10 Things We Want To See In Deus Ex: The Fall

"With Square Enix snapping up Deus Ex related domain names at the moment, it seems like a safe bet that a sequel may well be in the pipeline. Deus Ex: Human Defiance was the first name out of the woodwork and, though it's rumoured to be a film adaptation of the series, other trademarks hint at a new game called Deus Ex: The Fall."

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hylandpad1820d ago

Also, more engaging stealth. I stunned the security guard in the appt building at the beginning of the game - he was still knocked out when I came back to the city at the end. Kind of silly that guards dont wake up.

Vladplaya1819d ago

I noticed it right away, stun is basically killing people, which is pretty silly indeed.

v0rt3x1820d ago

Make it even darker and more mature.

Canary1819d ago

I don't want to see anything big.

-More pointed narrative
-More focused thematic elements
-More, bigger expansive environments
-More RPG elements

Erdrick1819d ago

i'd like to see player choices radically affect the story