Fan Outrage Aims Fire at Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV has been a huge buzz in the gaming industry since the teaser trailer was shown last week. While there are some who show excitement for the senseless, corny spinoff, true fans of the series are outraged by the company’s lack of fan interest. There are people who do not understand why these fans are upset. They are upset for the simple reason of being betrayed. While they used their money to bring this game to the top, to be compared to genre greats like Grand Theft Auto; the development team has repaid them by turning their back on those who stayed true.

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TheSuperior 1765d ago

Killing off Gat was a mistake!

ApolloTheBoss1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

The worst part was how he died: Off-screen and without an explanation. When It happened I just thought, "Oh this is Gat the tough ass boss who survives anything. He's fine he'll just walk it off and come back later." But no. At the end he never came back, he was actually dead and there was no closure to his character. I was so pissed, I mean it was just a giant middle finger to the fans.

hazelamy1765d ago

that was a shitty way of getting rid of one of the only, if not the only, surviving character from the original game, apart from the player character.

and he was also one of the better characters in the series.

i'm sure if you asked who your favourite SR character was, the majority would say Gat.

the thing i'm concerned with about SR4 though, is that it looks too much like the expansion pack it started out as.

it could be loads of fun, but it's still just an expansion pack to me, except they're gonna be selling it at the full game price.

they can get away with using 95% of the same assets for something like fifa, but for a game like this, not really.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1765d ago

They didn't kill him off. The DLC already explains everything.

badjournalism1765d ago

With all the "true fans this, true fans that" nonsense, this article is a shining example of the 'No True Scotsman' logical fallacy. Hope the author didn't expect to be taken seriously.

Root1765d ago

Couldn't of put it better myself....

SR3.5 is a joke, they had a chance to bring this franchise back to the top but they didn't do it.

4lc4pon31765d ago

the game was a joke simple as that. They screwed up the series and if you look the trailer for saints row IV it looks like crap IMO

NYC_Gamer1765d ago

I thought Saints Row fans enjoyed over the top crazy?

KillrateOmega1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

To an extent. While the previous games were a little crazy, they didn't take it TOO far and kept the 'gangster warfare' theme. Now you have this game, in which you fight aliens with superpowers.

It might be nothing more than people just not liking change and the game might end up being good, but even I have to admit that it does look a little too silly.

Aceman181765d ago

i do, i loved SR3 for the over the top balls out fun it was.

it didnt take itself too seriously like GTA4, and that's why i loved it.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1765d ago

Same here. Sometimes, it's nice to play a game that doesn't take itself so seriously. I can always play GTA for a serious game.

tack1291765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I actually did enjoy it. Honestly I didn't mind the crazy factor of it. Some people don't like the OTT nature that the game had but to me I'm glad they had the balls to go over the top.

I'm actually looking forward to the title.
I honestly don't care that it doesn't take itself seriously. If it's a good game and is fun then screw it.

If I wanted serious I'd play any other game in my game collection. Sometimes I just want crazy.

Aceman181765d ago

exactly sometimes you just need a change of pace, and the balls to the wall action in SR3 was just what i wanted at the time.

i can't play serious game, after serious game all the time.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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