Destiny is no Sim City, or Diablo III for that matter.

From the article, "Bungie has big plans for Destiny, their sci-fi first person shooter (FPS) extravaganza planned to release via Activision in 2014. Yes, everone always says their FPS will be the bestest with the mostest, but Destiny has a planned ten year life cycle and a design that will incorporate elements from massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, ideas that so far haven’t been successfully implemented in a FPS. Bungie’s track record with Halo is good enough that the promise of doing it right this time excites gamers. On the other hand, Destiny also plans to be an online only game, where you can only play when Bungie/Activision says you can play."

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VsAssassin1699d ago

Always-on and always connected should be dumped and be forgotten completely. Look at the backlash to SimCity. Diablo 3 was lucky it got away with it. But if they continue to use this DRM strategy, people will definitely look elsewhere for their gaming fix.

ATi_Elite1699d ago

I'm sorry but in 2013 being connected to the Internet 24/7/365 is a No brainer and if you got issues then go outside and play or go read a book cause this is where video games are headed.

Diablo 3 and SimCity were the results of Millions of gamers logging on at the same time causing servers to crash.

This form of DRM is New and companies are learning a great deal from these and other Launch fiascos and in the future we will see less and less problems.

100's of millions of PC Gamers play MMO's everyday constantly connected to servers with basically no problems so all is good!

VsAssassin1699d ago

But this game is not MMO; D3 is not MMO; as far as I'm concerned SimCity is not an MMO. Always-connected for a game with a supposed Single Player mode is pushing things a bit. For gamers with only a few hours to play and at specific times only should have access to games that they paid for and bought - not restricted by forced patches and server maintenance.

I don't think I have to explain further than that.

otherZinc1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

I like to play my game by myself, First!, without some overpowered clown Fu**ing it up!

I'm buying at least 1 copy of Destiny even if it gets all 0/10's because Bungie made the Halo franchise. I usually buy 2 copies for co-op play with my family, but this may not be what I like.

I'm online, you're online but 40% of the console market isn't. This could be the greatest video game disaster in history for a developer.

Millions are being pumped into this game. Destiny is being pushed back to 2014 to appease someone, thus making Destiny move away from some 80million 360 potential buyers to be played on 720 & PS4. Next Gen consoles will only have 10million potential buyers initially, stupid move! Most will trade their old console in.

If reports are true, this is going to be a disaster!

jmc88881699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

No it isn't. Internet doesn't work 24/7/365 even in the most advanced placement areas.

It also suffers from 'bandwidth caps'. Yep, and they are easily breached per month.

So no in 2013 it isn't 24/7/365, and I live in an area that doesn't get weather issues like snowstorms that take things down.

Diablo 3 and SimCity problems were unnecessary DESIGN decisions. Ones where the single player aspect of the game had no need to be online, they just FORCED you to. Then they had all the data to know how many were being sold/shipped, etc and despite the forced online and having all the data, they like everyone else dropped the ball on the amount of servers. I pointed out ALL of the problems with Sim City MONTHS before it happened. How unnecessary it was, so on and so forth. So what exactly did I know that they haven't learned from all these troubled launches? It's because they didn't care to learn because it was against some asinine idiots wishes high within the company. Reality conflicted with corporate greed that resulted in idiotic decisions that caused poor outcomes. The problems were by design. They WANTED this and didn't care that problems would ensue, and guess what they haven't fixed it all. You still can't save your city and reload it, say after you destroy it with disasters as Sim City players have been doing since the 1980's AND all the gibberish about needing to be online has been proven to be a complete lie...something anyone with a brain already knew.

Play outside? I'm not 13. I haven't played outside since the early 90's, and if I did, it would look pretty weird as people in their 30's don't 'play outside'.

They learn a great deal from a fiasco? Nope, that's partially why IT IS a fiasco, because they HAVEN'T learned. They still force unnecessary crap and destroy their brand in the process.

But you see I DO understand that there are things like MMO's, but you see unlike you I understand that there is a difference between an MMO and a SINGLE PLAYER GAME.

If I want to play single player, I shouldn't need to be online, yet if I want to play ONLINE like a Battlefield 3 or a MMORPG, then guess what you play those online.

What's unacceptable is when they are ALL treated as if they are MMORPG when they don't need to be.

As for Destiny, I understand it is an online based game. Sim City vs Destiny is comparing apples to oranges. Only fools think they require the same limitations to play. They don't.

Finally year has nothing to do with it. Just because a new way to screw you over is invented, doesn't mean it's progress. Think of it like banking, a bank in the 1940's was better at what it did then a bank in 2013, why? Because DERIVATIVES were 'invented'.

So quit your thinking that as time goes on everything progresses. Nope, in reality as time goes on, things progress and regress, and you obviously can't tell the difference. That's on you.

VsAssassin1698d ago

@jmc8888, you hit all the right nails in the head. You may now shove this DRM for Single Player experience "coffin" where it needs to be. That is, 6 feet under.

Baka-akaB1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Seriously it's a ridiculous argument . Either a game truly constantly use online features and is an online game , or it's not . Destiny appears to actually be an online game , so it's ok .

If it doesnt use online 24/24 it doesnt matter if you can actually be online 24/24 , it's a bullsh*t design decision .

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SolidDuck1699d ago

Ya I mean always on for an mmo is fine. Your always playing online anyway. But for other games its just dumb.

dangert121699d ago

I don't want this unless it's free to play ill play my games when I want. Why would I pay to be caged?

whamlollypop71699d ago

I guess this article makes sense its not always online because the company hates consumers its always online because its an MMO. If there is a subscription fee then I will pass.