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Battlefield 4 helicopter and tank images released

Another set of Battlefield 4 teaser images reveal a helicopter and tank. (Battlefield 4, Dice, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Derekvinyard13  +   860d ago
Nice pics but lets see some gameplay
JoGam  +   860d ago
Would love to see female soldiers.
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Derekvinyard13  +   860d ago
Same, it would be a nice change
DigitalSmoke  +   860d ago
Female's have no place on the Battlefield, its dangerous for the men risking their live's.
JoGam  +   860d ago
@ DigitalSmoke...Tell that to the females in the US Army.
bohemian 23  +   860d ago
I agree, it would be nice to have a home cooked meal on the battlefield.
Npugz7  +   860d ago
ok these pictures are lame!!! wheres the actual gameplay footage!!
venom06  +   860d ago
dude.. the pictures are NOT lame, and are certainly creating awesome anticipation for this sure to be awesome game. Hell, they've already said the game play is coming on the 27th... enjoy the anticipation..
Detoxx  +   860d ago
I hope they show some multiplayer
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   860d ago
Helicopter's and Tanks are confirmed now at least.
leogets  +   860d ago
yeah it has tanks,boats,helix,guns ect. now show us some gameplay already and I don't mean campaign either
Britainz-Fin3st  +   860d ago
Hopefully more online players supported for console versions.
Cant wait.
adonisisfree  +   859d ago
both images look like shit. why do the pics look like they were shot on the surface of the sun?

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