PlayStation Store Preview – March 26th, 2013: Pumped Up For BioShock Infinite

This week’s update is a lot stronger than last week’s. It can get even stronger, too, if you use PlayStation Move Fitness to get buff. You’ll need it if you want to be the womanizer featured in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, or if you want to save the girl like Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite. Check out the rest clicking pages for reps and get your pump on.

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doctorstrange2010d ago

After all the years of waiting, after the incredible first chapter, after the awesome reviews (even if one of them was exclusive and can't be trusted), it's finally out on PSN.

dbjj120882010d ago

Haha, I would say you're the only one but... uhh here's an upvote for funny.

Sev2010d ago

I'll see you online. We'll have a Move pushup contest.

Snookies122010d ago

Terraria, here I come.... Again...

doctorstrange2010d ago

Trying to say Terraria while drunk is exceedingly troublesome

ftwrthtx2010d ago

I can't say it sober, maybe it would be easier if I was inebriated.

lovegames7182010d ago

I have a wholw work out set up in my house. Is Ps move fitness good?

And yeah now i cant wait for bioshock.

Kirnisorey2010d ago

All I hear is blah blah blah Bioshock blah blah Terraria.

ajax172010d ago

Wait, when does the season pass for BioShock Infinite go on sale?

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