PAX EAST 2013: Leaked Super Street Fighter 4 balance update coming

Capcom announced at their PAX East panel that Super Street Fighter 4 will get a new update to balance it, Top Tier Tactics leaked recently. But what we find more interesting is that Capcom are currently asking the public to give suggestions on balancing, but apparently they’ve already finalized the update.

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SonysOldNews1851d ago

Tiger tiger tiger tiger tiger tiger tiger uppercut

rajman1851d ago

LOL this is FAKE! Some site made those up to troll people, cant believe Pixelenemey fell for it ROFL

pompombrum1851d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if they have finalized it and the community feedback is just a jerk-off PR gesture. For a game like SF, you have enough top level honest players who would give far more invaluable feedback than half the community.


an akuma player no matter what they buff or nerf. TEAM AKUMA/SAKURA FOR LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


josephayal1851d ago

I want evil Blanka, plz i need

pompombrum1851d ago

Damn update, just spent the best part of three months learning Ibuki and just watch, she's going to get nerfed to Z tier.

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