Publishers Are Chasing The ‘Call Of Duty’ Audience – And It’s A Big Mistake

In light of the disappointing sales performance of both Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3, survival-horror enthusiast Mark Butler argues that publishers are making a grave error by trying to attract Call of Duty fans.

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NYC_Gamer1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

This is what happens when publishers listen to focus groups instead of gamers

rezzah1723d ago

Follow the devs who don't follow CoD. Even those who are forced to do so may not allow it to stain their main ideas.

The effect of CoD if mostly MP, this is good news for me because SP won't be heavily effected (if at all).

3-4-51723d ago

Focus group made up of non gamers.

They are chasing the " this it hot now " audience and soon enough COD type games won't be "cool".

Why even try to make a watered down version of a game that nobody wants ?

Bimkoblerutso1723d ago

Don't know how many times developers have to see their games ran into the ground before they realize this. CODheads don't want to play COD-inspired games....they want to play COD. They want to play it so bad that it can essentially be released dozens of times with minor changes, but if it has COD in the title, that is all that is required.

Summons751723d ago

couldn't agree more, you'll get so much more money giving gamers and fans what they want, need, and making things unique and interesting.d

DaReapa1723d ago

Very nice piece. Sadly, the stove is never too hot for publishers. And as a result, they won't quit this practice until the next iteration of a "COD crowd" is forged from the masses by means of another game.

HarryMasonHerpderp1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

This article is spot on.
The thing is most COD players are interested in COD and COD alone, they don't care about Dead Space or Resident Evil because they don't need to.
They are perfectly happy playing the same franchise every year.
Making you're survival horror series more action orientated is not attracting anyone and only results in losing you're core fanbase.

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The story is too old to be commented.