Beyond: Two Souls Vs. Heavy Rain - Graphics, Gameplay and Camera Work Comparison

Ravi: "Beyond: Two Souls recently received three new gameplay videos, and for once, they offer us a peak into just how the gameplay would work. And unlike Quantic Dream’s earlier title, Heavy Rain, it won’t focus so much on quick time events (at least, from the footage we’ve seen) as on the so-called “ghost” that accompanies the protagonist Jodie."

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piroh1825d ago

is the girl with brown hairs a game or reality? when it comes to Quantic Dream i´m not sure

Ezz20131825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

you can for sure see that the gfx got huge upgrade from Quantic Dream
just to think what QD,ND,SSM etc of sony's 1st/2nd party will do on ps4 make me drool

StrongMan1824d ago

It's amazing what Quantic Dream can squeeze out of the PS3.

user76939581824d ago

nice work.. i can't wait!
maybe my last PS3 game ;) and what a game..

Guwapo771824d ago

I had to stop half way through. I can't see anymore. This game is going to be A-mazing!