Why inFAMOUS: Second Son Shouldn't Be a PS4 Launch Game

Push Square: "Sucker Punch is supposedly planning to cough up inFAMOUS: Second Son in time for the PlayStation 4’s launch later this year. While the Bellevue-based studio failed to cite a timeline during its dramatic portion of last month’s PlayStation Meeting press conference, a couple of employee resumes uncovered over the weekend hinted at the title’s 2013 release. But with the PlayStation Vita’s post-launch struggles still ringing in Sony’s ears, should the platform holder resist the temptation to release too many first-party titles at once?"

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StrongMan1822d ago

Speak for yourself. I say it should be a PS4 launch title and it's a day one for me.

SDF Repellent1822d ago

Man, you are using "Day One" like it is going out of style.


"Another great PS3 exclusive. Day one. "

"Day One!!! "

"Day one"

"Day one"

"Wow! That's a lot of exclusives. Most of them are DAY ONES for me. "

"Day one."

IRetrouk1822d ago

I dont see whats wrong with him wanting the games days one, if he has the money, why not? Some people can save up for a system launch.

princeofthabay1822d ago

Kinda sad how you went though his post history to find all of that.Nothing better to do?

NateCole1822d ago

And i can buy all launch PS4 games on launch if i want to. What is it to you that other people will buy many games on day one?.


man you seriously stalked his profile for all that information? kind of scary....

KwietStorm1822d ago

Lol what are you keeping tabs on him? Wtf

Bathyj1822d ago

Wow, you not only looked all that up, you pasted the reply, and the the link to the reply so we can see it for ourselves, (as if we would bother.)

Stalk much?

You could have just said, man, you say day one alot.

SDF Repellent1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"man you seriously stalked his profile for all that information? kind of scary"
"Lol what are you keeping tabs on him? Wtf "
"Wow, you not only looked all that up, you pasted the reply, and the the link to the reply so we can see it for ourselves, (as if we would bother.)
Stalk much? "

Nope, I just typed in "StrongMan and Day One" in Google and it has literally 3 pages of results that I can use. Took me like 30 seconds. You gotta love Google.

EDIT @ Bathyj
"You could have just said, man, you say day one alot. "

Without proper citation, my post would loose its effectiveness; similar to speculating these Doomed MS rumors without any proof. I always have my ducks in a row before posting.

Bathyj1822d ago

Fair enough. Its a duck thing.

Hicken1822d ago

There may not be "proof," but there's evidence behind the rumors. ( Whether or not it's credible remains to be seen.

But that's neither here nor there.

The point is that it doesn't matter. You could have had your ducks in a dodecahedron; your comment would still be just as irrelevant.

saint_seya1822d ago

You are trolling in every ps3 article.. since.. day one?.
You and greenpower are the two worst ms trolls, and thats sad because theres a lot a cool 360 or multi console users that can get opinions worth to be heard.. but u two, are just trolling 24/7

Baka-akaB1822d ago

"Without proper citation, my post would loose its effectiveness"

Except it's completely inneffective and just paint you as a creep , however short and quick the research was .

I could understand b*tching when he trolls something , but complaining about enthusiasm for games is pushing it a lot

wenaldy1822d ago

Scary as f'ck.. Maybe IRL you are a pedo or such..

theBAWSE1822d ago

SDF repellent.....your one of the strangest trolls in along definitely need a girlfriend or something constructive to do

MysticStrummer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

"Without proper citation, my post would loose its effectiveness"

As a great blues man once said, you can't lose what you never had. The guy likes PS3 exclusives. Many people do. You just seem desperate to play the fanboy card, which of course only makes you look like a fanboy whether you are one or not.

MaxXAttaxX1821d ago

...Oh that's right, you hate PlayStation and any support towards it.

Sandmano1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

You have too much time on your hands... Also yes day 1

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JoGam1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Yes Day one for me along with ever over PS4 game. Broke Day two. Its cool. BTW its not like the word is not out that PS4 is coming end of year. Everyone who is interested should be saving their money now. I know I am. Going in with at least a stack. Need a PS4, second controller, and all the launch games. Also putting some money aside just in case they launch a new service. Oh I'll be renewing my Music Unlimited around that time too. SAVE SAVE SAVE PEOPLE.

IRetrouk1822d ago

Thats exactly how it has to be done, you sound like me a bit when it comes to console launches, i dont want to miss anything on launch day thats worth the money, launch night is gonna be mad in my house, the mrs will be up and wanting ago and so will my oldest son so a second controller is a must lol. Cant wait getting really excited for the new consoles

fei-hung1822d ago

Stupid article.

What's next? Killzone Shadow Falls should not be a PS4 launch title? Drive Club should not be a launch title? Halo 5 shouldn't be a launch title?

Sometimes, looking at the the headlines on some of the submitted articles, you wonder whether gaming journalists are trying to cripple the gaming industry or to help it.

Someone please create a website which reviews gaming journalism and the various articles they pull out of their backsides and I will happily dedicate some of my free time for it.

saint_seya1822d ago

Sometimes i wonder if there is any real "game journalis" left...

boldscot1822d ago

PS4 should not launch when it launches!

BlmThug1821d ago

The quality of news articles posted on N4G has been drastically reduced. Two or three years ago, this website was decent but now it's gone down the drain

GalacticEmpire1822d ago

It all depends on how many games will be available at launch. If there's loads then there's no need to rush everything out at once. People like a large cvhoice at launch though and the more games that appeal to various different people, the more initial sales the PS4 will enjoy.

Sony have so many top class 1st party dev studios that I wouldn't worry even if they did through everything at us at once, you know they will follow up with awesomeness.


dont get me wrong, i see what the articles trying to say, but i think a quality launch title will get a lot of attention no matter what company it comes from. big or small, the new infamous is going to kick ass and sell LOTS!

Bathyj1822d ago

They do need to be careful about staggering the releases a bit. While you can never have TOO many games, you dont want a drought after a flood.

I wouldnt mind inFamous coming in the 2nd or 3rd month of launch, especially if Watchdogs is a launch title. And all the more time for polish.

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