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‘Gears of War: Judgment’ sells much less than its predecessor in PAL region

Epic Games and People Can Fly's prequel to the Xbox 360's third-person shooter of choice, Gears of War: Judgment, couldn't manage to sell even half of what the previous game accomplished. (Gears of War Judgment, Xbox 360)

Cocozero  +   976d ago
Not surprising at all, there is next to no hype for the game whatsoever I dont even think MS has an ad campaign for it.

But it did still get to No. 1
StrongMan  +   976d ago
Not surprising indeed. MS did have a huge campaign for it. I saw commercials for it everyday with the guy and his dog named Boss. http://www.youtube.com/watc... Hardly anyone was interested in the game. The series probably needs a break. We saw this coming with extremely low pre orders.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   976d ago
I saw on the news (CP24 News) yesterday that Gears Judgement has sold 2 million copies in the US alone so far. If you notice, the headline says "PAL" regions.

However it still came in #1 on the charts if you actually read the article and says that it sold about a quarter of what it's predecessors sold in their first week.

In Europe alone Gears 3 sold 700,000 units. 1/4 of that is 175,000. I would like to know how the writer of the article knows the sales of the other PAL regions like Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Maybe we should wait to see some actual sales figures before a certain legion of fanboys start saying hardly anyone was interested in the game when they don't even have any evidence at all as to how well it's selling.
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SDF Repellent  +   976d ago
LOL @ Strongman,

Dude, just give it up already, it hits #1 on the chart in which God of War failed to do in its first week. So if Gears is in trouble, then what about God of War? Gears of war 3 sold 332k in its 1st week in the UK, so that means Judgement sold about 83k... which is nearly 3x as much as God of war ascension sold in the UK in its 1st week (29k)

Another thing is this is a side story and not a real Gears installment, kind of like Halo ODST, so the lower sales was to be expected, but of course that never crosses your mind during another episode of your regular MS trolling. smh
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Kurt Russell  +   976d ago
I've not seen any advertising in the UK for it, apart from a poster in the corner of HMV.

Tbh, they messed with things that put gears heads like me off of it, and didn't entice a more casual audience. I'll get it eventually, but the demo of the new mode was slow paced and limiting... hardly something to make me rush out and buy it over Bioshock.
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chaos-lockheart  +   976d ago
@SDF Repellent

Sales means nothing. Why? example, some games I thought was so good that I bought the game just to find out how shitty it is. 10000 people might buy it doesn't mean half of them will like it, so still makes a game sucks dick. But I'm sure GOWJ is really good by the previous games.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   975d ago
While the game didn't sell nearly as great as Gears 3 it took over Tomb raider for the no. 1 spot in the UK. https://www.google.com/url?...
Facts clearly don't mean anything to you so... a what the hell, this for anybody else that's interested.

@Killzoner If nobody cares about Gears than what's that say about GoW then smart guy? There both AAA franchises but prequels turn allot people off, obviously.
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Killzoner99  +   976d ago
Oh well, another Microsoft franchise meets it's end. Not like this one will be missed.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   976d ago
Sold more than Ascension. Is God of War also on its way out? I counted 3 Xbox 360 exclusives on the top 40 chart and only 1 ps3. 20 games in the top 40 for for xbox 360, that's half! Tell me again N4G how xbox has no games.
Tontus  +   976d ago
@Good_Guy_Jamal It sold more than God of War: Ascension in the UK, ONE LITTLE COUNTRY. God of War: Ascension will 100% outsell Gears of War: Judgment world-wide lifetime.

Gears: J will have awful legs (the series has always had poor legs) once fans realise how mediocre it is, thus word of mouth will be piss poor and the game will sell no more than 3-3.5m lifetime. Gears of War games are always front-loaded and if Gears:J is already doing poorly then its legs are going to be horrible.

God of War: Ascension is a GREAT game and will open to huge numbers and have great legs reaching 4-4.5m lifetime. If Gears:J sells a little more in its opening week it will be just an insignificant lead, God of War: Ascension has more fans and the game is actually great so it will have better word of mouth and will come out on top.

Just wait for NPD data for the month of March and God of War: Ascension will do much better, even if you took away a weeks worth of sales due to the head-start God of War: Ascension will still outsell Gears of War: Judgment in the USA.

Gears of War will be dead and forgotten long before God of War. In fact, God of War is just getting started, a quote from the easter egg in God of War: Ascension, "When the Earth stops, the journey begins...".
ILive  +   976d ago

You are really irritating. Do you have some sort of vendetta against ascension, god of war in general.
Skips  +   976d ago
LOL! @ Good_Guy_Jamal

I like how this article uses the UK chart and tries to pass it off as the PAL region chart!

This is the source that the article leads you too. lol!

Anyways, what Tontus said...

"Gears: J will have awful legs (the series has always had poor legs) once fans realize how mediocre it is, thus word of mouth will be piss poor"

Just look how people have reacted to this game!!! You honestly think Judgement is going to KEEP ON SELLING with how mediocre fans think the game is already?

Amazon Buyers: 2.8 / 5

GameStop Buyers: 6.1 / 10

Meta Users: 5.6/ 10

And before anybody says "Bu bu buuuut!!! Those are just TROLLS!!!!!"

People rated Gears 3 a 4.5 / 5 on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Gears... and a 9.1 / 10 on GameStop http://www.gamestop.com/xbo...

Gears 3 = Solid sales AFTER launch as well. (Because it was actually a good game)
Gears J = uuhmmm, not so much.

It'll be Final Fantasy XIII all over again. Sales will just COMPLETELY take a nose dive by like, next week. lol
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Ezz2013  +   976d ago

you said this :
** I counted 3 Xbox 360 "exclusives" on the top 40 chart**

1. after you said that...i looked at the UK charts
i saw one xbox exclusive and two multiplat games
(TR and TWD)are you finaly gone mad and now count multiplat games as exclusives ?!

2.gears of war J sold a quarter of Gears 3 in it first week
while GOW ascension have the 2nd biggest 1 week in GOW games
now look at the other numbers from Netherlands
Ireland,Denmark,Germany,Franc e etc
look here
where is gears outside of UK ?!

i will be here
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spicelicka  +   976d ago
Lol tontus and Jamal are like two testicle fanboys on the opposite sides of the sack
whoyouwit04  +   975d ago
bthe fact that 19 people agreed with you shows this site is full of uninformed Sony fan boys how is this the end of the franchise when it out sold that crappy ass god of war game. It probably will out sell it in the end as well with the little advertisement that has been put behind it. and I guarantee it will out sell god of war first week sells.
otherZinc  +   976d ago
@SDF Repellent,

That could be the Post of the Year!

Also, Judgment is fantastic! I've only played the single player on Hardcore Mode, now I'm playing Aftermath. I cant wait to play Insane Mode! I'll play co-op with others after I finish Aftermath.

The game is loaded with options, features, & modes to make Judgment last months.

Marvelous game, period!
omi25p  +   976d ago
It also has alot to do with the fact the game is AWFUL.

Its killed everything that was good in Gears.

They somehow managed to make Cole Train Boring.
CaptainSheep  +   976d ago
I guess prequels just don't do well.
Unfortunately, GoW: Ascension also sold less than GoW3. The game's AMAZING, though.
tigertron  +   976d ago
I've only seen online adverts, I haven't seen anything else about this game, which is surprising as Microsoft usually markets the crap out of its games.

Anyway, the article is a bit stupid. It's acting as if Judgment has been out for ages. It's not even been out for a week in Europe and they're acting like it's a total flop.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   976d ago
seems like most games are selling less than their predecessor.
boing1  +   976d ago
Haven't seen any ads either.
Just shows that MS has given up on their core audience. I really hope that won't be the case with 720.
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BabyTownFrolics  +   976d ago
So judgement sold more than ascension yet this is a sign that MS has given up on their core audience? What does that say about Sony then? Oh I forgot where I am. Good thing I have no more bubbles to lose.
juandren  +   976d ago
Difference - this is Microsoft's only core release for the year
boing1  +   976d ago
What? And how much money did you get from those sales? Do you know that MS invested in tv production company to create interactive shows for 720? Enjoy your games. They are better with Kinect.
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JasonKCK  +   976d ago
Jakens  +   976d ago
The game will have about $70 of DLC. Ugh.
ALLWRONG  +   976d ago
It was still number 1 lol other high profile games didn't sell as much. Where is the article for those?

@below "the PAL region (which covers most of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Europe)"


It's right in the same news you just commented on. Helps if you click the news link. Here! a shorcut http://stickskills.com/2013... or you could just go to the top of this page.
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Heavenly King  +   976d ago
Gears normally sells millions 1st week.
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Heavenly King  +   976d ago
the charts from chart-track are only from the UK, and not the entire PAL region. http://www.chart-track.co.u...
SDF Repellent  +   976d ago
Heavenly King, so what does it matter of how many unit it is selling throughout the world, if you arn't interested in the game in the first place. It is bad enough that you are trolling this thread but you seriously created an acoount on stickskills and troll there too just to make your point?

"The chart you are using is only from UK and not the entire PAL region."

What is wrong with you?
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Tontus  +   976d ago
He's not lying though, that site thinks those sales are from Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Europe when really it is just the UK.

What is wrong with you?
medman  +   976d ago
As someone who bought the original 360 primarily to play the first Gears of War and Mass Effect and has bought Gears 1, 2, and 3, I didn't even look at this game. Never even considered purchasing it. I'm just a bit tired of Gears. The sad part is I hear the game is really good. I just can't get excited about more Gears at this point.
iistuii  +   976d ago
Your missing out. If you really enjoyed the other Gears, this is a treat. It's still dark & bloodthirsty & it's managed to stay fresh with the new ideas they have added.
NewZealander  +   976d ago
and it is good, well the game play at least, but it feels like its trying to be bulletstorm, gears has lost the dark adult, almost horror vibe of the original, sadly its been transformed into a cartoonish immature bromance game.

this is meant to be set just after E-day, how they failed to make this interesting is beyond me, the E-day trailer for the first gears showed how dramatic the whole event would have been, judgment fails to capture any of that emotion, i just didn't care about the story so playing was just to go from checkpoint to checkpoint.
deadfrag  +   976d ago
Gears shows were the next xbox will go.The new features that the new xbox is bringing 90% is for US market only,GEARS OF WAR: JUDGMENT is just the begining of the death for the xbox brand in EU markets,only a stupid people or a nonsense fanboy will buy a new machine where 90% of the so call new features are just bound for the native market of the brand US.
a_adji  +   976d ago
When I logged on there was next to no one playing it. After playing I can see why.

Wish I saved the money on the game and my xbox live
matrixman92  +   976d ago
yeah, there were only about 20,000 people in tdm last night
...you probably dont even own an xbox
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iistuii  +   976d ago
Sorry it won't work on your WiiU, try logging on an Xbox, you'll find a match no problem.
JasonKCK  +   976d ago
Gears is 1st while God of War is 5th but the topic is about Gears failing? The games on the list are far from failures but why single out Gears but ignore the rest? I would understand if Gears came in 10th but its 1st.
Tontus  +   976d ago
This is God of War: Ascensions second week, it went from 2nd to 5th. Gears of War is normally huge in the UK, God fo War III was the only game in the series that was huge in the UK.

Gears of War: Judgment is doing terribly in the UK compared to past Gears games. God of War: Ascension was the 2nd biggest launch in the UK in the series' history.

And of-course Gears of War: Judgment came first this week, Tomb Raider came out over 2 weeks ago and GoW:A over 1 week, your comparing opening Gears:J sales with 2nd/3rd weak sales from its competitors.
JasonKCK  +   976d ago
Did u read it? If u did you would know that the report says the PAL region. That includes EU not just the UK. I know some of u just read the title and assume the rest but come on! READ IT!!!!!! Jeez so much damn denial.
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Nodoze  +   976d ago
because it sucks and has run it's course. It is going to be REALLY interesting to see what Microsoft brings next gen. All of their shiny toys have lost their luster. Halo is played out, Gears is done, Forza had 4 installments last gen, Fable is no more...

Um what are they going to bring? Timed exclusivity for Call of Duty? No thanks MS. More Rare shovelware? No thanks MS.
isa_scout  +   976d ago
Dude stop being a troll. If it weren't for sequles on both platforms(ps3 and xbox 360) we would only get maybe two or three good games a year. Gears Judgement was pretty awesome in my opinion.
Dlacy13g  +   976d ago
Prequels imo just aren't a good idea imo. Both Gears and God of War are going to suffer from it sales wise. Both are solid games but its just not terribly fun to play a story you already know the outcome for.
Hydralysk  +   976d ago
Not surprised about either GoW's supposed performance.

Ever since I saw them they've looked like they could be summed up with the saying "From they guys who brought you that last stuff, it's more of the same!".
isa_scout  +   976d ago
I actually feel that this is the best gears since part 1. The multiplayer is a little strange at first and the scorcher is WAYYY over powered on Gondola, but overall I'm loving it. Overrun and Survival are a blast, the only thing missing is a proper Horde mode. Side note: Loved the campaign with the declassified missions being pretty tough on harder difficulties, loved the challenge.
Triggytrolls  +   976d ago
I didn't even it had been released ha. The first Gears was my favorite. Not overly interested in playing another tbh.
imsocool1234  +   976d ago
SDF Repellent: What does God of War: Ascenesion, have to do with Gears of War?
ThatsGaming  +   975d ago
How many games this generation sold 1.5 - 2.5 million in the first week when released in mid-March? Answer = None..
The closest was God of War III and Mass Effect 3... Both in the 1.3 million range... To expect holiday season sales in March is unrealistic. The benchmark is God of War Ascension. If Gears is in that ballpark it did fine.

Obviously this writer was bored and had nothing else to write about except for grasping at straws to slag Gears sales. Although the writer is factually correct, this was not an apples to apples comparison.
Max-Zorin  +   975d ago
Rotfl at how the topic turned into a sales debate between God of War and Gears: Judgment. Y'all worse than Youtube gamer fanboys.
whoyouwit04  +   975d ago
Bottom line is this this game has had no hype or true advertising yet every one has had nothing but good thing to say about it and I'm sure the world wide 1st week sells will be good as well. but you sony fan boys need to stop, No one expected this game to break sales records when hardly any one even knew it was coming out. Just except the fact that the god of war series is truly getting old and it will soon die out well before gears, The proof is in the pudding watch the sells and reviews for both gears already has been doing better in the reviews. now when gears beats gow life time sales what will you Sony fan boys excuses be, now keep in mind that there has been no where near the advertising for gears as there has been for GOW. you know i bet the Ps4 is going to bomb as well you sony fans are just to dam cocky but remember your cockiness at the beginning of this gen the ps3 was just going to kill all there competition but what happen they are dead last place. Thats just like you people thought the vita was going to kill the 3ds LOL.
headblackman  +   975d ago
its done by people can fly. that was the worst decision ever. they should be demoted to indie games. but I guess this is there way of freeing up some space to work on next gen titles.
Mkai28  +   975d ago
Oh how did this turn out to be a bash article if it made number one on the list? Yes it did worst then its predecessors, regardless it's NUMBER 1 on the charts.Again as many have said, this is only the UK sales. This is a bash article to get lame hits and to get fanbums riled up. If I wanted to get nasty I could say that Microsoft has 20 games on the UK charts, while Sony's PS3 has half that.. But who really cares, oh you guys do:( A 360 article at that, yet more Sony people in hear then gamers. They should change the name to N4G " News For Gays". Most of the time its never "news" its always false or half truths.

I have yet to get this game, I have chosen to get God of war: A but hearing my friends talking about how good gears is I may have to pick it up.
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