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TG writes: NIS America has brought another of their RPG’s across the ocean from Japan. Did Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory make a successful voyage or should it have never left Japan?

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ftwrthtx1819d ago

Fans of the series will probably enjoy it.

NastyLeftHook01819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

i would give it a 8, but everyone has there opinion.

edit: wow, you got a disagree for saying fans of the series will "probabl" buy iy.

thats not even saying WILL buy it.


Snookies121819d ago

There's always that one guy that comes along and disagrees with everyone in every article... Happens EVERY time lol. Just watch, he's gonna get me too...

Wedge191819d ago

Yeah, I was not a huge fan. The game is a massive timesink. Some people may get enjoyment, but I did not.

rezzah1819d ago

The dialogue is interesting and entertaining.

But I don't easily play RPGs, so I didn't get into the series.

knifefight1819d ago

Yeah. You basically already know if you like this one based on your opinion of the other two games in this series.