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Apple customer’s son runs up £3,100 bill

Doug Crossan’s son ran up over £3100 in in-app purchases that Apple refuses to refund. It throws a spotlight on the dubious practice of high cost in-app purchases aimed at children, something that’s getting more and more attention. (Apple, Casual games, iPad, iPhone, Mobile)

Snookies12  +   854d ago
Lol! How about NOT giving your kid your phone next time?
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Anon1974  +   854d ago
"I left my credit card next to the computer, and my son used it to purchase $1200 worth of tentacle porn! Why won't they give me my money back?"

Seriously, if you're giving your kids an ipad to play with, take off your credit card info. Personally, I have no issues with in-app purchases, but I do take issue with in-app purchases directed at children. That being said, this kid was 13. Unless the game was somehow masking the transactions, he should have known better.
SilentNegotiator  +   854d ago
How the heck is this even news? Is it really news every time some ignorant kid runs up a crazy bill on an iDevice?
onyoursistersback  +   854d ago
N4G should make a new tag, this is not news related!!
This should be file under "dum ass" article!! Lol

And I agree 110% with majiebeast!
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360ICE  +   854d ago
That's "dumbass"...lol
SilentNegotiator  +   854d ago
You misspelled "dumbass"

But that's okay, we all make mistakes.
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majiebeast  +   854d ago
Doesnt anyone take responsibilty for the actions of their kids anymore? It was your stupid mistake to give your kid your phone with your creditcard details, so its your own fault deal with it.
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Yodagamer  +   854d ago
Heck when you open those games alot of them tell you to lock that pay-in app crap and even it didn't it is common sense.
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Eldyraen  +   854d ago
The problem is many people don't take any responsibility for themselves, let alone those they are also responsible for. I can see where they are coming from (kids not always understanding how things work and rarely stop to ask questions in the middle of something) but its also just unresponsible to give a kid (even the best) unsupervised access to certain things and then be shocked when they make a bad or disasterous decision.

There are two easy fixes here: educate your child and hold them responsible so they actually learn not do do something stupid (if old enough to understand) or better yet (or rather in conjuncture with the first) use the security options that are universally provided and don't let your kid have unfettered access to things they don't necessarily need. If you don't know how to do that... well educate yourself as well as you probably need it as much or more than your kid. Responsibility and understanding goes both ways and if you don't accept it then your kids are likely to grow up thinking they can do the same (part of the world's problems at large).
doctorstrange  +   854d ago
He's 13, not 4. People that age are making iPhones. Should know better.
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KingKevo  +   854d ago
NOT AGAIN!!! Please parents, get over it and stop being so naive.

Edit: Just read the article, this made me laugh, the father about his son and how he got the password from seing his parents typing it in: " My son is bright and intelligent". Yeah right, cause it's so hard to remember a password. And he can obviously not be that smart if he made all the purchases, or he just gives a crap. And again, that father should not be so naive. It's just too funny.
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ziggurcat  +   854d ago
the idiot shouldn't have let his son have access his account then... apple has no reason to give any refund.
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Crazay  +   854d ago
Big deal. Suck it up buttercup. You allowed your kid access to a product that had your credit card information. what do you expect? Don't be such a freaking knucklehead.
NastyLeftHook0  +   854d ago
i would spank his ass and send him to the army.
Captain Qwark 9  +   854d ago
he's 13. he has no need to have a cell phone let a lone an iphone. kids should get cellphones at about 16 when they can get a job and let it be their first responsibility. id bet all that money that if it was his own credit card he wouldnt have made all those purchases

a hard lesson for sure but apple shouldnt refund him
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Half-Mafia  +   854d ago
iOS has a restrictions setting that lets you turn off alot of features with a password. One of those is In-App Purchases.

I even have that setting on so I dont accidently buy something.
EffectO  +   854d ago
Government will take notice at some point.This is just one small step away from gambling.Japan government clamped hard on "social game gambling",iirc.Parents complained a lot too.

It's just a matter of time until Western governments do the same.

No sane parent will spend $2000 on some shitty apps but kids will easily do that.Apple and others know that very well...
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Cam977  +   854d ago
Don't give these incapable parents a refund!
Cam977  +   854d ago
I'm fairly sure criminal responsibility is given at the he of 13; this, he was fully aware of what he was doing and this idiotic family shouldn't be given a refund. I'd bet they're all on benefits and academy taxes, that on top of their poor parenting. If it wasnt their fault then WHO's ******* FAULT WAS IT? ICKY BOO's FAULT?
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azshorty2003  +   854d ago
Got my kids Samsung Galaxy mp3 players (Samsung equivalent to the iPod touch), and I knew right from the start to create their own Android market IDs that lacked any credit card info and even for extra measure checked the box requiring a password for purchased.

Within 15 mins of them having them on Christmas morning they were already downloading those games that secretly come with planting ads on your phone. So luckily all I have to do every now and then is uninstall any offending apps.

They also have downloaded games that have in-game purchasing and asked if they could get 'coins' or whatever the currency is. I tell them No and that it costs real money.

I can only imagine what my bill would be if I gave them access to any account info. You have to teach your kids, as well as take responsibility for their actions.

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