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The new SimCity had a troubled launch, with the EA servers not withstand the amount of players that besides having difficulty accessing the game had problems with their saves, which resulted in a few hours of play completely lost. For some days the air was the feeling that this "reboot" of the series could be a failure, just like the last games of the series were.

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hylandpad1818d ago

I think this review was a tad bit generous. I would have given it a 7.5, just because of the sheer number of features they took out from the last game alone.

combocaster1818d ago

It's a great game. If most reviews go from your 7.5 to our 9 i think it's fair. Maybe more veteran players will notice more those features, but overall it's great.

fermcr1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

It's a good game. I would give it a 7 (not counting the online problems). Simcity is getting way over-hyped and over-scored by reviewers. This game is not even close to a 9.

Zha1tan1817d ago

EA series have a weird habit of pulling content/features from their series as time goes along.

guitarded771817d ago

So... have the bugs been worked out yet? I want to try it, but don't want to spend the money if it isn't working yet.

combocaster1817d ago

I had no problems with the servers or any other bugs.

guitarded771817d ago

Thank's for the feedback ++helpful.

TooTall191817d ago

It works well now, and the only major thing disabled is cheetah speed.

iistuii1817d ago

Not a single bug or problem. Also I only got it Thursday, had no problems & was still given a free game. Win, win all round. Also it's good, without the early problems it would have scored a lot higher.

CaulkSlap1817d ago

I wouldn't even care about the launch problems if the game was decent. It's frankly shocking how horribly limited and restricted this game is. Went from a sandbox to a play pen.