Jimquisition: The Creepy Cull of Female Protagonists

The game industry doesn't want female characters. That is allegedly the message publishers have been sending to developers.

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smashcrashbash1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I agree.It's strange how people think that somehow it isn't creepy to think that you need to hide women because they are women in games or that it is okay for men to have a roll in the hay but as soon as women make a move they are creeped out.Like he said people are not even willing to admit the problem or add any sort of alternative or solution.

People always have the 'Shut up, it's not important' attitude even if someone comes forward with good points or points out the problem.The answer is usually 'That is how it is.So shut up' almost the same attitude that people had long ago when there were slaves or blatant racism or when women where not treated equally.I don't understand the rage, the indifference and denial involved in this topic.You don't mind a half naked guy with bulging muscles welding giant weapons grunting and sweating but being a female with thoughts and feelings is creepy and even worse you don't think them being half naked with bouncing breasts creepy.In fact Bayonetta is one of the creepiest women I have ever seen in a game.I am not sure if she was trying to be seductive or sexy but what ever it was, it didn't work.Also how is Lara acceptable by everyone as a lead role but other strong women are a problem? Isn't it the same thing?

TruthbeTold1852d ago

lol Jim Sterling doesn't give an F what he says or how he says it does he?

But yeah, I say make the games properly, market them properly, give them a chance. Either they will stand or fall. We just don't know yet because there hasn't been a series of fair enough chances yet.

Zha1tan1852d ago

Love the jimquisition, how is he so right?!

Deadpool6161852d ago

The more I learn about how the game industry works, it's seems as though most of the industries issues stem from the higher up suits, rather than the developers themselves.

WikusVanDeMerwe1852d ago

That was actually a very interesting video to watch and had a lot of good points that should questioned and brought up more.

I think game devs, every now and then, should be aloowed to take these risks and see what they can come up with and put all this fear of rejection aside otherwise we are stuck with rehashes from here to ... infinite... hehe

SeraphimBlade1852d ago

He basically voiced my exact opinion on Bioshock Infinite's box art. (aside from the part about actually playing it. That will be fixed tomorrow!)

Yeah, I can't really think of any canonically female protagonist with a real romance in a game. At least not one that gets more physical than a quick kiss.

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