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Submitted by get2sammyb 982d ago | opinion piece

Should Beyond: Two Souls Be a PlayStation 4 Game?

Push Square: "Quantic Dream sure knows how to get our attention. The Parisian developer famous for its work on Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain rewarded our extended patience with a brief glimpse behind the curtain at PlayStation 3 swansong Beyond: Two Souls this week, revealing enough narrative tidbits to leave our taste buds tingling until the game’s 8th October launch. But with the release so close to the PlayStation 4, should Sony be reconsidering the title’s target platform?" (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3, PS4)

JoGam  +   982d ago
As long as it takes advantage of the PS4 specs and not just released on the system as a port. Other than that, keep it on the PS3. Getting it day one either way.
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   982d ago
Agreed, there is no point of it being on both systems if there is no real comparison. I think in order for it to be a PS4 game, the graphics should be noticeably different.
PSVita  +   982d ago
@igam3r the point would be you could play it on your ps4. No BC remember.
Tei777  +   982d ago
If the ps4 can provide a smoother experience, then why not? Even if the difference is as little as framerate, its still enough to warrant a port. If you're looking forward to this game I don't see why you wouldn't want a slightly improved version on less restrictive hardware.

Obviously from a marketing perspective they have to be careful they don't undersell the PS4's power by publishing such titles on it, but 3rd parties are going to do it anyway with their lazy ps3/360 ports.
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ginsunuva  +   982d ago
Framerate doesn't matter in a game like this.
Tei777  +   981d ago

If its inconsistent it might. Theres nothing more annoying then choppy cutscenes. But of course simple things like resolution, better anti aliasing, cleaner depth of field (which is used a lot in the game). The typical things you get whilst toggling PC settings. Just making the point that it doesn't need to be a significant improvement to be validated.
OlgerO  +   982d ago
I guess it becoming a PS3 and a PS4 game wouldn't be that bad of a deal
dgonza40  +   982d ago
I don't think it should have to take advantage of the features. If anything, it incentivizes you to buy a PS4 because that's another game to add to the launch list.
Viper7  +   982d ago
Well considering how niche the genre of the game is, id by fairly irrational to release it on PS4 instead of PS3.

This is one of those games that greatly benefit from solid install base which Ps4 won't have for at least couple of years.
NYC_Gamer  +   982d ago
The game would have to built from the ground up to take advantage of PS4 hardware..
Hellsvacancy  +   982d ago
Why not just cancel all PS3 games and release them on the PS4?
iGAM3R-VIII  +   982d ago
why? worst idea ever, unless you are being sarcastic
AHall88  +   982d ago
Seems like that's what people want for some weird reason. PS4 isn't even out yet and people want all future PS3 games switched to the PS4, makes sense...
Summons75  +   982d ago
Yupp people want games made for the pa3 ported to the ps4 but Nintendo gets games ported an enhanced on the wiiu and its the worst idea on the planet. Shows you how hypocritical gamers can be. There will be plenty of games getting put on both gens for the ps4 launch for a good year and people will praise them but want Nintendo to hang.
PSVita  +   982d ago
Not a bad idea at all but they are still selling ps3s and they make profit off each now so it makes sense to cotinue selling it. It'd be good as a business move but i respect Sony because imo they but the gamers and devs first.
ichimaru  +   982d ago
wouldn't be surprised after that tech demo on Feb 20th. Might as well now that we know the ps4 will ship this holiday
-Falaut-  +   982d ago
Simple. No. Continue to support your customers with awesome games even though your next platform is coming out. There will be something specific to the PS4 that QD already said they where working on.
dangert12  +   982d ago
Let's just save everything good for the Ps4 and Next Xbox yes?

On topic answer NO! It should not, the Ps3 is far too different on the interior for sony to just switch it up at this stage!
And I'm not in a rush to buy a Ps4 so no no no
Gamer-40  +   982d ago
Stupid question.
Beyond: Two Souls 100% ps3 game.
taquito  +   982d ago
definately.....that way it won't be COVERED in jaggies like it is on the ps3

watch in full screen.......ewwwww.......

and people actually though it would look like this BULLSHOT!


lol....maybe the cover art will look like that
r21  +   982d ago
How big is your screen? I ask cause the only way you'll even notice the supposed jaggies is by having a huge ass screen. Im watching it on 14 inch screen and i see no jaggies.
CGI-Quality  +   982d ago
Don't take him seriously, he does this all the time in Sony topics. Hence why he stays with his lonesome bubble. ;)
StrongMan  +   982d ago
No. It's almost done on the PS3.
brew  +   982d ago
It would be a nice for all of the people that didn't get PS3's this gen that are now looking into getting a PS4. The more reasons to entice people , the better.
Rageanitus  +   982d ago
NO if its ready for PS3, then bring it! Just like any game GOOD and BAD.

I want to see other other games in PS4.
jc48573  +   982d ago
whatever happen to the days when games were developed on one console despite the limitations. If they are going to make it, they need to remaster the darn thing and release it later just like what other companies are doing with their HD collections. This way it wouldn't seem like a lazy port. I just don't like the idea of simultaneous release or even on the same year.
ninjagoat  +   982d ago
No Ps4 will have plenty enough games, Ps3 still has a life cycle to go threw and this is what happens when you don't get left on your ass with a paper weight when the new consoles hit the market. Sony has always done this and long should they continue. Its why aswell i will be quick to be in the que for PS4 the quality is always there.
clintagious650  +   982d ago
QD already has another project for the ps4 so no two souls should stay on the ps3. Sony is showing they will continue to support the ps3 even when the ps4 is released.
izumo_lee  +   982d ago
Technically it is sort of a PS4 game. In an interview with David Cage the engine to run Beyond is based on the engine they made for the PS4 only that it is dumbed down to work on the PS3.

The same deal was used to create that Kara demo. So it is exciting to see what they can do with that engine fully on the PS4.
NateCole  +   982d ago
It does not need to be on PS4.
mrmancs  +   982d ago
if it can be done on ps3 and look Better than any pc game , why not? Imagine what a ps4 can produce?!
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   982d ago
This is 1 of MANY PS3 Exclusives that surely make MS realise they need a new console quick!
StreetsofRage  +   982d ago
Interactive movies should be banned from the ps4. If this is coming to the ps4, atleast give me the opportunity to roam my surroundings and actually play the game. Heavy rain was a nice little rental but I don't want to see this type of game on the ps4.
waltyftm  +   982d ago
Definately no, either as an exclusive or special edition, it is and always should be a Ps3 game, and i can't wait to see what extra emotion and emersion they can produce with 100% focus on the Ps4 tools.
WeAreLegion  +   982d ago
Both, please? Port this and The Last of Us for launch and you'll see an even better launch!!!
stefan771  +   982d ago
There isn't really much point porting it. It would be pretty much the same and a waste of time and money
Jaqen_Hghar  +   982d ago
A man would like this at 60fps and in 1080p. A man would buy for PS4.
medman  +   982d ago
For this game I would say no, as the PS3 should handle this type of game quite well, and the install base of the PS3 will be larger than that of the PS4 for the foreseeable future. But I've read a few reviews for Bioshock Infinite that suggest Bioshock would have benefited from being developed with next gen in mind with the screen tearing, framerate slowdown, and graphical quality of this generation of consoles really suffering compared to what the performance is like for the PC version. I would have been willing to wait for a next gen version Bioshock no doubt. I think that game will be great, but I can't help but think how much better it could have been a year from now on new equipment.
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Sevir  +   982d ago
Alot of people should what Destructoid and IGN's recent
Preview of Beyond. Cage told them that Right after Heavy Rain was complete and became a success, Sony approached then with PS4 devkits and asked them to develop HR2. But they declined, and pitched another idea and Sony said fine, but what's more, is that Beyond was revealed to be rendered on a stripped down engine that was built for the PS4 to run on the PS3.. Cage coined the phrase as a PS4 lite engine and that the engine was 50 percent done when they revealed Kara back in 2012 march.

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