GDC 2013 Preview: Where is the Future of Gaming?

2P writes: What is the difference between GDC and a supermarket? Well, the answer is too obviously. Supermarket sells daily necessaries, such as chicken, comb, glass, paper cup and so forth. However, GDC is a conference about a bunch of guy discussing the development of the game on stage and at the same time also a large amount of listeners sitting there to think about other things but game development. Nevertheless, GDC, in essence, is quite similar with a supermarket, because it sells ideas for future game development. What are the most important commodities in the information society – idea, creative and brilliant ideas?

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sherimae24131854d ago

where? well the PS4 is the Future ^_^

kikoano1854d ago

NO NO NO ps4 its junk all colsoles ARE JUNK!

Axe991854d ago

Sarcasm or insanity here?

Gamer-401854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Wait and see Kojima game and new Unreal Engine 4 demo.