Are we getting punk'd by Gearbox?

Randy, what are you doing? Gearbox has been engaging in a lot of questionable behavior here of late...

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Elda1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

ABSOLUTELY...YES!!...first you pay 60 plus tax dollars for the game 30 dollars for a season pass,any game I've played in the past that required leveling up,you usually can level all the way up to 99 or better,Gearbox limiting the game to only level 50 & now charging 5 bucks for another limited amount of levels which are only 11 is a total rip off!!

Nevers1911d ago

What exactly does a "season pass" even mean to game companies? It seems A LOT of content is not covered by a purchase that is billed to be "all inclusive". I've bought 2 "season passes" so far and both times they have done this. There won't be a 3rd time.

This really makes me glad I'm so far behind in my game library... by the time I catch up, any videogame I'm interested in will have a GotY edition by then.

xander707691911d ago

I don't understand the complaint about the season pass. Without the season pass, you would actually spend more money to get the same amount of content. Or should additional new content created after the release of the game now be given away for free? If you don't want the DLC's, don't get the season pass. That simple.

Also the complaint about not getting 99 levels? This game is not built that way and that's a horrible example to extrapolate from and apply arbitrarily to any game that involves experience and leveling up. Mass effect games never let you level up to 99, that didn't make those games a ripoff. Fallout games never let you level up to 99, didn' make those games a ripoff. Comparing apples and oranges, different companies, different games.

Furthermore, big deal, it's $5. Guess what? People had to actually show up to work on this, who have bills to pay and families to feed, so they shouldn't get paid? If you feel it's such a ripoff, it must not be important content for you if $5 is asking too much, so just speak with your wallet. No one is forcing you, and it sounds like the level cap increase doesn't float your boat to begin with.

3-4-51911d ago

But the content your paying extra for is usually almost never as good as the OG content within the game that everybody gets to experience.

Your paying more for less quality.

Rupee1911d ago

The only complaint I can think of for the season pass is you're paying for something you have no details for. I bought the season pass for BL2 but passed on battlefield 3. I like gearbox and thought the DLC for the last borderlands was great. I don't trust ea so id rather pick and choose what DLC, if any, I purchase for battlefield. (should've bought it though. Would've been cheaper lol)

FamilyGuy1911d ago

it SHOULD be free, there have been plenty of games that released free dlc, two of my favorites being wkcs 1 and 2, both had plenty of free dlc. Note that the japanese version of wkcs2 (which released over 2 years ago) is STILL getting free dlc.

This season pass bs should be all inclusive, everything that comes out should be free to a season pass holder. EVERYTHING.

xander707691911d ago

@ Family guy

So what? Just because one game company has given out free DLC doesn't mean that all game companies should and/or are obligated to do the same. So support that company. I dont demand that Cattlemens lowers their price for a steak because Sizzler charges less for their steak. Different companies, different practices, different quality of product.

Sure it would be nice if Gearbox just released it for free, but this entitled attitude that you deserve free content is ridiculous.

The season pass should save you money. And it does, if you planned to purchase all 4 DLC's. The season pass is pretty clear when you purchase it, it tells you that you will only get the 4 DLC's, and that it will come out to the price as if you had only gotten 3. So if you read that, purchased the season pass, then got upset because they are only giving you what they said (plus the ADDED UNMENTIONED bonus of getting the level cap raised for free) then you only have yourself to blame.

dumahim1911d ago

They made it clear from the start the season pass would get you the first four DLC packs, and that's what you're getting.

I simply don't get the whining going on about this. Season pass doesn't get you everything. They never said it would and in fact clearly said up front it wouldn't (example, Gaige).
People should be happy they're including the level cap and 3rd playthrough in the Season Pass.

Rupee1911d ago

@dumahim Obviously. I'm referring to how we don't know the actual content of the expansions. Just being deviks advocate. Like i said, i bought it and dont regret it.

I agree with you though. I don't understand why this is a controversy.

Elda1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

@Xander...I don't care what you say & you don't have to agree it's a rip off period!! Every since gaming consoles have been online compatible developers are making incomplete games so they can milk people for more money for dlc,it's bad enough forking down 60plus dollars for the game especially when you're not rich & you're on a budget,no one should have to pay extra money to level up.

adarker1911d ago

It's not the fact that it's $5, it's the fact that this would normally be covered in a patch or as a value addition to an existing DLC. As is, it's merely a cash grab, and one we didn't have to pay for on Borderlands 1.

X1911d ago


Yet there were also paid DLCs such as extra georama parts. They also had other ways of making extra revenue such as the EXP, GR, money, and item tickets.

Chances are that level 5 used the money generated from those purchases to help fund making new quests, armors, weapons, and eventually raising the level cap and GR rank to get people to reinvest in the tickets again.

xander707691911d ago

@ Elda,

The vanilla package for Borderlands 2 is in every concievable sense a full game in and of itself. The level cap increase is in no way required or necessary to play, complete, or enjoy the experience. Gearbox could have just as easily never raised the level cap and it would not have been detrimental to the game, nor would they have wronged you in any way. You're not being forced to pay anything extra. Ive got hundreds of hours into borderlands just with the level 50 cap and it's fine, I've put more hours and had more fun in this game than pretty much 95% of other games.

You also are not forced to buy the game at launch. Everyone complains about $60, but honestly I can't think of any other product that drops in value as quickly over time as a video game. Wait a few months, and then pick it up for cheap, if you can't afford it.

FamilyGuy1911d ago

It's not the only game that released free DLC, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm released free side characters, MotorStorm released free vehicle skins, Folklore had free dlc too. A level cap is not something they should be charging for, things like that are simple inclusions in patches in many games.

I'm not and was not stating that you should get more than what was indicated on the season pass, Im saying the season pass should include everything. Not things like making you level faster or guns but standard gameplay elements, characters, maps, anything that actually EXPANDS the game should be included.

The way you talk I'd be surprised if you didn't think we should be charged for patches as well.

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ApolloTheBoss1911d ago

This is why I'm waiting for the GOTY edition. I knew this would happen.

Thatlalala1911d ago

Everyone is now just realizing this?

Excalibur1911d ago

Not only that there is rumor of another DLC outside of the season pass that will be released BEFORE the last piece of the season pass....UMM WUT?

How do we know this next piece wasn't originally part of the season pass and you are just reaching into my pocket again?

I have to say at the past couple of years some real trusted names in the industry have really disappointed me with their lack of content and blatant money grabs.

jmc88881911d ago

There already was DLC outside the season pass. This would then be the 2nd time there was.

It was the preorder gift dlc I think.

dangert121911d ago

This is why I wait now, I'll get this game when all the Download Content is ready and I see a lovely price :) I won't be their female dog they'll be mine >:)

Zichu1911d ago

Luckily I haven't bought any DLC for BL2 yet. I bought the game on release day because I enjoyed the first BL. I have never bought a Season Pass and never plan to.

I will wait till GOTY for this game for the DLC and most likely sell my original copy of the game for a bit of money. Someone is bound to buy it lol.

Roccetarius1911d ago

Yeah, i haven't picked up any of the DLC for Borderlands 2 either. Gearbox has definitely dissapointed me with their decisions lately.

jagstatboy1911d ago

Doing the exact same thing...which is what I did with Borderlands 1.

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