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Submitted by sjgamer 1049d ago | article

Fix Resident Evil 6 PC Black Screen Crashes, Out of Video Memory, Tutorial Crash, Low FPS, Voice

Fix all crashes, errors, and bugs in Resident Evil 6 for the PC with this proven guide by Crash Wiki. (PC, Resident Evil 6)

Jason696  +   1048d ago
On playing Ada's Chapter 3, On last cutscene after saving sherry from that chainsaw BOW, i get a strange 'mision failed' bug out of nowhere. I wasnt even dead. It happens just after the cutscene. The same thing happens on jake's chapter 4 campaign. It doesnt also show 'you are dead' it shows 'mission failed' :( i can't get passed it.
Jason696  +   1048d ago
m using reloaded steam version. I have tried reinstalling twice. It didnt solve the problem. M getting 45fps with my rig. Everything runs fine other than that bug :(.
Syndicate96  +   1047d ago
Same problem but with the different campaign, I'm playing Leon's Chapter 4, after getting to Ada, after that cutscene the message shows up "Mission Failed" out of nowhere, I tried to start chapter from beginning but it's the bug, any ideas how to fix it?
Jason696  +   1047d ago
I found that problem in that chapter too like you said. I got another new bug, on leon's chapter 5 after the cutscene where leon and helena going to the roof of the tower, it says "please wait.." just like the loading style. I waited around an hour it doesnt start after that :(. Re6 is full of bugs.
Syndicate96  +   1047d ago
And how do you fixed it? or does it fixes automatically?
riderhans  +   1043d ago
try this link those who have infinite loading and chapter 4 errors

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