Edge- BioShock Infinite Review

Edge:BioShock Infinite is a lavish, spectacular game. It’s an intelligent one, too, where themes such as the nature of choice, metaphysics and the effects of political isolationism jostle for your attention alongside electrifying giant robots with your genetically altered left hand and then shooting them in the face. That Infinite can handle the collision between its philosophical concerns and its dead-end thrills without seeming hopelessly crass or overly portentous testifies to its often touching script, excellent pacing and the kind of unparalleled world building that shows you all of this coexisting cohesively in a golden city in the sky. But it

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bunt-custardly1910d ago

Great score from Edge must be a good game then.

SDF Repellent1910d ago

Dude, a 9 from EDGE is like an 11 elsewhere. This, the Last of Us, and GTA5 will be fighting for GOTY honor foe sure.

Perjoss1910d ago

Personally I haven't seen anything related to Last of Us that puts it in the same class as a Bioshock or a GTA. But that's just my opinion.

I hope I'm wrong, there's always room for another great game :)

AKS1910d ago

Sometimes perhaps. Other times they have been extremely fickle and marked up or marked down games for peculiar reasons. They gave Halo ODST a 9/10 as well, which was a point higher than Metal Gear Solid 4 (8/10) and two points higher than Fallout 3 (7/10). They also gave one of my all time favorites, Gunstar Heroes from Treasure from the Sega Genesis days, a 6/10.

I don't doubt Bioshock Infinite is a great game, but I don't think that just because of a score from EDGE.