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Submitted by bunt-custardly 978d ago | trailer

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag gameplay trailer

Ubisoft release the first gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Prcko  +   978d ago
omg,i want this noww!
Emilio_Estevez  +   978d ago
Looks fantastic.
ShugaCane  +   978d ago
Definitely looks more appealing than AC III to me. I love exotic settings like this !
Hellsvacancy  +   978d ago
Ubisoft have fooled me with pretty looks and exciting looking gameplay two or three times before, its not going to happen again

After AC3 Ive lost all interested in the series
silenius  +   978d ago
I haven't felt this anxious since the gameplay trailer of AC 1.
Looks very very promising :)
Can't wait for a full review of this game.
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Campy da Camper  +   978d ago
Agreed. The first 2 I loved. The last couple..meh. the frontier in 3 was great but I lost interest soon after. This looks fresh and new. Will wait for next gen platforms for sure though.

That under water looks stunning!
OlgerO  +   978d ago
Mother of God... I just went from 8 games I want to buy for PS4 to 9!!
Campy da Camper  +   978d ago
Wallets around the world are groaning.
Muffins1223  +   978d ago
meh....dose not look bad but i was hopping it would look a little bit better compared to 3...
Snookies12  +   978d ago
The world is bigger than 3's, not to mention you can actually travel anywhere. It's open from what I've heard. Besides, we don't know if this was footage of this generation or next-gen consoles running it.
bunt-custardly  +   978d ago
Is this PS4/PC graphics?
coolmast3r  +   978d ago
I think it's PC graphics. Pretty good looking btw.
EDIT: I agree, it doesn't look dramatically better than AC3 but I've noticed lots of sharp and crisp textures (of a way better quality than AC3) so I think it's not PS3 or 360.
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davethedj  +   978d ago
i dont think these are ps4 graphics it looks just the same like ac3
but i love this game :)
Zha1tan  +   978d ago
My body was nowhere near ready for this!

Shutup about PS4/PC graphics, we don't need a flame war of idiots but it is more than likely PC or at least running on prospective PS4 hardware which basically is a PC lol...
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Despair666  +   978d ago
Damn...gotta give credit to ubi for creating hype every year
MestreRothN4G   978d ago | Trolling | show
PockyKing  +   978d ago
Looks freakin awesome, can't wait to play it!
Blastoise  +   978d ago
Graphics look incredible but I still think it will end up being boring as hell.

Remember how awesome Assassins creed 3 looked from the trailer?
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Zha1tan  +   978d ago
If a game can make pirates! bloody pirates! boring then that truly is a feat....

Its like making Samuel L Jackson a boring character in a film...It is impos......oh wait hello there....
This not only looks like the worst protagonist of the series (on consoles anyway) but this looks like it will be the worst Assassin's Creed in the series. I'm not even sure why they're calling it Assassin's Creed IV considering how much of a spinoff it looks like. I don't see why they would make an Assassin's Creed game based around the worst parts of Assassin's Creed 3.
SnotyTheRocket  +   978d ago
I'm just going to point out that the ship battles where one of the best parts of AC3.
sourav93  +   978d ago
"This not only looks like the worst protagonist of the series (on consoles anyway)"

Wait, the PC has different protagonists than consoles? Or are you referring to the difference in protagonist between the main series (consoles AND PC) and the handheld spin offs? If it's the former, then I would recommend you rethink that comment or brush up on English. If it's the latter, then I can't comment because I haven't played the handheld AC games.
danieldeath  +   978d ago
Fix the gameplay , it doesn't give a sense of achievement .
Sevir  +   978d ago
Im not even going to lie! That was impressive
Ubisoft certainly did a good job with this stylish trailer, the graphics do look sharper, but its very much still running on the AnvilNext. I'll reserve judgement when I see what the PS4 version looks like.
Mustang300C2012  +   978d ago
I doubt the next gen versions are going to look much better. When they dedicate the games to the new systems then we will see a major difference. I think people are setting themselves up for disappointment. Can't wait to get this game
adonisisfree  +   978d ago
i wont be buying this game for that one reason. i want them to build this game from the ground up for next-gen hardware. this trailer looks exactly like assasins creed 3. maybe a bit better textures thats all
Mustang300C2012  +   978d ago
I am getting it because I enjoy the series and gameplay not because of the graphics. I didn't say it was going to stop me from playing it because it isn't dedicated to next-gen lol. Graphics look great. I am just saying people need to get their expectations in check.
stuntman_mike  +   978d ago
looks exactly the same? also the voice over is Chris Finch, David Brents mate in the office lol.
Blastoise  +   978d ago
Oh yeah lol, knew I recognised his voice.
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BattleTorn  +   978d ago
I'm just gonna come out and say this: I think Ubisoft should have announced this game under a new title/franchise.

It looks amazing, but do we really the "Assassin's Creed:" in the title?

Surely, they could probably do more with the game without the franchise-constraint.. (of having to somehow tie it to the others, and not stray from the origins of the franchise, ect)

I wouldn't mind if they took all the core gameplay of AC and reinvented it into a new franchise.. TBH, I'm kinda sick of (even trying) to connect the story lines, and following desmond, and all-in-all following a plot-arc that is supposed to relate to a series of 5 games I've confused amongst each other over the last ten years.
I feel like doing so would allow them to branch out a lot more, with gameplay and story
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Mustang300C2012  +   978d ago
Then we would be hearing conversations about how this game plays just like Assasins Creed. This has to be the most backwards advice I ever read lol. What is wrong with more of the same. We are getting more of the same with Killzone. We are getting more of the same with Infamous. We are getting more of the same with Halo. Plenty of games with similar gameplay and features to go around that the same games in the series we know by name and play can still shine clearly.
BattleTorn  +   978d ago
I concede it is backwards advice.

And FWIW, I have nothing against more of the same.

I guess my issue with AC is that it tries to tie them all together.
I'm completely alright with purchasing "more of the same" is inFamous, Killzone, Halo, Fable, Gears, ect.
Because each of those does a pretty decent job at dropping the predecessors story.

With exception to maybe Halo, certain series make good at "starting new" with each iteration. I think inFamous does a good job at this, as it isn't necessary to play the first in order to enjoy the second.
Prototype also had to deal with this: reinventing its' lead character.

I think Bungie has been the greatest example of wanting to do "more of the same" whilst avoiding being locked into the same game.

Ubisoft needs to pull a 'Bungie' with Assassin's Creed.

Start new! (I think the complaints of how "it plays and looks like AC" can be dealt with)
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GenericNameHere  +   978d ago
So, is this guy Haytham's father and Connor's grandfather then??

And why did we go back? Altair -> Ezio -> Haytham/Connor <-> Edward??

So in ACIII, we experienced the memories of Connor and his dad, now his grandpa? If we couldn't experience Ezio's dad's story, then why are we experiencing this guy?

I haven't finished ACIII yet, so I probably don't know yet why they are going back, instead of forward.
BattleTorn  +   978d ago
Honestly, I wish they did away with it all together.. I'll admit that after the first two, I lost a lot of interest in remembering how each main character related..

I greatly welcomed Connor as a fresh start for AC, but it was just more of the same: trying to keep the old plot lines relavent.

I wish they simply announced a free-world, sea/land pirate game... And not another continuation of a story-arc that has been beaten to death, after countless iteration of trying to keep it relavent.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   978d ago
Ubisoft has always made good trailers, just look at AC3. But as a game, it was awful, complete waste of time and money.
adonisisfree  +   978d ago
i hope this wasn't the ps4 or pc version, if so i'm utterly disappointed.
plaZeHD  +   978d ago
It looks......................... BORING!!!
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Unztayble  +   978d ago
I want it. lol!
Williamson  +   978d ago
Im going to be keeping an eye on this, but after Ac3 my expectations arent going to be high. Ac3 was boring at times and the pacing was awful, I pushed my self to finish it to see the ending disappointed me.
sourav93  +   978d ago
Looks good. But since Ubisoft hyped it a lot as it was coming to Next-gen hardware, I wasn't as impressed as I'd like to have been. Nonetheless, it's still early days, and the game will most likely be pretty good anyways.
claud3  +   978d ago
It looks like an expansion pack too AC 3
Jagsrock  +   978d ago
I'm not gonna say I'm impressed but it looks intriguing.The under water sections could be entertaining if they get the controls right, the jungle parts seemed cool and the naval battles seem pretty action packed. That said It doesn't look like a must have game, especially next to all the other games set to come out this year.

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