A Private Investigation Into Lego City Undercover(GamerHub.TV Review)

Chase McCain is back in Lego City to take down Rex Fury but he needs your help. Will you be there to lend him a helping hand in cleaning up the underbelly of Lego City?

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creHEARTive1701d ago

Great review for a great game. I wish it was on PS3!

NewJersian1700d ago

If it was on PS3, it would be interesting to see how the controls change from the Wii U. I think it would lose something on the PS3, like the communicator on the Game Pad. Who knows, maybe in the future

Magnagamer2221700d ago

Wouldn't they just use the PS Move to get a similar experience?

gamerlive1701d ago

This game looks interesting.

NewJersian1700d ago

It's a fun game. I have a similar sense of humor so it's right up my alley.

Bounkass1700d ago

A perfect example of quantity over quality.

deafdani1700d ago

I don't understand that comment, considering this game has been getting a lot of good reviews. :/

KrisK1699d ago

These guys made a gold mine when they came up with the Lego franchise.