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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 1052d ago | review

GameInformer- BioShock Infinite Review

GI:In BioShock Infinite, players must be comfortable with the concept of parallel realities. What appears to be a peaceful street could be a war-torn battleground in a different version of the world. A person can be alive in one place, dead in another. Male here, female there – or never even born at all. As hero Booker DeWitt confronted these truths through the abilities of his companion, Elizabeth, I toyed with the same ideas in my own mind. If just a few things had happened differently, how would my life change? Could I be smarter? Richer? Happier? No matter how many parallel realities I ponder, I cannot imagine one in which BioShock Infinite is not among the best games I’ve played. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 10/10

wantonGamer  +   1052d ago
ArchangelMike  +   1052d ago
I'm waiting for my pre-order to arrive. I don't know if I should get the season pass though? I'm sure Irrational will deliver though.
joab777  +   1052d ago
The way i see it, dead space 3 got a 9.75 so they had no choice lol.

Also, its great if u hav to get used to parallel realities cuz i just finished ni no kuni not too long ago.
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Walker  +   1052d ago
plaZeHD  +   1052d ago
The Last Of Us?
Ezz2013  +   1052d ago
why both bioshock and the last of us can't be GOTY for both of you guys ?!
why it only have to be one ?!

both will get tons and tons of GOTY awards
Serjikal_Strike  +   1052d ago
The wait is killing me, great score
SDF Repellent  +   1052d ago
"I did not notice a drastic difference in performance between the console versions. The PS3 may have a slight edge, but it also has the comically clunky Move controls. The PC iteration certainly has a graphical advantage, but I initially had issues getting the mouse-and-keyboard controls to work properly. If you go the PC route, you may want to stick to the gamepad, which worked fine for me."

I might have to pick up the PS3 version if it is indeed better. I will patiently await Digital Foundry finding.
GiggMan  +   1052d ago
I'm going the PC route myself but I wonder why move controls is a negative? I'm sure you don't have to use them do you?
TheModernKamikaze  +   1052d ago
Yes, only If you want to.
Zynga  +   1052d ago
I wonder what he meant by slight edge on the ps3 version. Graphical or performance?
TheModernKamikaze  +   1052d ago
He was referring to performance.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1052d ago
"The PS3 may have a slight edge, but it also has the comically clunky Move controls" it with the Dualshock then? :/
StrongMan  +   1052d ago
Day one.
1nsomniac  +   1052d ago
10/10 so its perfect in absolutly every single way,.. instantly ignored the article. I'll wait for a more realistic review.
TheOneWhoIsTornApart  +   1052d ago
What the hell is wrong with you?
1nsomniac  +   1052d ago
Any review that gives a 10/10 is untrustworthy. Especially even when they comment about minor faults in the review aswell. When will people realise that the full scale is there to be used an 7-8-9/10 is still an awesome score it doesn't always have to be labelled as the perfect game because we all know that's never the case.
InTheLab  +   1052d ago
So you just dig around till you find the score you want?
ape007  +   1052d ago
what a counter attack :D
Serjikal_Strike  +   1052d ago
Waiting for that Blistered Thumbs review are we?
TheModernKamikaze  +   1052d ago
Yeah just read it first.
MizTv  +   1052d ago
I agree with you
I do not trust gameinformer at all
smashman98  +   1052d ago
In gaming a 10 isn't by definition perfect but rather it raises the standard for which all other games go by
Felonycarclub8  +   1052d ago
I can't wait to get it and play this. :-)
Those anybody know who is going to be covering GDC?
TheOneWhoIsTornApart  +   1052d ago
The only thing I know is that Hideo Kojima's portion will be livestreamed on gamespot but i'm not sure about the rest of it.
Felonycarclub8  +   1052d ago
Do you know when? I know GDC is all this week, I wish they had like a schedule like e3 I also heard that they might be showing some more ps4 games and other stuff.
InTheLab  +   1052d ago
Wow...this month was insane. And capped off with Bioshock O.o

edit: did someone just scroll through all of the comments and hit disagree?

Anyway, 2 perfect scores so far...nice.
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TheOneWhoIsTornApart  +   1052d ago
There is 12 perfect scores so far. VG247 has a list of most of the review scores.
urwifeminder  +   1052d ago
People said the other games were good too i wont fall for it again.
solar  +   1052d ago
This game will actually rip me away from Tera. I get so involved with MP games i get such a huge backlog!!
Captain Qwark 9  +   1052d ago
haha i bet im the only one buying army of two instead. loved the demo for that. this si def my next game after that though
SonyNGP  +   1052d ago
Less than 10 hours to go!
Erdrick  +   1052d ago
Played and enjoyed the first Bioshock - then got burned out on the whole "sorta fps+magic" genre with games like Mass Effect, Borderlands, Oblivion... not sure if I'll try this one.
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TechnicianTed  +   1052d ago
Those games are nothing like Bioshock.
HacSawJimThugin  +   1052d ago
Midnight tonight I have a rocket to catch.
Sizzon  +   1052d ago
Can't wait :)
andslasher123  +   1052d ago
So Let's see who will win GOTY Bioshock Infinite VS GTA V
jmc8888  +   1052d ago
Awesome so the PC version can be played with a gamepad, that was a concern of mine. Hopefully it's multi so you can use a gamepad but have access to the keyboard shortcuts as well. Or for the gamepad and mouse combo if one desires precision aim.

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