Ubisoft Says People Haven’t Grasped The Importance Of The Wii U GamePad

“We don’t have any disappointments compared to the installed base. We are just hoping that Nintendo’s results for Wii U will be a bit bigger, like Iwata-san said,” he commented. “Selling a new way of playing can take some time, and we know the power of the brands from Nintendo and we know from the fans that the majority of what will be the system sellers are not yet available. And on our side, Rayman will be one of them for sure. We really expect Rayman to be a huge system seller on the console.”

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ElectricKaibutsu1885d ago

Nintendo has done a terrible job marketing this thing. Even intelligent, knowledgeable gamers on n4g don't get the point of the gamepad. How could the mass market? Unfortunately the gamepad's potential can't be demonstrated in a two second clip like the wiimote. People have to already have it in their home before they understand what makes it great. I don't know how you could market that...

From the article: "In ZombiU for instance, the players are really fond of the multiplayer mode because it’s totally new; it’s like one FPS player against an RTS player."
Doesn't that sound great? That's because it is. And that's just a launch title from one company. I just hope some more developers can come up with innovative ways to use the pad before everything crashes and burns.

ChickeyCantor1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

" Even intelligent, knowledgeable gamers on n4g don't get the point of the gamepad. "

Sorry but that's just laughable.

A simplistic view:
1: It adds for additional input
2: It can be used as a second screen(local multiplayer)/off-screen-play).

And then you can argue "Well that isn't needed". And I will ask you: according to what?

They are features that developers can utilize. If a developer decide not to, it doesn't mean there is no point of its existence.

Just because one does not "agree" with something, doesn't mean it's wrong either.

It seems to me people just don't want to see the point.
I mean what is the point in buying an iPhone and then jailbreaking it? Why not go with Android instead?
Probably because it has something to offer the consumer likes.
And personally? I want every game to have the off-screen feature.

Seriously it does not take a genius to see what it can offer in its basic element. Nintendo is just lacking in advertisement. That's it.

pecorre1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Or it could be that some people simply don't want a second screen or just don't like gaming on a touch screen.

Not understanding and not wanting/liking is not the same thing.

Edit: How can you disagree with that??? Do you think that if you understand the gamepad, you are obligated to want it and to like it. That's just dumb.

Starfox-171885d ago

When windwaker and the summer os update is here that will make menu swapping rapid they will advertise it i think.

wingman32x1885d ago

I think Nintendo will advertize when there's a reason to advertize the system.

Making a new ad right now would be a waste of money. I think that once their system selling IP's get close, we'll see a strong ad campaign. Right now, there isn't a lot on the system for Nintendo to sell.

ChickeyCantor1884d ago


"Or it could be that some people simply don't want a second screen or just don't like gaming on a touch screen. "

Not wanting something doesn't mean it should be left out.

And it's not just gaming with the touchscreen it comes with a full layout of buttons as well.

You are doom glooming something that should't be an issue.

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Merrill1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

It's too bad the gamepad was released on a lack luster/under powered, terribly marketed with no games system.

I love Nintendo, but why buy the Wii U? Mario U isn't enough for me.

I don't see any reason to upgrade from Wii, if only there was some type of chart to show me the advantages to upgrading...

AWBrawler1884d ago

Clearly a satirical comment from merrill

LackTrue4K1885d ago

Well then?!? What has keep them from making more games?!?

.....o ya, the lack of sales. (-_-*)

Thatguy-3101885d ago

Think developers can have an open mind when coming up with ideas to use with the game pad. The question is if they they are interested in doing so. I think they aren't unless of course it's an exclusive title. For third parties to actually implement different things to the wii u port it will cost them resources. Why waste it on one when most of the profit will come from Sony and Microsoft console which basically play the same way.

Venox20081884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

your words are good, except that "inteligent players dont know how" phrase :D

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MNGamer-N1885d ago

The gamepad is a great piece of hardware that I am enjoying more and more with each new game I get. I personally love it. I agree that off-screen play should be required, it is one of the bigger reasons why I like it so much. I also do think adding the touchscreen makes it a fun, new way to play games and control my console and T.V.

If the console does flop, it will be a shame, but Nintendo will be moving on to a new console in 5-6 years anyway. After a price drop and more games, I would encourage fence sitters to pick it up, and enjoy it for what it is. The $ -to- FUN ratio is certainly in the positive category for me.

SolidSystem1885d ago

maybe people would see it.... if Ubisoft wasnt a dick and delayed a (finished)game I should be playing right now.

lovegames7181885d ago

lol yeah try to sell that controll scheme to ppl so they can buy more Wiius and by your game lol!!!!

Man stfu and consumers are talking they are tired of the same old, same old ips and bs Nintendo passes off as next gen hardware!!!!!

Im not like others on here that trys to sugar coat #hit. I speak off of personal thoughts and the reasons i gave above is the main reason i havent picked up a Wiiu and im sure there are thousands and millions who feel the same. The casuals have flocked so they arent the ones buying the systems the hardcores are!!!!

Starfox-171885d ago

And yet Sony and Mico have just bought the same consoles out time and time again with slightly improved graphics ?? is why ps3 and 360 sold twice as bad as wiiu ? when Mariokart and windwaker hit then it will take off,to be fair its selling better than ps3 or 360 did and thats with no system sellers until now with Monster hunter ultimate and Lego city ect,Monster hunter has sold tons in the uk already.

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