Should Beyond: Two Souls Be a PlayStation 4 Game?

Push Square: "Quantic Dream sure knows how to get our attention. The Parisian developer famous for its work on Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain rewarded our extended patience with a brief glimpse behind the curtain at PlayStation 3 swansong Beyond: Two Souls this week, revealing enough narrative tidbits to leave our taste buds tingling until the game’s 8th October launch. But with the release so close to the PlayStation 4, should Sony be reconsidering the title’s target platform?"

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JoGam1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

As long as it takes advantage of the PS4 specs and not just released on the system as a port. Other than that, keep it on the PS3. Getting it day one either way.

iGAM3R-VIII1821d ago

Agreed, there is no point of it being on both systems if there is no real comparison. I think in order for it to be a PS4 game, the graphics should be noticeably different.

PSVita1821d ago

@igam3r the point would be you could play it on your ps4. No BC remember.

Tei7771821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

If the ps4 can provide a smoother experience, then why not? Even if the difference is as little as framerate, its still enough to warrant a port. If you're looking forward to this game I don't see why you wouldn't want a slightly improved version on less restrictive hardware.

Obviously from a marketing perspective they have to be careful they don't undersell the PS4's power by publishing such titles on it, but 3rd parties are going to do it anyway with their lazy ps3/360 ports.

ginsunuva1821d ago

Framerate doesn't matter in a game like this.

Tei7771820d ago


If its inconsistent it might. Theres nothing more annoying then choppy cutscenes. But of course simple things like resolution, better anti aliasing, cleaner depth of field (which is used a lot in the game). The typical things you get whilst toggling PC settings. Just making the point that it doesn't need to be a significant improvement to be validated.

OlgerO1821d ago

I guess it becoming a PS3 and a PS4 game wouldn't be that bad of a deal

dgonza401821d ago

I don't think it should have to take advantage of the features. If anything, it incentivizes you to buy a PS4 because that's another game to add to the launch list.

Viper71821d ago

Well considering how niche the genre of the game is, id by fairly irrational to release it on PS4 instead of PS3.

This is one of those games that greatly benefit from solid install base which Ps4 won't have for at least couple of years.

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NYC_Gamer1821d ago

The game would have to built from the ground up to take advantage of PS4 hardware..

Hellsvacancy1821d ago

Why not just cancel all PS3 games and release them on the PS4?

iGAM3R-VIII1821d ago

why? worst idea ever, unless you are being sarcastic

AHall881821d ago

Seems like that's what people want for some weird reason. PS4 isn't even out yet and people want all future PS3 games switched to the PS4, makes sense...

Summons751821d ago

Yupp people want games made for the pa3 ported to the ps4 but Nintendo gets games ported an enhanced on the wiiu and its the worst idea on the planet. Shows you how hypocritical gamers can be. There will be plenty of games getting put on both gens for the ps4 launch for a good year and people will praise them but want Nintendo to hang.

PSVita1821d ago

Not a bad idea at all but they are still selling ps3s and they make profit off each now so it makes sense to cotinue selling it. It'd be good as a business move but i respect Sony because imo they but the gamers and devs first.

ichimaru1821d ago

wouldn't be surprised after that tech demo on Feb 20th. Might as well now that we know the ps4 will ship this holiday

-Falaut-1821d ago

Simple. No. Continue to support your customers with awesome games even though your next platform is coming out. There will be something specific to the PS4 that QD already said they where working on.

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