Battlefield 4: Ultimate Wishlist

Pixel Enemy: With Battlefield 4 just around the corner, we've tried our best to come up with the Ultimate Wishlist for Battlefield players.

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RAFFwaff1587d ago

Ummmmm.....that dice or a 3rd party took the time to build a Wii U version from the ground up?

CapsLocke1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

WiiU posts everywhere.

RAFFwaff1586d ago ickle kiddy nintendo gamers wanting battlefield 4 annoys the macho hardcore battlefield community. What an idiot.

Derekvinyard131586d ago

I'm 50/50 with interactive maps , it's cool but I like when the building fall on people

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rbluetank1586d ago

i am glad they increased player count. 12 vs 12 was not enough for me on the ps3. i hearing 32 vs 32 on ps4 and i will be back on board...

Jaqen_Hghar1586d ago

a man hopes for larger maps and better framerate

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