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Submitted by PlayerBox 978d ago | article

Pachter: Sony Won't Make Money on the PlayStation Vita

Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t believe that Sony has much of a chance of making money on the PlayStation Vita. Speaking on the latest episode of the Pach-Attack, the Wedbush Securities employee described the system as a “joke”, explaining that while it’s a capable device, very few people want to buy one at the current price point.
“The Vita’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful piece of hardware, but nobody owns one,” he said. “The reason that they don’t own one is because it’s too good. It does too much, and developers aren’t making games for it because the market is too small. You need a big install base before you get third-party developers embracing a platform, and [that’s not going to happen on the Vita] at the current price point.” (PS Vita)

psp2roundup  +   978d ago
Sure, the Vita hasn't sold as well at launch, but it has years to go. I believe, the aim was to make money on memory cards at the start, and then from the console over the longer term.

Sony seems confident it has the games support this year, so we'll see.

If it fails, hey I can still play a bunch of great games on the go...
aceitman  +   978d ago
they make money on it from day one
psp2roundup  +   978d ago
I suspect he meant truck-loads-of-cash-from-huge- sales...
MikeMyers  +   978d ago
Two things have stirred interest in Vita. One is Playstation Plus. The stuff coming out included is pretty amazing. Sony has really turned the service into a great bargain. The second thing will be the PS4. The Vita was made after the PS3 so all those issues right now with Remote Play and cross platform gaming will be greatly improved for the PS4. Gaikai could also play a role in Vita.

I've said from the beginning to give them 2 Christmas seasons before writing off the device. They've only had one so far.
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bicfitness  +   978d ago
How will Sony not make any money? They've been making money off the hardware since day one and the machine is made of off the shelf parts, which are from 2011. Miniaturization and mobile progress ensure that the cost of materials will CONTINUE to decline. So Sony's profit on every Vita will continue to increase.

Regarding games, they're launching 2-4 with each weekly update and projecting over 100 for the year - including AAA releases. Patcher has consistently proven that he is as wrong as he is right, so I wouldn't get too upset about anything the man says.
Malice-Flare  +   978d ago
to these people, if it's not iPhone-type sales or, at least, DS-like (not 3DS) sales, it is a failure and no money is made...
Snookies12  +   978d ago
Whew, this is good news. Pachter saying this means that Sony will DEFINITELY make money on the Vita! :]
rainslacker  +   977d ago
I'm kind of surprised this whole "Whatever Patcher says, the opposite is true" hasn't become an internet meme by now.:) it just me, or does Patcher seem no better than any other random person posting on a forum. He's somewhat knowledgeable about the industry, but fails to look at the bigger picture when commenting. I don't think the guy is stupid...far from it...but really everything he says I can see here, and other forums, on a daily basis...often with more accuracy.
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LordOfAdmirals  +   978d ago
patcher is hardly ever right. just put money on the opposite of whatever he says.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   978d ago
They didn't make money on the ps3. Wouldn't be suprised if they didn't make money with Vita.
You really don't live up to your name do you Jamal?

Next time choose Common_Sense_Jamal as a name instead. At least then people will get an ironic chuckle.
Porcelain_Chicken  +   978d ago
Do you not see the sign Blondie?

[Do NOT feed the trolls]

Please move along. Nothing to see here. :b
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My bad Chicken, i didn't see it i swear!! lol
HiddenMission  +   978d ago

How do you still have be trolling kid

PS3 has made money for what 3...4 years now something like that. Were not talking $200 a unit profit but last time I checked they were making $70 or so with each unit sold.

Only 3 things have held the Vita back from killing it in the mobile gaming market 1) No monster hunter...Sony dropped the ball here I'll admit that 2) Price still a bit too high for the average consumer and 3) New IP's made for the Vita that have mass audience appeal or ports of games that gamers want on the go...which they will get very soon...Japan support to save the day.

So if you are going to troll please do it right because you make yourself look like a clown when you fail on such an epic level!
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   977d ago
SONY lost 5 billion on the PS3. They've been making money since 2010 but nowhere near recouping their losses.
Heck they made 60 million during the last holiday season, the most lucrative time of the year.

They are still very far away from making an overall profit on the PS3 and I'll call it as I see it @Blondie if that's not displaying common sense then so be it.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   977d ago
@ Good_Guy_Jamal

Actually, Sony lost money in Q3 (holiday season) and only made 6 million in the gaming division during Q3.
Hicken  +   978d ago
You never quit, do you?
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   977d ago
No. Never.
admiralvic  +   978d ago
So 2013 is the year of the Vita? Good to know Pachter!
StrongMan  +   978d ago
The Vita has been making money day one. Someone need to do research.
Porcelain_Chicken  +   978d ago
Not he doesn't, somewhere in the world an idiot actually pays Patcher for his useless input on everything.... Patcher would be stupid not to keep talking, even if that meant spewing crap.
animegamingnerd  +   978d ago
i have been saying this the only person who is a bigger idiot them patcher is the idiot who pays him
rainslacker  +   977d ago
He makes money because he says inflammatory things. It's the same tactic that almost every website uses to make money.

I have to imagine his actual job he does better, and wouldn't mind seeing some of that actual analysis to see if it's more level headed.
Pro_TactX  +   977d ago
Actually guys, an analyst who is always wrong is just as valuable as an analyst who is always right, so long as you know he is always wrong.
Kirnisorey  +   978d ago
Someone explain how many games need to be released or coming up before people stop saying there are too few games. I mean I read a write up the other day that mention that is over 100 games coming out for the vita before the end of thus year.
I don't know about you guys but my vita looks like it is going to be quite the indie machine.
rainslacker  +   977d ago
The Vita had a great library of games released in it's first year. Probably better than any system ever released to date.

It had both exclusives and ports. New IP's and spin-offs of popular titles. On top of that it had a huge back catalog of available PS1 and PSP titles. On top of that the rest of this years announced titles is promising, and next year is looking good from some reports.

So to answer your question, people will probably use this argument for another 7 years...because if they can't see the games now, they probably never will.
MattyG  +   978d ago
And the Walking Dead wasn't going to win VGA GOTY. (I jest)
Soldierone  +   978d ago
Was Pachter hired by Microsoft recently? He normally says a lot of stupid things, but lately its been "everything Sony touches sucks"
josephayal  +   978d ago
Sony needs to get on the Apple plan and sell everything for a profit right off the bat, PS Vita $899.99
SonyPS4  +   978d ago
PSVita costs less to manufacture than the consumer price. The loss for Sony mostly comes from the R&D costs. R&D is an expensive procedure for developing a product like this, especially one expected to have a 10-year market lifecycle. Business is bigger than it looks.
rainslacker  +   977d ago
True, but the R&D costs are already written off. There's no getting them back, so technically they are already profiting off it.

I guess it's all semantics though.
JAM_brz  +   978d ago
"This" Patcher is ridiculous...

so I guess we know now that PS Vita will make a huge sucess this year... thanks Patcher...
SonyPS4  +   978d ago
Everything Patcher says really means the opposite.
megamanX2   978d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Neko_Mega  +   978d ago
So why is it doing well in Japan and slowly doing better WW?

It seems when people say Sony's systems aren't going to make money or sale well, they end up selling well.

As for this IPhone and junk. Thoses are just cheap games that can be finish pretty quit, where PS Vita you get what great games and if you add PS+ to the mix. Well it gets even better.
MaddGamer314  +   978d ago
I would like the Vita to be successful but the system needs more rpgs. I have Persona 4 which is awsome but we need a better selection.
Wolfenstein51  +   978d ago
The Vita will be successful because hardcore gamers want hardcore games and physical buttons. I have hundreds of iPhone games and guess what, I don't play any of them longer than 10 min before getting bored. I have been on an indie game kick lately on my PC and vita owners - let me tell you - you are in for a REAL treat. Thomas was alone and Hotline Miami are both worth getting a Vita for. With strong indie support, cross play, Playstation Plus (with its free games) how can anyone say the Vita will not be a success over time. But Sony you have to drop the price - I bought a used Vita at Cowboom for 130.00 - I would've bought a new one at 150.00 or even 175.00.
breakpad  +   978d ago
Pachter you are completely clueless and even irrelevant with the gaming industry ...just shut your mouth...(except if you are serving others roles like negative campaigning....just saying)
Ravi2012PSN  +   977d ago
do any of this guy's perdictions every come to pass? :S im semi-new to N4G, though it seems that all his articles are shat on. BTW, F this guy! VITA RULES AND IS GONNA BLOW UP! BIG! :D
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