Rumor: Sony at PAX EAST Recruiting Vita Titles

Dual Pixels - I've spent a lot of time at PAX talking to different indie devs and sitting in panels determined to complete a couple of my own missions. One of the main missions had to do with looking for any potential titles to be ported to the Playstation Vita; an amazing handheld console that is often passed over because of its "lack" of various blockbuster titles to play.

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majiebeast1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Doesnt surprise me the least, Sony has really taken to indie games in the last year or 2. They also have been asking indie devs for months, to meet up with them at GDC.

TongkatAli1886d ago

Sony is an underdog why not support the biggest underdogs. It makes perfect sense to me and remember indies have said Sony treats with them with mad respect.

JoGam1886d ago

SMH...Just so you know, Indie Companies is what going to keep gaming going in to the future. Sony knows this. There are great new and upcoming developers out there who just can't get a job with a big game company so Indies gives them a chance to get their feet wet and the ability to better their resume. Some of the best developers started Indie. Respect them.

smashcrashbash1886d ago

It takes a real jerk to always turn everything even positive things into something negative.Only someone like you would turn respect for indie developers into a Sony insult.

Rockefellow1886d ago

I'm not seeing any "Sony insult" here, smashcrashbash.

4lc4pon31886d ago

sony is an underdog? IMO the PS3 was far better then the 360 and the PS4 will be far better then the 720.

Xbox does not deserve the respect they got.

Rockefellow1886d ago

I guess people don't understand that Sony is an underdog, yes. They sold far less than the Wii, and the 360 has beaten them soundly in North America.

I'm sure I'll get a thousand disagrees yet again, even though I'm a devout Sony fan. Thus is the life of the blind fanboy on N4G

PSVita1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

@tongkatali- no one took the time to understand your comment.

@rockefellow- Wow....

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jony_dols1886d ago

How come RTS games haven't made it to the Vita? The combination of touch & physical controls would be great & they'd suit play on the go.

Company of Heros 2 Vita. I'd cream my pants!

Jaambi1886d ago

Totally agree, RTS on the Vita would be great. I'd also be interested to see some ARPG's like Torchlight on the VIta. Who knows maybe there will be a Vita version of Diablo 3 when Blizz releases it for the PS3/4.

blusoops1886d ago

I really need a valkyria chronicles on vita too. (Even if its not an rts title)

TongkatAli1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I didnt mean what I said as a insult, chill. I have bought almost every indie PSN title on the store except Germanitor. I support them alot : D

Hotline Miami is going to sick!

Thomas Was Alone

Machinurum, don't know if that was the correct spelling

Frozen Synapse

What insult ?

NewMonday1886d ago

IMOO XBL/PSN games are the perfect caliber for a handheld.

I feel underwhelmed when playing games like Limbo or Shank on my 65'TV, but they would feel natural on the the Vita, on the other hand I feel a bit overwhelmed with Uncharted and AC on the Vita, I needed to sit down and focus on them at home. the best experience for me was Rayman Origins because it matched the quick stop/start sessions and on the go gameplay of a handheld.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1886d ago

Yes! Thank you! This guy gets it. Some games are just too big for handheld gaming and games like Limbo and Braid would be perfect for Vita. I really don't want to play Red Dead Redemption on the small screen but games like Rayman Origins are exactly what gaming on the go is about.

hongthay1886d ago

You should try Motorstorm RC as well. It is good for the vita for the exact same reason.

Sound shapes is nice, too. But Death Mode kills me.

DivineAssault 1886d ago

Theres a lot of vita titles im looking forward to this year.. I love that little machine & the more software it receives the better

KrisButtar1886d ago

anyone else having trouble getting to the article?

Rockefellow1886d ago

The "reply" button works like this

Derekvinyard131886d ago

Thanks, good to see neighborhood watch is doing there job,

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