know of no one personally that cheats getting trophies. At least one tracking site even filters them out. If cheaters bother you then you should probably stay away from gaming.

Not really attacking you, since I see it's not your primary concern when choosing a system, just wondered what you found generic about it, or how you think it can be better.
dumahim  +   975d ago
Is there any GDC stuff that'll be streaming?
Zha1tan  +   975d ago
To be fair there is nothing they have to show to interest me anymore.

Kinect has sold millions so the gamers do not matter anymore, It will probably come back to bite them when the fad for call of duty and kinect dies down...the only things keeping that console afloat.

And this comes from a long time 360 player who has moved on to bigger and better things i.e PC and PS3.
#10 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
KillrateOmega  +   975d ago
No GDC exhibition for MS?
Either they are worried that they'll appear underwhelming, or they must be holding back in order to have something to show at E3 and make a splash then.
#11 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
stage88  +   975d ago
More limelight for Sony I guess.
Knight_Crawler  +   975d ago
Yup god knows they need all the attention they can get before E3.

The hype from that little show that Sony put on in February dies ages ago.

Someone just posted a leaked photo on the 720 logo and the article has gone top page hot hot hot.

Everyone want s to know about the 720, no matter if you are a fan or a hater...everyone wants to know what MS will show!
#12.1 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(37) | Report | Reply
GalacticEmpire  +   975d ago | Funny
You try far too hard, all Sony need to do is say they will reveal the form factor of PS4 in X days and instant mania. Kaz Hirai gifs will overwelm the internet again and converge into an intelligent lifeform of their own, which will launch all of earths nuclear missiles at the moon, creating crators in the image of Kaz.

It's obviously inevitable, don't fight it, it'll only hurt more.
dalibor  +   975d ago
Don't make it sound so one sided NightCrawler. I'm pretty sure every console gamer out there are interested in both systems. I know I am for sure. And I would hope that the article regarding the 720 went sky high as we know not one damn thing about it. And this also builds hype as well not knowing anything about the 720. On one side you got the info and the other camp you don't know anything really about the system. Interesting.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   975d ago
just what a man would expect from a fan of a team that cheated its way to 3 championships...
MysticStrummer  +   975d ago
Yeah that high temperature for the article couldn't have a thing to do with Pro-Sony people laughing at MS could it?

The PS4 hype hasn't died down when there are still articles showing up with devs praising it.
#12.1.4 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(4) | Report
fsfsxii  +   975d ago
You mean the casual looking X logo?? okay then...
M-M  +   975d ago
Why did you say hot 3 times?
IcicleTrepan   975d ago | Personal attack | show
Belking  +   975d ago
Ms has nothing to fear from sony. What are they supposed to scared of? The fact that it has:
8GB RAM:::: won't matter much
a share button:::: good but nothing game changing/MS may have a whole DVR
another killzone and infamous:The other ones dind't give them a advantage so ne need to think these will
Easy development:::welcome to 2005
Cloud gaming:: will be great but not exclusive to them Live will have it too

Good developer support: Did people expect them not to support it? I'm sure those same devs will give next gen xbox some love too. They wanna make money

There is nothing to be afraid of the way I see it. Sony had a good conference and PS4 seem to be a good improvement but there are still some unanswered questions.
#13 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(29) | Report | Reply
dalibor  +   975d ago
If Sony advertises more this coming generation compared to last than yeah MS might want to be careful. And also 1st party developers Sony has that you left out and that is important (to me at least) it helps define systems, even from the PC crowd. Killzone and Infamous are just going to start the rainbow ride. It's just the beginning. And by the way DVR's are not cheap. Even at $100 that would make the console more expensive(same could be said of the share feature in PS4). But who knows we will find out this E3.
#13.1 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
maniacmayhem  +   975d ago
"...easily the most important event of the year for the games development community."

Definite, But GDC showcases more on the tech side than unveiling new games or consoles. It's more to do with getting new tech shown to the masses, attending industry workshops and industry panels for Q&A not to mention the massive recruitment the companies set up across from GDC.

MS would be better showing what they have to offer at E3 the grandaddy and biggest show of them all. Lets just hopw they can truly deliver because as the hypw builds people's expectations only get higher and higher until know matter what they'll be let down.
#14 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
sinjonezp  +   975d ago
Isn't a new console or platform...new tech? Wouldn't Microsoft desire to get developers onboard with new tech? I think announcing specifically before GDC and then showcasing the new consoles ability would plausible sense. I think Microsoft is dropping the ball. Plainly because they have not focused on exclusives while only promoting multimedia and Kinect products and services. With Sony already having the PS4 in place, GDC will provide them with seminars and meetings that will highlight the consoles abilty; further creating rapport with the developer community. We all seen the leak specs which shows that Microsoft is leaning, IMO, towards multifaceted products and services...I truly miss when Microsoft cared about gaming with the first Xbox going into the 360..Maybe Microsoft is unsure about its position?. With all the negative feedback, a company does take that into consideration and hold off if they feel the product,does not quantifiably offers an attractive solution for consumers. I just hope E3 presents something mind blowing or PS3 will take Xbox market share attention; providing significant amounts of games and exclusive content. Thoughts from a concerned Xbox gamer
maniacmayhem  +   975d ago
Just because we haven't seen or heard anything from MS doesn't mean the whole industry hasn't. GDC is not the place to unveil such a huge life time product such as the next Xbox. I don't think or remember any GDC where there was a huge announcement of a next gen console.

I have no doubt that Xbox is trying to be a multimedia box but we also have more rumors that they have studios working on core IP's for it too. So my question is if they can deliver a multimedia box, which by the way I don't mind considering I use HBOGo and Hulu, provide third party games that make up over 90 percent of a console, if they deliver on the rumored and tech demo of the illumi-room, also an upgraded Kinect that can actually do what they showed off all those years ago, not to mention the rumored new IP's (again rumor), plus keep their other franchises going then what is the problem?

People are focusing on only the negative rumors and are comparing something that has not launched or been unveiled to the PS4. How is this fair? Can you imagine the fanboy feedback if they would have came out right after Sony's presentation? It would have made them look scared.

No, bide your time, get everything and everyone together. Show off the actual console, show actual playable games. Have developers actually playing the games they made for the new system not just CG demos or gameplay demos. Have one huge event at the mecca of events E3.

Have one big show with an overload of bombshell and information.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   975d ago
It shouldn't be maddening because you shouldn't have expected them to show it there in the first place.
PAYNEinc85  +   975d ago
I agree with the guy above. I'm a 360 gamer but I also believe Microsoft is trying to counter some of the features That Sony announced the PS4 will have.
Max-Zorin  +   975d ago
All I know is they better show some actual games.
#17 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Jaqen_Hghar  +   975d ago
of course a company will show games...games like Kinect Sports season 3!!!
SDF Repellent  +   975d ago
Why would MS be concern and change their gameplan because Sony announced their system? Here are the basic of Business 101.

1. If MS would announced the Next Box now and is going to include BC with the X360, don't you think that will affect the sales of the X360? Since the PS4 doesn't offer any form of BC, Sony could afford to announced their system early.

2. Sony hasn't announced any price info, show the actual console, or have any firm set date to the release of the PS4 so why would MS be concern about some tech demo and spec of the PS4 at this point? I am sure they will have a competitive product at hand.

3. Lastly, think for a second. If Microsoft announced the next box with the new spec, features now, and pricing now, that will give SOny ample time to make a final counter before E3 so by Microsoft keeping silence and show everything at once at E3, from the features, spec, design of the console, and price, then they'll be one up on the competition.

The Next Box and Microsoft will be fine.
#18 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(21) | Report | Reply
Belking  +   975d ago
"The Next Box and Microsoft will be fine."

No doubt about it. I think MS is playing the game right by waiting and not showing their hand too early. The biggest talk of sony's show was the 8GB RAM spec. I thought they left some unanswered questions, especially about Gaikai and when the service will be 100% ready to go. All MS has to do is come with a competitive price and good games and everything else will fall into place. I think their revealing will easily outdo sony's because I believe they will have a more complete product to show.
M-M  +   975d ago
"The biggest talk of sony's show was the 8GB RAM spec."

Just no.
JamieL  +   974d ago
@ Cooguy1212 Come on man, it may not have been their biggest point, but at least on N4G the 8GB of gddr5 ram has quickly become the new "Power of the Cell", to act like the gdrr5 isn't suppose to be the "big thing" for the PS4 is borderline delusional, and at the least you've lost touch with reality.
hazardman  +   975d ago
Why would MS reveal the new Xbox at GDC? They will probably show something at their own event right before E3. I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing .

Even if they don't show anything til E3 it will be a good reason to be excited for MS conference which has been a lackluster event as of late. Either way most of the people angry don't like Xbox and just want trash it at every turn.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   975d ago
Im sick of this silence treating there gamers like yesterday trash. Why even bother to show up at gdc if you only have seven year old hardware to talk about wwhile your competitors Nintendo and Sony is talking new hardware and developement.
ichimaru  +   975d ago
lol don't try to fain pity for "their gamers". they will announce when they are good and ready
Convas  +   975d ago
LOL @ the stale MS is scared comments.

All from the usual suspects.

They'll announce when they announce. You can't troll them out of silence.
artdafoo  +   975d ago
Well they either have a huge massive Ace up their sleeve, or theyre too busy trying to figure out how to sell people their lower end DDR 3 ram and if the rumors are true the overbeariing
" always on " anti used games stance. Personally i think its the latter, where theres smoke theres fire.
vizsual  +   975d ago
I really don't understand how every game article turns into a PS vs MS battle. Competition is needed for games to stay innovative. If not those of us who can remember the struggles of blowing the back of a NES cartridge(showing my age lol) would not still be interested. Now I admit that I am a 360 gamer. I picked a console, and just went with it. That in now was means I am anti sony. I just have a preference. Now the new consoles are coming out soon and it is an exciting time. I believe both companies will bring something to the table. There will be a reason hopefully to own both consoles this time around. Sony came out swinging and now everyone is focused on Microsoft. It would be nice if we could all take a wait and see approach but people just like to argue I guess. As for the always on, no used games, rumors I for one wouldn't mind at all. Games will be more expensive to create this gen and I think its only fair that studios get what is owed to them. It will be interesting to see what happens. I am pretty sure the thought of no used games doesn't sit so negatively with the game developers as it does with the consumers. What ever the outcome it is an exciting time, cut the fan boy nonsense and game on people.
JamieL  +   974d ago
See you f#$ked up by expecting any kind of logical or rational thinking or conversation on this site. It's here for one reason, to get a little news about games and entertainment watching the fanboys battle. I would call them sad, pathetic, losers, with no life but I'm afraid what that would make me, a guy who is entertained by it.
black911  +   975d ago
The sad thing is no one cares.
madpuppy  +   975d ago
It's funny, I couldn't care less about MS next console, after 4 RROD's They will have to prove to me the next console they release is RELIABLE and after that they have to show me great exclusive games other than Halo/Gears or anything kinect. and they don't block used games.

Looks like I prolly won't even consider the next xbox console for at least a year or two after release and only if the criteria above is filled.
liquidhalos  +   975d ago
If i could i would give you all my bubbles. You are honestly the first person ive seen on N4g use the term, "I couldn't care less" properly. Thank you so very very much.
ArchieBunker   975d ago | Spam
eusdsdoifw   975d ago | Spam
headblackman  +   975d ago
Microsoft normally under promises and over delivers, but this time around I see that they are taking the quiet approach by saying nothing and over delivering. this is gonna be the ultimate shocker on all ends if Microsoft can pull this off. I see something massive in all of the best ways. especially with all of the alleged specs that have been released on the next Xbox. I think that the DRM is real. I think that the always online is real. I think that the system specs were real (but changed just like the ps4's slight changes in memory). but I also see the hidden potential in it all and how it will shut out all competition except 1. and that one is not PlayStation. there are 5 competitors in this console war and there will only be 2 systems at the top from the beginning to the end and I'll repeat it again, the PlayStation 4 won't be one of those 2 systems. now don't misunderstand me, the ps4 will do well, but it won't be apart of the top 2. the 360 represented more than people know. Just think competition. Microsoft's whole game plan is to beat everyone at their own game. And it's possible only with that company because they are the only company that can afford to do so. My final words to auld gamers is don't be surprised to see Microsoft steal the e3 as well as the console war.
madpuppy  +   974d ago
"Microsoft normally under promises and over delivers"

Funny, that is the exact opposite of how Microsoft has been run for the past 37 years.
headblackman  +   974d ago
no. under promising and over delivering is correct. they aren't the multi billion dollar company for being stupid and naive. in today's day and age you don't always have to have the best to win. you just have to be good enough,affordable, and accessible. it works for the iPhone and the iPad and it also works for Microsoft.
Wotbot  +   975d ago
I would keep quiet and let the PS4 hype calm down a little before releasing anything, E3 would be the best venue to unveiled the new xbox to the world.

MS are playing a clever game at the moment, patience is a virtue.
PS4isKing_82  +   975d ago
Except Sony will just turn the hype right back up at e3 with the reveal of the ps4 console, more games, more services, price and release date.
kenshiro100  +   975d ago
Why would you wait until the hype dies down? You'd want to crash the party ASAP.
Thump1967  +   975d ago
Being quiet is a good thing, why be in a hurry with all the publicity that the supposed call Xbox 720 getting. There looking at what people are wanting and what they want which could be a good thing. Everything we know is nothing as all we have is people guessing. I hope both systems do very well as we need each of them to push one another so the games will be better in the long run
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