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Silellak3902d ago


I love the 360 controller, but its d-pad and 2D fighting games aren't exactly close friends.

In fact, they're more like bitter, mortal enemies.

ygxbrayzie3902d ago

Its not going to be a fighting game its going to be like a hack and slash

wow4u3902d ago

I like the D-pad. It moves nicely, has good action and a pronounced texture to feel your way around.

Guilty Gear 2 is another great game for gamers to enjoy.

The Wood3902d ago

you are right about the d pad.

another honest and non flaming comment from yourself

okcomputer3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

The 360 controller is great for fps, but the d-pad is worthless.

incogneato3902d ago

It's not going to be a fighting game. This is no big deal of a game, IMO. When they tried to make a Guilty Gear action game on the PSP it was horrible. I expect this to be the same.

I'm more excited for Guilty Gear creator's new fighting game BlazBlue which is way more serious and intense than Guilty Gear. The graphics are amazing too.

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decapitator3902d ago

Man, this has been known a while to be exclusive to 360 but great update.

mighty_douche3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

"Published: 236 days 22 hours ago"

lol.... oops!

EDIT: You approved it o_O???

mighty_douche3902d ago

Cool hope they really push it technically if it's going to be exclusive.

Oh hope i can talk my flat mate into buying it to : )

InYourMom3902d ago

I do like the Guilty Gear series and as an exclusive it's a nice bonus!

The Wood3902d ago

if it were on ps3 as an exclusive I'd say the same thing to be honest