Xbox 720 Teaser Picture posted by an Anonymous Twitter Account – Rumour

GC: "A Twitter account which seems to have been created recently has posted a convincing image of the Next Xbox logo."

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Smurf11821d ago

The logo is kind of bad but that also makes it a bit legitimate. Hope it is revealed soon so we don't have to deal with such rumours! I hope they don't called it "Xbox".

DudeJets1821d ago

Agreed it is kinda bad looking. But it fits into the metro tiles system and there current other platform interfaces so yeah it's believable

HammadTheBeast1821d ago

Metro is SO bad! I tried a PC with windows 8 yesterday, and it was complete garbage!

SubtenkoGaming1820d ago

The logo is an "X" that is slowly turning into a "Y" as in Why do we do this.. LOL

yea yea yea...its a Monday..

FragMnTagM1820d ago


I dunno what you are on about, Windows 8 is lightning fast. It gives a nice performance boost for nearly every program you run on it including games. It starts up really fast. It is highly customizable.

Metro is kinda lame, but you don't have to use it at all. I never do.

3-4-51820d ago

Hammad your lying. I just bought a new PC the other day and it's running Windows 8. I haven't had a PC in 6 years and I'm able to find my way around it fine. It runs every game I've played in STEAM as well so not sure what you are talking about.

You literally just click on desktop and it's the same as windows 7...but better kind of. I almost didn't buy it because of all the hate..

Not sure where it's coming from but I'd be willing to bet 80-90% of people are just making stuff up now.

I'm not huge on some of the new Xbox rumors but I'd be ok with windows 8 running on it.

Just think of all the old games we could run on the xbox 720 that are old pc games ?

jmc88881820d ago

Check out the data, Win8 doesn't give you an improvement.

It just gave YOU an improvement because your old OS install was getting cluttered. Here's the thing people, when you install/uninstall and all sorts of other things happen to your OS install over time, it slows down.

So those 'performance increases' you got, are the same you'd get (if not less) then if you just did a fresh install of Win 7.

Also the Win 7 portion of it, ISN'T win 7, it's just similar. It's not the real deal. You can add stuff to make it even more similar, but it's still lacking.

On top of this if Microsoft has it's way, that Win 7 mode will be gone in Win 9, and all you'll get is Metro part two.

Metro, where if you want to do things one at a time and not open up anything else, then the extra clicks and unnecessary steps might be forgiven. If you are a person who actually saw a benefit from dual or more cores because you multitask, Metro is the worst invention ever for PC's.

Besides, when people are hooking up their PC's to HDTV's and using wireless keyboard and mouse to sit across the room they developed an OS that is more designed for small expensive touch screens you have to get right up next to. It's basically the MacOS/360 dashboard/phone version of Microsoft OS, where it takes the horrible constraints of these limited platforms and extends them to the PC where those limitations aren't supposed to be present and shackles you to it.

..and as a thank you if you don't have Win b8ckwards then you can't utilize DX11.1. But then again don't expect many publishers to use 11.1 since people are staying away from Win 8. Especially now that you can upgrade to it for $40 or so bucks.

Reverent1820d ago

As a W8 user, I agree with Hammad. Windows 8, while yes, it is really fast, it is just a complete eyesore. Not to mention, it isn't as functional as Windows 7 (I mean, using the desktop as a SECONDARY feature and no real start menu). I've actually had to download multiple third-party applications just to get the same features as W7 users get (Which I should not have to even bother with).

Come on guys, you have to admit, W8 is NOT perfect.

SilentNegotiator1820d ago

Believable, yes, but not a difficult fake; metro styles are simplistic (and ugly).

MaxXAttaxX1820d ago

Just like the new Rare logo. With the 'X' looking like a couple of pills.
Oh look, lol

ThanatosDMC1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Win8 is actually slower and eats a chunk more than Win7. If you had a fresh install of Win8 the "performance boost" you might be talking about is actually because it is a fresh install. If you kept your PC clean at less than 72 processes running on background then it's a lot faster. Never update your windows. Big difference in performance compared to crap programs MS installs on it.

Only install necessary files for gaming and the like. You know, stuff they force on us like gfwl.

i7-2630qm <-- also why it's fast most likely
GTX 560m 1.5 GDDR5
12gb DDR3
Raid 0 7200rpm

Winter47th1820d ago

This reminds of me Windows 8 which is a very.bad.thing.

darthv721820d ago

I have an acer aspire one netbook. it came with win xp and 1gb or ram. I upped the ram to 2gb and installed the $40 windows 8 special Ms was promoting. Have not had the slightest thought about changing back to xp.

It is fast to boot. Even on the netbook specs of 2gb of ram and dual core atom cpu. I just dont get the issues others have with using it. it may not be for some but i am used to the interface thanks to using the 360 all the time.

To each their own i guess.

blackbeld1820d ago


Hammad is not lying.

Of course its fast for now but after 6 - 8 months it will be very slow. And then you have virus scanners that making it worse.

Its Windows the same sizzle like xp, vista, win 7 only with a new user interface.

Let me explain you more why system administrator like me working at a internet service provider don't use windows desktop. And also European Bankings using Linux and Unix systems.

Windows has to many holes security wise and stability issues that multi nationals prefer Linux and Unix systems.

I know Apple OSX is expensive but hey its worth every penny. Ones you eat the Adams Apple you know how it felt to be naked.

Windows is utterly crap.

SHORYUKEN1820d ago


So true. My MacBookPro is still running like a charm. I purchased it in 2009 and last year upgrade it to Mountain Lion only for €14.

I love my Mac and cant go back to windows no more. No more virus scanner no more mall ware no more ransom ware no more shit.

silverbeld1820d ago

Logo looks like a crying Y.

Windows 8 stile looks terrible.

nukeitall1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I can't believe people are lying about Windows 8 performance. I have been using Windows 8 since the pre-release and it performs great. In fact, the pre-release license expire on the 29th of March.

The performance increase is significant, and it isn't just a fresh install performance gain. The darn thing is engineered to run on ARM processors.

Don't believe jmc8888, ThanatosDMC and blackbeld. They are either liars or haven't used Windows 8 any significant time!

All you have to read are the reviews about Windows 8 to see what the pro's think instead of potential fanboys on the internet.

N4g_null1820d ago

The win 8 hate is hilarious. Linux is cool also but if you aren't doing custom everything it is useless. It really comes down to developer support.

I ran win 7 when every one hated I also got it to use less than 270 megs now win 8 does that str8 out of the box. I have one touch screen one normal screen and a cintq Wacom with the screen running on it. It all works perfectly on win 8. My girl friend catches her self wanting to touch all displays now lol.

Plus it is faster. I dual boot xp, win 7 and win 8 all on seperate drives. The only irk I have with win 8 is the codec issues which are probably fixed now.

The clutter thing is true but that is not the case on my workstation. The interface looks great on a 55 inch display also. Yet I can customize it easily. You can write your own apps. Actualy ms will be talking about that this week at gdc.

Also pretty much all os have holes and I find apple the worst because their users believe they can't have viruses lol. Remember there is not a lock a burglar can not pick.

If you go high end just try it out. If you are low end you sort of need it to keep up.If the surface was their next console I would be the first in line. It would be the first console to run 3d studio max! An i5 would be a great match up against amds apu right now or at least what is in the ps4.

SubtenkoGaming1820d ago

Actually I take my comment back, its really a "y" has a green tear drop. Also if people are saying it's metro then personally it could be alright. Depends on your taste and how they implement it. It took me 1 minute to figure out how to use windows 8 and I just guessed how to do stuff.

silverbeld1820d ago


Seems like you still dont eat The Adams Apple and try to defend windows crap.

I have a 27" iMac and I watch porn website almost every day and I still don't get viruses also no ransom ware or mallware.

I guess you have to be very unlucky to get some virus on a Mac.

Tiqila1820d ago

windows 8 runs really nice and fast as hell.
I was skeptical at first and I dont really like the metro interface, but these are the facts:
- windows 8 uses less ram then windows 7 does
- windows 8 boots faster (and not as a result of a clean new install)
- windows 8 desktop is almost the same as in win7
- windows 8 metro interface is not all that useless. I for example always start programs (which i have no shortcut in my taskbar) with it, by pressing windows-key and just typing the first three or so letters of the programs name and hitting enter. I find that quite handy
- haters gonna hate

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blackyeti1821d ago

The Logo looks like it'll be recognizable by everyone within a couple years.. Glad to see them go in a new direction

rammstein911820d ago

''recognizable by casual gamers'' and kinect for family games..not a good move for core gamers

Tei7771821d ago

lol, microsofts advertising is normally quite good actually.

PeaSFor1820d ago

meh, im still expecting a bunch of actors trying to act like gamers on stage at e3, flailing their arms in front of the kinect 2 and saying "kinect, do this" "xbox, open that thingy".

Reverent1820d ago

@PeaSFor, Hey, as long as they don't bring Usher on stage again, everything will be fine ;)

southernbanana1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I suggest you give Windows 8 a try for more than a few minutes. Once you get past the differences you will realize it is the best OS Microsoft has ever made. If you do not like the Metro you can work exclusively from the desktop after clicking the desktop tile. Also for those who do not like change there are free apps available to bring back the old start button. Windows 8 is nothing more than Windows 7 with performance improvements and a new interface added which takes the place of the old start button. I have installed Windows 8 for 20+ people and only one of them said they preferred a previous version. People said the same things they are saying now about Windows 8 as they did when Windows XP was released. People don't like change and that is unfortunate.

CyberCam1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I disagree that Win8 is the best OS MS has ever made... Win7 is!

Working exclusively from the desktop is not entirely true... have you tried using Skype from the desktop? It can't be done! Or try apps that are specifically made for the Modern UI interface... again, it just can't be done.

The major reason Win8 is faster than Win7 is that removed the cpu/gpu intensive Areo, along with other tweaks.

I'm probably around the 200+ mark, when configuring personal users desktops/laptops since the release of Win8. I can tell you that on my side, there are only 10-15 of my users that actually like Win8, many of the laptop users have actually taken back their laptops and requested one with Win7. Or have demanded a free retail version of Win7.

Because of MS's big change in Win8, many of the personal users that would have never considered Ubuntu Linux, are open to the idea now. MS are shooting themselves in the foot, but that's ok by me, I've never liked them anyhow (although I do use Win7 for work & gaming).

southernbanana1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

What version of Skype do you have?? I have the newest version and it works perfectly on the desktop for me. Do you not understand how to use the option that allows apps to fit on the desktop while you are running things such as Photoshop??? I also work for AME group and the local university and I can promise you are wrong on pretty much everything you said. By the way, if you are so knowledgeable regarding Windows 8 and configurations how can you possibly say you like Windows 7 better?? Not used to interface changes?? Even on Microsoft's own website they admit Windows 8 is Windows 7 with improvements.......... People switching to Linux because of interface changes? Don't make me laugh.

rainslacker1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Windows 8 isn't bad. But it should allow apps to run in a tile on the desktop. Other than that my only gripe is that they removed gadgets so I don't have a clock in the top right corner anymore, and no start menu...only tried one 3rd party one I didn't care for.

It is faster though, but windows 7 seemed much more streamlined in usability, particularly from a productivity standpoint.

The only time I really use metro is to pull it up and type in the name of the program I want to start. Other than that I keep things I use most on the desktop.

I did install it on my 5 year old notebook though and the difference in speed on that is huge compared to Vista which it came installed with. Probably brought another 2-3 years of use out of it, so worth the free version I got of it off Dreamspark.:)

CyberCam1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I downloaded the latest version of Skype for a customer, just last week. Going to the website forces you back to the Modern UI's MS store to download it. Then when you execute it, it goes into this full screen Modern UI... compared to my Win7 compact version, it's really horrible.

I didn't say Win8 wasn't faster than Win7, anyone with eyes can see that... speed aside, the Modern UI is decent for tablets, but horrible for the desktop, especially if you're a heavy multitasker. Why do you think MS are making Blue updates!

Ease of use & familiarity for the non-technical customer is why I said Win7 was better than Win8.

I only use Win8 in a virtualbox for support reasons only. It's just not for me and all of my business customers agree! They're all sticking with Win7/Ubuntu/Mac for time being, until Win9 is released.

You can laugh all you want, I'm just telling you the facts! People are opening up to the idea of Linux (as long as there important Win apps can run on it) as well as many are considering going to Macs too!

BTW.. You can disagree all you want, but I, unlike you, give customers what they want (with a little guidance) whether it be Windows, Linux or Mac, I support them all. You seem to be one of those MS fanatics that, would rather see people's freedom of choice taken away!

southernbanana1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I mentioned nothing regarding speed. Although what you say is correct on that point. Also, the only business customers I have ever known to use Linux are really small and poor, or use it exclusively for servers. I like Linux, I also think it is great for servers, but to suggest people choose it over Windows 8 because of an interface change is laughable. Only tech nerds like myself use it for a desktop along with Windows. I agree some customers are confused at first, but Windows 8 is so easy to use all of them have had no problem after getting familiar with it. On using the desktop exclusively ,do you not understand how to open apps so they take up 1/3 of your desktop and vise versa??I open Skype and in one click it is on my desktop. How hard is that?? Also, funny but I have yet to give a customer anything but what they want. You must be offended for the personal attack toward me. Anyway, your opinion is your opinion. Lets leave it at that.

CyberCam1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I agree, lets agree to disagree and leave it at that!

For the record, what personal attack?

That fact that because others don't like jumping through the hoops in MS's new UI... (I will looking into running Skype on the desktop). Your condensing words made it seem that others that like more simplicity are idiots! That's why I responded with the MS fanatic remark... it's like MS can do no wrong in your eyes because it's your living and you have invested time into it!

And just for the record, the reason why people would consider switching to Linux or Macs is that'll have to re-learn the new Windows OS anyway, it's almost the same a switching to a new OS (those words came straight from the mouth of a customer).

Finally, I laugh at the notion of "only poor companies use linux on the desktop"... tell that to Google, NASA or the many governments around the globe.

P.S. I respect you for speaking your mind at the very least. Instead of being one these phantom disagreer's that always populate these comments!

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TheKayle1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

no they will call it ...console ....and playstation will change the name in hardware for gaming.............

all the comments below r trolls

ppl that dont like w8 ..have no idea where the consumer it is moving....take a look at ios and osx ....metro is just the answer

AnyaShroud1820d ago

anyone can make a logo, why is this one anymore "legitimate"?

_-EDMIX-_1820d ago

this is kind of scary if true because there was a rumor about Microsoft branding the next Xbox Just "Xbox". if its true that means that source along with the rest of the words are correct about Microsoft going more Kinect focused like they did the ending of this generation.

this isn't good news for pro 360 core gamers if true.
this starts to become even more depressing based on a lot of the sources confirmed the PlayStation 4 specs and features. at this point if the same people telling you the ps4 specs are true it's very likely the 720 rumors are really true as well.

look at it this way how many systems have ever launched under 100 percent secrecy? these rumors are bound to be true and the sad part about it is every single Last rumor has a lot of negative things talking about it. if even half the rumors are true it's very likely I won't pick up a 720.

AngelicIceDiamond1820d ago

So after a month this is what we get....

I hate teases, MS its time, and the time is now...

Valenka1820d ago

I highly doubt it's going to be called just Xbox since that was already used. Plus, of course the logo isn't going to look its best. It hasn't been finalized.

Muffins12231820d ago

xxxbox....comes with the porn hub application

andrewsqual1820d ago

Well this is going to fail miserably in Japan all over again. The symbol of X is not a good thing in Japanese.

vorjay1820d ago

neither is the number 4.

iWishTifaWasReal1820d ago

They should call it, Xbox Recycle.

Xbox gone green

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1820d ago

"a new way to play" sound like real. MS usually have lame lines.

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blackyeti1821d ago


ZigZagLagger1820d ago

War is already over; PC won.

Reverent1820d ago

Aw... You really had to say it. *facepalm* -_-

r211821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I'll leave this here:

Y_51501821d ago

I read that in Ron Paul's voice, funny stuff.

Y_51501821d ago

Seeing how the new Windows logo sucks I can see them making more poor logo designs choices.

torchic1821d ago

it doesn't suck it's just veeeeery boring.

pompombrum1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I hope this is fake.. "introducing a new way to play" sounds like a very gimmicky slogan for core gamers and reminds me very much of kinect.

Bigpappy1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Kinect will be a huge focus. But the controller and core games will still be a major focus for M$. But yeah, M$ will be showing a lot of innovations and updates to Kinect. Why would M$ give up on a potential gold mine. They already millions of Kinects out there. Many people want to see where M$ can take this. I for one like my core games as much as the other gamers, but I am just as excited to see where M$ can take this tech.

I really don't care if the Logo is fake or real though. I can't remember a LOGO ever being a deciding factor in my purchase decision for any device (gaming or otherwise).

_-EDMIX-_1820d ago

this would be a huge deciding factor for me because it's just another rumor corroborating Microsoft is going Kinect focused next gen.

I mean that's if you like Kinect. all these rumors surrounding Microsoft abandoning the core audience in going towards a casual kid friendly audience seem to be being corroborated around every single rumor, at this point we might as well throw in a hat and say it's true. I mean of all the PlayStation 4 rumors more than half of the major ones being posted turned out to be true.

I'm sorry but I don't read any rumors about Microsoft system being stronger or equal to the PlayStation 4 or about Microsoft purchasing dozens of hardcore Studios to make core games.

there's a great reason why gamers should be alarmed.

Hufandpuf1820d ago

It is fake. look at the angle of the logo and the sentence under it. They aren't on the same perspective.

BitbyDeath1820d ago

Maybe it's referring to that illiuroom thing?