The Console Version Of Diablo III Could Very Well Be The Best One

There are two reasons the console port of Diablo III, announced by Blizzard last month and shown off at PAX East this weekend, could be the definitive version of the game.

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ArchangelMike1916d ago

I'm actually looking forward to playing D3 on my ps3. Especially as it has local co-op.

Oschino19071916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Same here. So far the only way for me to get my "Diablo" fix is Dungeon Hunter Alliance, not a bad game, has a strong ever growing community but just lacks the depth and polish of a Diablo game.

My friend got D3 for his PC but he couldn't play it on his old computer so he gave it to my cousin who has a nice gaming PC and plays it there. I would hope for online co-op as many of my online friends have been dying to play this on PS3 since before it launched and they first said it was possible.

Either way I will already have friends fighting over controllers but hopefully its a Digital Download and I can put it on both my PS3s. 1 game, 1 room, 2 PS3s, 2 tvs and 8 people playing! Can't wait!

Also have my eye on Warriors Lair which is cross play with PS3 and Vita. If it ever decides to be released that is, seems to be taking longer then D3 did...
Prob will end up getting D3 on PS4 as well as a nice co-op launch title. Maybe they will have a cross buy of some sorts or discount for those who want it on both systems.

Reverent1916d ago

If you want a good Diablo fix, you can't go wrong with Torchlight 2.

Tiqila1916d ago

I cant express my disappointment with torchlight 2.

Me and two friends of mine bought it on steam for a decent price. We had played enought D3 and wanted something new and fun and had read many good reviews.

After two hours we got so bored that we stopped playing and never played it again since. Diablo 3 is so much more fun, much more polished and has characters and a story you actually care for. Torchlight has nothing to compete with d3.

Godmars2901916d ago

More like the version that should have been offered in the first place.

That is slways online not required and item drops not meant to create micro transactions/the auction house.

Mariusmssj1916d ago

Blizzard screwed PC gamers. I remember the Error37 :( and all the other stuff they promised but failed to deliver.

But I am happy about PS3 gamers, Glad they'll get to enjoy the Diablio series :)

HarryMasonHerpderp1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

While I'm happy that the console versions will not have DRM and that awful auction house, it's still a kick in the nuts for PC gamers.
I feel bad for the guys that bought the game the legit way and had to deal with all of that crap, only for it to be released on a different system without the headaches.
It's just a big middle finger to PC gamers and the guys that supported the game day one.

landog1916d ago

best meaning jaggies, bad performance and sub-hd

i don't follow

playing diablo in 2560x1600 at 60 frames is a thing of beauty....ps3 won't even do native 720p, and ps4....1080p maybe???

the pc version owns

Jdoki1916d ago

Diablo 3 is not exactly a taxing game when it comes to graphics - the PS3 will cope just fine.

I ditched the PC version due to the game being a POS compared to D2, but I'd give the PS3 version a rental as they are dropping the auction house / real money transactions, and to see how they port the control system away from the excellent mouse/keyboard.

xPhearR3dx1916d ago

Neither was Skyrim and look how it ran on the PS3. There's a lot more to account for than just pretty textures when it comes to performance. There's many games on PS3/360 that don't look that great yet still run at 30FPS and 720p if they're lucky. It's all about optimization. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Blizzard hasn't developed a single thing for the PS3, so for all we know it could be plagued with performances issues.

Tultras1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Because there is more to games than the graphics themselves.

I love my PC and regularly play on it, but console gaming has given me a more enjoyable time, and not just for the graphics.

And that is keeping in mind that i play on HD on my monitor and SD on my T.V.


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Kennytaur1916d ago

Graphics isn't everything, and PS4 will match the maxed PC version visually, not in resolution though. It seems like you're desperately defending the soon to be inferior version that can't do local co-op and is filled with DRM and real-money BS.

HarryMasonHerpderp1916d ago

Let's not forget it will also be released on the PS4, I think it would be more fair to compare the PC version to that than hardware that's 8 years old.
Either way the PS3 version will probably be better just because there is no DRM and auction house, it might not be as shiny but who cares?

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Thirty3Three1916d ago

Of course it is! It's going to be on the PS4! Which means you can play it on the Vita too!

teo721916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

He was claiming that the gameplay feels better on ps3 due to ps3-controller. He didn't say ps3 had better graphics than pc, that would be silly. Ps3 is now 7 years old... Give it a break console-haters! Let us have this one...

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