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What's The One Game That Surprised You This Generation?

These days, we often know what to expect when buying a game. But what's the one title that really shocked you (for better or for worse) this generation? (Culture)

NastyLeftHook0  +   928d ago
1. Demons Souls.

It was very refreshing and one of the top 10 best games i have played in my entire life.
RustedMan  +   928d ago
For me, It may actually be Bioshock. That's one game that delivered the goods, surpassing the crazy amount of hype built up around it, and a game that utilizes one of the most unique environments and design I've ever seen.

A game that surprised me in a (bad) way may be GTA IV. What a letdown. You have the gigantic open world concepts of the earlier generations, nearly perfected on (then) limited hardware, and screwed it up.
I don't know if was because of the driving mechanics, which made the actual act of moving about tedious and frustrating, almost like steering a damned submarine, or the incessant phone calls from your cousin that never ended. The game got so irritating, and that simply was never a factor in earlier games.

I suppose a runner up would be Silent Hill. What the hell? I'm in complete and utter shock that the franchise did little (or nothing) with this generation. All I can remember thinking was, 'Imagine what THIS game (at the time of Silent Hill 2) would look like on next gen hardware. The monsters would be absolutely terrifying"...And nothing came of it. Survival horror is a dying genre, and I suppose it's one of the bigger franchises that disappointed this generation.
Son_Lee  +   927d ago
Fallout 3. I HATED it when I first played it, but after giving the game two more tries, it quickly became one of my all-time favorite games. I got lost in the Capital Wasteland for a good 200 hours, and I beat all the DLC. I never had a game surprise me quite like that before.
OWWO  +   926d ago
Detoxx  +   926d ago
Fallout 3. The game is just amazing
claterz  +   926d ago
Mirror's Edge and Heavy Rain for me. I had Mirrors Edge in my collection since it was released in 2008 (got it as a present). I remember playing it for about 20 minutes and absolutely hated it and was convinced that I would never come back to it. A couple years later I decided to play some of the games that I never completed (you know what it's like when no new games are coming out!). All I can say is I'm glad I went back to it and I've since completed the game at least 5 times. Still hoping for a sequel for next gen at E3.

Heavy Rain was another massive surprise for me. I kept telling myself for some reason that I wouldn't like the game before I even played it, mainly because I thought the gameplay looked pretty boring. I ended up renting it a few months back and completed it in two days. Heavy Rain taught me how important stories and characters are, and that they can actually be more important than any other aspect of a game.
Jdoki  +   926d ago
I guess I was a little surprised that I didn't enjoy Uncharted 3 as much as 2. but it was still a great game.

How much I disliked GTAIV was probably the single biggest surprise.
Kirnisorey  +   926d ago
Dark Souls really surprised me. Enough so much that I had to play Demons souls. Before then I thought all rpgs were just turn based, and did not like them at all. Now both games are my favorite of all time.
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MetalMayhem  +   926d ago
Binary Domain. I was expecting an average TPS but got a really great experience. Probably my favorite third person shooter now. Definitely give it a shot, it can be found for cheap.

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