SEGA updates PS3/PS Vita teaser site

GE: "SEGA is teasing some kind of project for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. An official website a few days ago, but updates have continued to hit the page since then."

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strigoi8141818d ago

still wishing its gonna be all about valkryia chronicles

sinncross1818d ago

VC4 would be an awesome announcement.

Some people have speculated it might be Sands of Destruction related.

Cant wait to see. Hope its good SEGA!

porkChop1818d ago

Would make sense with all the sand.

Ritsujun1818d ago

VC 2 & 3 HD Collection.

LOGICWINS1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles? You really think Sega would be making this big of a fuss over such a niche franchise in one of the least popular genres(SRPG)? I can assure you its not that.

VC2 didn't even make it to consoles and VC3 never even got localized. Are we supposed to believe that Sega is all of a sudden excited to give this franchise another shot in the States by not developing one version of it, but TWO? LOL no chance.

At this point I'm assuming its Shenmue 1 and 2 re-releases.

Yakuza is possible, but doubtful. Whatever game thats being marketed here looks like it will be a PS3/Vita cross buy. If it was Yakuza, why wasn't the Japanese version of Yakuza 5 a cross-buy when it came out last year?

sinncross1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

It is a teaser countdown... it is hardly a 'big fuss' and an easy way to get attention for whatever is being announced.

Why o why1818d ago

hmmm, logic is making a good point even though I would love it to be a true vc sequel. Maybe its something more mainstream. ....either way the wait soon done.

The_Con-Sept1818d ago


It doesn't hurt to be hopeful. Just because certain titles to a franchise never made it stateside doesn't mean new titles never stand a chance. Look at Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Brothers, Digimon, and the various versions of street fighter. A lot of their titles were never even heard of in the US.

WildArmed1818d ago

Mannn, you guys are getting my hopes up.

Due to teh lack of localization of the VC3, it doesn't look so great.

but I'mma go play some VC again now :D

LordHiggens1817d ago

WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP SAYING VC4!??!! Where's VC3?!!?!! Also having VC2 on PSP was entirely stupid...but still I have heard nothing on VC3...

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Rockefellow1818d ago

Yes, LOGICWINS, because everything revolves around the West and us silly people requiring localizations. It's a teaser for Japan. Just because Western sites are covering the countdown doesn't mean it's relevant for us.

DarkHeroZX1818d ago

maybe its the official release date of Phantasy Star.

Nitrox1817d ago

That would be sweet! My Vita's had a boner since it was announced...

ATiElite1817d ago

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GribbleGrunger1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

The countdown will build an egg timer ... and then when the egg timer is built, the REAL countdown will begin ...

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Sarobi1818d ago

And the exclusives continue coming~

NatureOfLogic1818d ago

I've had a PS3 since launch and still haven't bought valkryia chronicles yet. I remember playing a demo. So many games I keep forgetting to give it a try, I've heard nothing but good about this game. I have to make a mental note to pick this up.

r211818d ago

Buy it, play it, finish it to the end, enjoy it, cherish it cause that was the last ever VC game on console EVER.

Inception1818d ago

Don't forget to buy the expansion pack: Selvaria's Mission, EX Hard Mode, and Edy Detachement. They're cheap ($2.99) and worth every penny, especially Selveria's Mission.

BlaqMagiq241818d ago

I just bought it off of Amazon for under $20. I heard great things about it too and can't wait for it to come in the mail.

PS4isKing_821818d ago

While others have said they would like a new valkiria chronicles or yakuza 5, I myself would personally love a new or remastered version of shinobi from the ps2. Or maybe a new or remastered panzer dragoon collection or at least the Xbox version of orta.

1818d ago
MoveTheGlow1818d ago

I'm hoping they're expanding Crimson Dragon (aka Project Draco) and making it a full-blown Panzer Dragoon, now multiplatform since Kinect is only marginally functional. That would be awesome. Or just scrap it and make another Panzer Dragoon :)

r211818d ago

It looks like that sand thing is piling up to become an egg or something? Its starting to seem like its not a new VC :C Im still curious to see what this game reveal is though.