This is what a HD remake of Super Metroid could look like

DSOGaming: "As you may already know, we here in DSOG love 2D games. There is something really amazing about those 2D old games, and we strongly believe that proper HD remakes of classic hits (like Doom or Mortal Kombat) would be mind-blowing. Seriously now, imagine a Mortal Kombat 2 remake with HD sprites and additional special effects. And today, we bring you a screenshot (and a video) showcasing what a HD version of Super Metroid could look like, that was created by DeviantArt’s member ‘Elemental79′. "

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LegendarySins2004d ago

Wow, i had no idea a remaster would take so much work. Excellent job as well.

ChickeyCantor2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

This is ONE technique. I'm sure artists at nintendo would just redraw it from scratch.

N4g_null2004d ago

Most of this you could have done in z brush then port that into an engine sort of like trine did. Zbrush would be way faster then you could just relight it. Plus with 25 gig disk now you could just make the whole thing in a few photoshop files or polygon designs. That would be a fun project actually.

Unztayble2004d ago

WOW! I love how he made the suit out of motorcycle parts. Some people can completely manhandle the crap outta Photoshop.

Nevers0ft2004d ago

And don't forget the bits of frog used for Mother Brain :D

000012004d ago

im impressed, i would buy this in a heart beat!

Agent_00_Revan2004d ago

Yes, YES, a thousand times Yes!

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The story is too old to be commented.