The Last of Us brings back Survival Horror through Ominous Sound Design [BuzzFocus]

Tension in The Last of Us is built through some of the best use of sound in recent memory. The buildings creaking, the excellent voice acting, the perfect pop of gunshots and most of all the distinct sound of the enemies all combine to craft a brilliant post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

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Ezz20131882d ago

this game just scream GOTY for me
it will be my GOTY

xHeavYx1882d ago

I'm so tempted to read the article, but I don't want anything spoiled!

cbclerk1882d ago

My old ps3 is on its last leg, and I'm tired of getting the red light of death, so I may just wait until I get the ps4, which should have a healthy game launch.

godofboobees1882d ago

Yes my ps3 is on standby mode too. That's is what happens when you turn it off

cbclerk1882d ago

Red, yellow, I've had both blinking light repairs done. Just saying that if the last God of War and watching blurays put my ps3 in for its second repair in 18 months, The Last of Us is going to push my old console (original football shaped backwards compatible ps3) to the brink again. believe me though, I want to play this game.

StrongMan1882d ago

This is great news. With Dead Space and Resident Evil going for action that leaves the survival horror genre to Sony and The Last of Us and we know the Naughty Godz won't disappoint.

imsocool12341882d ago

I've been through gotten rid of two PS3's and still have a working one.

My 1st fat 80GB model, got the "Y.L.O.D" and 2nd slim 120GB model got the "G.LO.D"; similar fate as the 1st. I'm on my 3rd now and have to replace the bluray player inside my 120 GB slim.

dafegamer1882d ago

Bioshock vs the last of us