League of Legends Tournament – ‘$500 CASH for one Sunday of gaming’

Jon Ireson of RealGamerNewz writes in MMORPG

"Head over to ESportsDaily if you are down for the MMORPG League of Legends Cup competition IESF 2013 being sponsored with prize pool of $500. Read below the excerpt from the tournament rules and information: “Event Details When Sunday, April 7th 2013, Start Time 6:00…"

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Prcko1641d ago

dota 300,000 peak players - tournament grand prize 1 mil$
lol 1 million players - tournament grand prize 500$
strange stuff

Tsuru1639d ago

This isnt some major sponsor running the tournament. Just some small one looking to get attention. The grand prize for worlds for LoL is 5 million.

Prcko1639d ago

didn't know that Oo
that's a lot of money