New Diablo 3 PS3 Gameplay Footage

Some new gameplay footage has arisen of Diablo 3 for the Playstation 3. The game has undergone a few changes in order to make it accessible and easily compatible with console play.

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MooseWI1672d ago

I hope these changes come to PC too..

Obamanationn1672d ago

PC and PS3 be able to join lobbys together ?

MooseWI1672d ago

In a perfect world maybe lol

BladerunnerZX1672d ago

Diablo 3 looks good on the PS3.

With offline mode too !

With Diablo 3 , The Last of Us and Beyond : two souls the PS3 has a lot of AAA games to look forward too.

GiantFriendlyCrab1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

lol, look at all the youtube dislikes on this video, so many but hurt pc fanboys

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