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Fez creator clarifies 3DS/DS comments; some Nintendo design aspects are “inelegant”

NE: "Fez creator Phil Fish seemed to throw a whole lot of negativity towards Nintendo on Twitter yesterday. Fish wrote that the company’s adoption of a dual screen design is a “gimmick”, as is the implementation of 3D. His tweets were highlighted by his desire to see Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the PlayStation Vita since it supports two joysticks." (3DS, Nintendo DS)

Bumpmapping  +   735d ago
Just his opinion if you like DS/3DS it shouldn't affect you.
PopRocks359  +   735d ago
No offense to him, but he really does not know how to market himself or his games.
xPhearR3dx  +   735d ago
This is no different that Cliffy B saying something on his Twitter, then these so called "journalist" make it out to be something it's not. He was speaking his mind on Twitter about one aspect and some idiot turned it into something it wasn't, making readers (mostly Nintendo fans) against him. Not saying I'm defending the guy. In fact, based off that Indie Game Movie, he's a bit of a psychotic ass. None the less, this whole thing was a result of poor "journalism".
zerocrossing  +   734d ago
To be fair it's not the first time his "opinion" has caused controversy.

Also I feel most everyone in the media knows that if you make such comments on a social networking website then you're pretty much asking for trouble...
Th4Freak  +   734d ago
Can you explain to me what does marketing and his games has to do with his comments about the DS/3DS?
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PopRocks359  +   734d ago
What I'm getting at is he doesn't really know how to make himself seem appealing as a developer or how to make his games reach an audience. Considering the success of Mutant Mudds, VVVVV and other such retro style games on the 3DS and Steam, you'd have thought he would have been smarter with both his comments and outspoken nature in interviews.

EDIT: Two phantom disagrees already? Really guys?
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Th4Freak  +   734d ago
You still didn't answer my question, the article isn't about Fez or marketing is about the guy giving his opinion about the DS/3DS, you're obviosly getting off- topic and trash talking.

Besides you can't call him stupid for not porting Fez to X platform, remember that he's a Indie developer so he has the freedom to do what he wants with -->HIS<-- game, if you think that he would make more money in other platforms that's you opinion he has his reasons to not port it and I know you know what his reasons are ( http://n4g.com/news/1212615... ).

I really bother people like you that only bitch at devs and publishers because they dont take games to X platform, I'd love to see The Last of Us, Gears of War: Judgment and ZombiU on PC but I don't go out there and bitch at them just because I can't play these games on it. You're no one to tell him or any dev what platform they have to take their games, devs are free to do with their games w/e they want (unless they're owned by a publisher ofc).
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TongkatAli  +   734d ago
It's always the ones that have bought Nintendo products who give it criticism then get attacked for voicing their opinions, Nintendo fanboys need to buzz off and stop being OVERLY SENSITIVE to critics.

Careful what you say to me, might make a Kickstarter and get rich off of you.
PopRocks359  +   734d ago
You're being a hypocrite. If he said anything similar about the Vita, your tone would have been completely different.

Beside, I didn't criticize him at all. I said he does not know how to market himself. Big difference there buddy.

EDIT: I assume you have a Vita, right? I made a few comments and a blog about why I am choosing not to buy one at the present time and you, to this day, are still upset about that (for whatever reason). So evidently your knee-jerk reaction to any criticism of the Vita is to refer to the speaker as a "fanboy" and tell them how dumb they are for not buying the Vita.

That's the kettle calling it black.
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TongkatAli  +   734d ago
You dont have a Vita, was calling it bascially a "port machine" cause you know Gravity Rush doesn't exist /S and then you bought a Wii U bragged about the ports you purchased, look in the mirror and I'm not your buddy guy.

You was criticizing a product that you don't even OWN and Phil OWNS a 3DS, big difference.

Edit: The hostility between us isn't because you don't have a Vita, it's because i called you out on being a Nintendo fanboy then you went crazy. Yeah, the nerve of me to call you something that you're when you make blogs twice a week defending Nintendo. Where were your blog skills when the Vita was getting shited on left and right, exaclty.
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TongkatAli  +   734d ago
*which* you're, my bat, had to correct that cause you love calling people "idiot", but i'm the devil for calling you a "fanboy".

Anita, Phil and i wonder who is next to get the wrath. Yeah, his replies are immature but they're for a reason, look at the people he is dealing with.

I go on a youtube video to see a game i want then i see comments from the Nintendo side, "Pony f**" and "hahaha 3DS rapes Vita", ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Now those are REAL COMMENTS to be pissed off about.
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Enigma_2099  +   734d ago
Taking what you said to heart, when someone bashes your favorite console, sit there and keep quiet.

Normally you have to be a respectable person before people should give a d*** about your opinion. Fish has already pissed people off in the past by shooting off at the mouth.
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PopRocks359  +   734d ago
"was calling it bascially a 'port machine'"

Nope. I said it did not have enough games like Gravity Rush. I've even specified I think Tearaway looks awesome multiple times. I'm not spending $300+ on a handheld that will play my PS3 copy of Sly 4, though it's not a bad side feature.

"You was criticizing a product that you don't even OWN and Phil OWNS a 3DS, big difference."

Many people here don't own a Wii U and criticize it. I don't see you calling them out.

"then you went crazy."

Not really. I just responded to your lame arguments and you became the next equivalent of butthurt.
Th4Freak  +   734d ago
Gotta love fanboys...
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hard joe  +   734d ago
2nd stick add on is abomination
Bobertt  +   734d ago
3DS is awesome but Nintendo is being stupid with the colors. Why don't they just release all the colors worldwide, they have like 5 special edition 3DS XL in Japan and only one that came out yesterday in North America. They also have more standard colors in Japan. Even Europe has more colors than USA what reason can they possibly have for not bringing it here. If someone knows tell me.
moegooner88  +   734d ago
Nintendo hardware designs are awful, my 3dsXL scratched it self, at the points where the screen meets the pad, and buttons when closed, even though I always keep it in Nintendo certified case. When I searched online to see if anyone else encountered the same problem, I found out that even the original 3ds also suffered from same issue, and Nintendo didn't even bother to fix it during the re-model, despite plenty of people complaining about it.
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from the beach  +   734d ago
Always seems to be a bad news story with this guy..
lizard81288  +   734d ago
suck my dick.choke on it.
He just comes off as very unprofessional....along with being a tool.

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gatlobal   734d ago | Spam
Benjaminkno  +   734d ago
I mean, so what? Your game is 2d/3d so you can put if you want it on a handheld you can put it on one that isn't selling or you can put it on one that does. It would make sense to put it on the one that is 3d compatible, duh.

I think his game has gone to his head.
Nodoze  +   734d ago
I watched Indie Game or whatever it was called and was shocked and how F'd up this guy is. He needs some serious therapy. He is like a spoiled toddler in an adult body.

When he was asked what he will do when if his game is a flop, and he answered he would kill himself. He was COMPLETELY serious. This dude is certifiably insane.
Shnazzyone  +   734d ago
Shame an indie game maker would waste time on fanboy bs. I mean... PC is your primary market anyway.

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