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PS3 and PS4 version of Diablo III to have offline mode, no real-money auction house.

More information about the PlayStation 3 version of Blizzard’s hack-and-slash RPG Diablo III has been unveiled. According to the PA Report, the PS3 version of the game will have an offline-mode; however, it will lack the real-money auction house. (Diablo III, PS3, PS4)

KrisButtar  +   761d ago
So no micro-transactions and no "always online", they are turning out to be the best versions
KwietStorm  +   761d ago
Lol yea really and its not even released yet. Hopefully you can't run through this version and complete it in your sleep.
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Wigriff  +   760d ago
Complete it in your sleep? They must have seriously nerfed the difficulty of Inferno since launch, because when I stopped playing 90% of players were stuck farming Act 1 Inferno.
RyuCloudStrife  +   761d ago
Consoles are better you see?
Ezz2013  +   760d ago
i never played Diablo III on my pc ...don't like it
an will never get it on ps3

but i want to know something ..if i'm wrong someone correct me
isn't it have to be "always online" on pc ?!
didn't that mean the ps3/ps4 versions are beter because they don't force you to be online like that ?!
hkgamer  +   761d ago
Just wonder how Diablo would feel using a control pad.
never played the cruddy psone version.
would be cool if they had a mouse and keyboard support.
Temporary  +   761d ago
Iplayed the original Diablo on the playstation with friends. It actually worked very well with the controller, but i would prefer mouse and keyboard support.
MysticStrummer  +   760d ago
lol The "cruddy" PS1 version was great. It worked worked fine with a controller and I'm sure D3 will too.
3-4-5  +   760d ago
probably like how torchlight 1 plays on xbox 360......which is awesome.
hkgamer  +   760d ago
I heard that splitscreen diablo was a little fun, not sure how it worked though since diablo is definitely a game you need as much field of vision as possible.

Heard that psone version had alot of framerate and graphical problems. At that time I had a LAN setup with a bunch of crappy 133mhz computers, but it was good enough to play diablo. Playing 3-4 players lan was a blast.
mandf  +   761d ago
To Diablo fans, Is the game fun and does it have beautiful levels? I plan on getting it.
El_Assenso  +   761d ago
The 2nd the above! Diablo seems to be an interesting game...
Simon_Brezhnev  +   761d ago
The game is fun its just you have to beat the game like 5 times to get the best gear. So i stopped playing once GW2 came out. I'm debating to get it on ps3 im not sure yet.
Anthotis  +   761d ago
At least PS gamers won't have to experience the steaming bullshit that is always online DRM.
Conquerbeard  +   761d ago
Fuck off, Blizzard. You made your PC gamers, the group that made you what you are, suffer through that obnoxious DRM and Auction House bullshit, but console gamers get a pass? That's dirty. Just dirty.
Mikeyy  +   761d ago
Damn straight! Get rid of the RMAH scam!!
Somebody  +   761d ago
They can't hear us!!!

There's a huge wall of money (thanks to other PC gamers loyal to them) between us and Blizzard so all our rants and "Fuck Yous" can't reach them. No matter how loud we scream at them that freaking wall is just getting larger and larger.
PeaSFor  +   761d ago
uh sry but a shit load of peoples have played Lost Vikings, so dont go think the pc crowd should have some sort of favors over consoles.
Conquerbeard  +   760d ago
Seriously? You're throwing Lost Vikings at me, like that built the empire that is Blizzard? Right.
PeaSFor  +   760d ago
im sorry to burst your bubble, but without Lost Vikings, your lovely Blizzard studio wouldnt even exist.
Conquerbeard  +   754d ago
Helping to keep a company afloat and helping to turn that middling company into a monolithic figure in gaming are two different things. But, I'm sorry, PC gaming did way more for Blizzard than consoles ever did. Whatever helps you sleep, though.
KwietStorm  +   760d ago
What do you mean dirty? I'm not defending the PC version, but its not like they produced it with ill will. And what would you have them do? Should the 'second attempt,' in a completely different market mind you, not be fixed? Should console gamers suffer through the same bullshit? Would *you* wish ill will on other gamers as justification?
Mikeyy  +   761d ago
The PC version is currently a steaming pile of shit. That being said, they got a new management team on the game that looks promising and through a couple more patches the game may be fun again.

The console version will benefit immensely from the lack of auction house. The PC version is built around micro transactions and everything from quality and drop rate is altered to benefit the real money auction house.

I do have hope that after the next few patches this philosophy ends but that will be yet to be seen.
josephayal  +   761d ago
PS4 High End 'PC' Console
DEF The Best Version, it seems SONY is already going after PC devs, its even listed that Bohemia is working on a PS4 title which is most likely an ARMA 3 port, TBH I can't wait for starcraft on PS4 in full 1080P, offline mode etc etc etc
cyril sneer  +   761d ago
I thought you console gamers said pc has no games funny how you want them all.
Grimhammer00  +   761d ago
Umm...."wanting" 2-3 games hardly qualifies as all of them.
Somebody  +   760d ago
So it's all a big fat lie then: those reassurances from everyone (from gaming sites and pro-console PC gamers) that the next consoles' PC-like architecture will benefit both console gamers and PC gamers alike. Easier, faster and better ports between platforms. No more crappy ports for the PC.

In other words PC gamers were right to whine like they did when the PS4's hardware spec was announced. It's a pity that they too focused explaining console fans what the "G" on GDDR5 means to see the broader picture - things like a console D3 or a mod capable console (I have Arma 3 Alpha and it's ability to recognize the X box 360 controller without much hassle is very big red flag) would do to the PC in future.
BLow  +   761d ago
Well, some of you can bitch all you want as I will enjoy the hell out of this game when it comes out. I've never played Diablo before so I can't wait. I've been waiting for a game like this all gen and now it's finally coming. I remember playing the crap out of Baldur's Gate and Champions on PS2 so I'm pumped for this. As it sounds, they are fixing the problems that plagued the PC version and from the sounds of it some people seem upset over that. That's understandable but since I haven't (and many others) played this game then it doesn't effect me. Hopefully it's a PS4 launch title!!!
ufo8mycat  +   761d ago
Damn I have this game for my gaming PC, but I haven't even had a chance to play it much at all, due to my games backlog.

Even though I prefer to play all my multiplatform games on my PS3/360, (thinking of getting Diablo 3 for either PS3 or PS4 and playing it on that instead) though bit of a dilemma, as the gamepad is better for pretty much all other genres, Diablo 3's gameplay style is more point+click. Not sure if that will work well with a gamepad.

I guess shall wait and see, then decide.

For those who haven't played Diablo before, get excited.
andrewsqual  +   761d ago
This is clearly coming to Xbox too right? A PC developer bringing a game to PS3 and not bringing it to Xbox is really crazy even in 2013.
KwietStorm  +   760d ago
There has been no mention of a Xbox version, and I don't find it crazy at all. There have been past instances of games coming to PS3, or PS3 getting certain features, specifically because of the difference in what and how the developers are allowed to manipulate the 2 platforms, i.e Microsoft running a much tighter ship than Sony. If Valve had their way, Steamworks would also be on the 360. Even Epic, who has been in bed with Microsoft the entire generation, took months and months and months to get what used to be a flagship franchise of theirs, Unreal Tournament 3, because Microsoft wouldn't allow mod support.
whamlollypop7  +   761d ago
I don't think the controller will be to accommodating those top down games are always awkward, you gotta move with one stick and the aiming is where I get annoyed. We shall see, looks like they are correcting all the things we hate about the extras around the game.
MasterCornholio  +   761d ago
Hmm so far the games that I want at launch for the PS4 are...

1. Diabolo 3
2. The Witness
3. Infamous Second Son

Motorola RAZR i
DivineAssault  +   760d ago
PS4 version for me.. I cant wait either.. I have a more than capable computer for it but i want it on a home console.. Blizzard hasnt put a game on a home console since PS1 & N64 i think..
NeoTribe  +   752d ago
Wow this pisses me off. Thats the version i wanted from start. I dont care about always having to be online because why would you play alone anyway, but no rmah is what i wished was gone from pc version. I already have way to many hours invested in pc so theres no way im switching over but way to go blizzard , you bastards.

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