Saints Row IV "Nothing like Saints Row 3"

BeefJack Writes: Volition’s Steve Jaros responds to the suggestion that Saints Row IV looks more like 3.5 and explains why it isn’t

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MurDocINC1915d ago

Well they could have improved car physics, they were that great in 3 but playable.

Godmars2901915d ago

What? No 3 foot long purple dildos for which to smack people upside the head?

Say it ain't so!

Jockie1915d ago

It wouldn't be saint's row without dildos, I bet they're still in.

dangert121915d ago

Maybe it will capture my attention when games like Saint's Row 3 and the ever never changing smackdown Vs Raw/WWE(input date) it's good to see THQ went under. It's never been okay to Publish crap.

HarryB1915d ago

I thought these guys went out of business?

Jockie1915d ago

THQ did, the publishing rights for Volition (the dev) were bought by Deep Silver.

Saryk1915d ago

I don't care what engine is running the game.I'm buying it!

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