PAX East 2013: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger hands-on is not too quick on the draw

Sam Dixon of writes:

"The latest Call of Juarez looks interesting, and the premise is promising, but after our hands on we were left feeling like there's still more that needs to be tweaked."

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Wolfenstein512090d ago

One thing I've learned is that never read a preview like its a review. This game has time to be polished and believe me - it will be a very good game if you like COJ: Bound in Blood. Very excited to play it.

OhMyGandhi2090d ago

Absolutely loved Bound in Blood, one of the biggest surpises this generation (because western themed games are an incredible rarity) but I didn't go anywhere NEAR "The Cartel". I hope many of those responsible for that game aren't working on this one.