VGCHartz Global Weekly ending March 16th 2013

God of War: Ascension (PS3) 663,692
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (PC) 548,125
Tomb Raider (PS3) 168,998
Tomb Raider (X360) 148,246
Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment (PSP) 135,600
SimCity (PC) 132,667
Kingdom Hearts (PS3) 130,321

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Xaphy1883d ago

Glad GOW is doing good.

Zuperman1882d ago

PS3 games outselling 360..

ya boy!!!

ps3_pwns1882d ago

it was inevitable. once gamers start coming to there senses they will be getting the ps4 next gen and the sales will only increase. those few who will stay back in gaming prison i will feel bad for you. theres really nothing on the x360 being talked about or announced because there is no games but third party stuff thats on the ps3 as well. while the ps3 has those same games and a ton of exclusives. you only have to come to n4g to see the huge differencee of why ps3 and soon ps4 are the gamers consoles.

HammadTheBeast1882d ago

I prefer solemn acknowledgement with a slightly smug look.

brich2331882d ago

PS3 sells more because it cost 25$ to mod your xbox and a few more dollars for a burned copy.

brish1882d ago


"PS3 sells more because it cost 25$ to mod your xbox and a few more dollars for a burned copy."

For the majority of this console generation wii sold the most games but it was cracked immediately.

XBox was number 2 and it has better protection than the wii but it was cracked as well.

PS3 has been last for sales but it had the best anti-piracy.

If piracy meant a loss of sales then the ps3 should have been in first place this generation but it's not. Pirates aren't customers.

It's rare that ps3 games out sell xbox games to the point that it's news worthy.

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Heavenly King1882d ago

compared to GOW3 it sold poorly. I hate reviews. Because of them this game is not going to sell that as much as GOW3. Why cant people make their own mind about which game to buy?

IronFistChinMi1882d ago

Maybe they did and that's why it sold poorly? I didn't need any review to tell me not to buy Ascension, the demo did that, coupled with my feeling of burnout with the franchise.

jukins1882d ago

the reviews were good from what i've seen its just that honestly its still god of war and as much as i love the series i'd rather not play a "side-story" and this is my way of taking a break from the series should they ever continue the numbered series thats when i'll play gow again.

Tontus1882d ago

Reviews have NOTHING to do with it. The type of people who go on Metacritic or look up reviews is insignificant. Also the game got mostly great reviews anyway with only a few trolls. The only thing that affected sales is it being the end of the generation and a complete lack of advertisement outside of the US.

Still, 700,000 first week is amazing and no other hack 'n slash outside of the God of War franchise has come close to that week one. Just because it sold half of what God of War III did week one at about 1.4 million doesn't mean it's not a huge success.

Good_Guy_Jamal1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Halo 4 about to reach 8 million in a couple of weeks. Might catch up to Halo Reach.
Speaking of Reach, that was a prequel that did justice to the rest of the franchise, sold very well too.

Outside_ofthe_Box1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Nothing interesting to note about Ascension this time around lol?

I know this is vgchartz and I know TR has been out for several weeks already, but I just found it extremely hilarious.

Good_Guy_Jamal1882d ago

Now that you've brought it up, I do have something interesting to note about Ascension, despite the PS3 having far more consoles out there, it sold only half of what GoW III did 3 years ago.
Thanx for reminding me :)

StrongMan1882d ago

Whoa, you made him look foolish. Did he really believe Tomb Raider would outsell God of War? Lol. Ascension is selling over twice as much as Tomb Raider on both consoles. Not even close.

Knushwood Butt1882d ago


Good to see that troll getting owned.

aceitman1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Ascension has sold well compared to TR this is the 1st week compared to 2 weeks of TR. Ascension will has legs and will sell well .

Ezz20131882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

jamal, once again show how he fail once again at stealth trolling
when he try to trash GOWA based on one country UK
and now that he got owned by Worldwide numbers which he most important thing
he run to hide behind halo4

also guys, look at the list look at uncharted 3 and gears 3 in that worldwide list is wayyyy under it uncharted 3....way under it

Good_Guy_Jamal1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Hehehe I'm not sure why people brought up Ascension when I was just talking about Halo on it's own.

Am I not allowed to talk about Ascension in one post in one article and then talk about a different game altogether in a completely different article?

How am I hiding behind Halo 4 exactly? I just noticed that it was nearing 8 million units and now that's considered trolling?

As for the UK article, you guys realise that you're comparing 2 different sets of charts right? This chart is numbers from 2 weeks ago, the UK chart was numbers from last week and indeed TR on PS3 was selling more than GOWA last week. Obviously TR week 2 numbers will be less than GOWA week 1, but week 3 for TR was higher than week 2 for GOWA which is what I was saying in that article.
Am I not allowed to make such observations without them following me everywhere I go?

Lastly, does GOWA own the term prequel? because I have repeatedly said that I'm NOT a fan of Gears Judgement which is also a prequel.

So when I say Reach did the franchise justice and the PS3 fanboys attack, it amazes me because I didn't even mention GOWA.

Edit: Troll Guy Jamal. . .bro, I'm flattered!! Glad to know I impacted your life so much you had to make an account in honour of yours truely

Skips1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

How are you going to compare a prequel/spinoff to a main installment??? Of course they sell less. HAHA!!!

That's like comparing


We should see how much lower Gears Judgement sells than 3. LOL!

"Speaking of Reach, that was a prequel that did justice to the rest of the franchise"

And so did Chains of Olympus, duurrrr.

Maybe you should mention how Halo 3 ODST didn't... And how neither did Gears Judgement as well. LMAO!

Seems to me, that people really think that game is a piece of garbage. lol

Troll_Guy_Jamal1882d ago

You do realise Halo: Reach's marketing budget alone probably cost enough for Sony to create 2 God of War games? And your trying to compare GoW to Halo even with the fact Halo is in the most popular genre on consoles versus God of War which is in one of the least popular genres? Also Halo has been in a huge decline in quality and sales since Halo 3, what's your opinion on that?

Also even though it's exclusive to one platfrom God of War is by far the biggest franchise in its genre... now remind me, what's the biggest FPS franchise in the world since 2007? Halo? Nope! Not even close... Ah that's what it is, Call of Duty! ;)

God of War: Ascension is a far superior game to Halo: Reach and did more justice to the series. Ask any gamer who owns both systems and can play both franchises, Halo: Reach is mostly considered a disappointment, stop trolling.

black9111882d ago

Also 360 doesnt have no where near as many Exclusives Franchises as the PS3. So gamers have more choices.

Ezz20131882d ago

haha, you made fans i see .. congratz lol

in the other topic about GOWA you made fun of it because the sales of one place in the entire world
even though it still hold the 2nd biggest first week in GOW games
but now you can't find any thing to troll about ps3 exclusives
you tried to talk about something else in this one
you do know that UK charts mean little because the worldwide numbers are more important

if you stop your trolling ...i might take you seriously again

Mr-SellJack1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

sorry but i just hate your username and comments on nearly every ps3 related article &(@/@)&

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SDF Repellent1882d ago

I guess America is still the dominant territory for GOW as it has over 70% of the first week sale. Great news that GOW did great in its opening week.

Gamer-401882d ago

God of War AAA game and cool.
What happens sales?

First week: God of War: Ascension 663,692
First week: God of War 3: 1.2 million.

Tomb Raider fine sales.

Heavenly King1882d ago

that is because of the reviews. Reviewers that dont know how to play games should just quit gaming.

It is a shame that such an amazing game is doing so poorly comparing it to other games in the same franchise.

Gamer-401882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Very nice game yes.
God of War 2 and Ghost of Sparta my favorite episode.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

i dont think ppl can blame reviews on this one. DmC was getting high marks from damn near every big reviewer but sold way less than the previous game. Granted there was a lot more controversy with DmC.

Minato-Namikaze1882d ago

VG chartz. They probably undertracked it. GOW should get up around 4 mil lifetime. It'll be ok.

Troll_Guy_Jamal1882d ago

What do you expect when advertisement was none existent for the game outside of the US? You shouldn't use Vgchartz numbers either, they were proven to have under-tracked the God of War series hugely.

God of War III sold 1.4 million first week and around 6 million or more lifetime (every SKU included). God of War: Ascension probably sold around 700,000 first week which is great for what it is, nobody should be disappointed for those sales, especially for a hack 'n slash game.

ILive1882d ago

Or maybe god of war 3 was the first god of war on the ps3. The anticipation and sales will of course be higher.

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