Entry 3: Top 5 worst Horror games - Geimaku

"Yes… Worst. Surprise surprise, I actually find some horror games bad and predictable. It’s like watching a really bad horror film, you can predict everything that will happen and it happens. Although that can be used to either bait and switch or in some cases can even make some of the best suspense there is nothing suspenseful about the games on this list. I will save my top 5 best for October since trying to get Windows 8 to run anything above windows 7 is a chore upon itself."

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ShugaCane1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Homecoming is not a very good Silent Hill, indeed. But second worst horror game (of all time, I assume) ? Hell no ! It's still an enjoyable game with some disturbing moments and an insanely creepy bestiary. I would have put Amy instead.

Derekvinyard131158d ago

Was thinking the same thing Amy was very disappointing

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Magnus1158d ago

Walking Dead Survival Instinct should have been on that list.