Call Of Duty: Ghosts: Should It Be Next-Gen Exclusive?

"Undoubtedly, the biggest game franchise of the current generation of consoles and PC gaming is Call Of Duty. Whether you like the games or you find them tedious and lacking innovation, the Call Of Duty series has become a gaming juggernaut. " |

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Sandmano1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

If they go for next gen exclusivity then they will gain a lot of respect in my eyes because it will indicate their taking next gen seriously and not targeting the huge install base that current gem systems have. I don't think activision ate crazy enough to ignore the 360 and ps3 they'll both get versions of ghost but the tricky part is making ghosts look 10 better than current gen consoles will play them and we all know COD games barely looking different from one instalment to the next.

All I'm sure about is that Sony and ms want it to be next gen exclusive that will move the hardware like crazy.

TopDudeMan1884d ago

Yeah, if call of duty isn't on ps4 and xbox 720, then the 10million people who play call of duty games every year aren't buying the ps4 and xbox 720.

iGAM3R-VIII1884d ago

Agreed, either way, the chance of Activision making this an exclusive is 1:1000000000000000000000000000 00

Mustang300C20121884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

They would be stupid to go next gen without releasing for current consoles. It ain't about gaining YOUR respect. The availability money wise would be a stupid move to not release it to current gen consoles. Funny why isn't this same BS stated about other companies releasing games like AssCreed. If it was about the graphics then why is this franchise still number one?

Then you believe BOTH Sony and MS want to talk to them about making a game that continues to sale millions on current gen to make the transition over to next gen exclusive? Learn about business. Making it exclusive doesn't gurantee sales. It will alienate the current gen players would don't want to upgrade yet due to cost or simply enjoying what they have now.

Sandmano1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I already said I believe that their not crazy enough to release on next gen only and that I thought they wouldn't. I know it's not about gaining my respect that's why I said " in my own eyes".

About next gen exclusivity alienating current gen gamers well I think your under estimating the strength of COD and yes I believe that Sony for one would prefer to get a boost in hardware sales early on that would strengthen the ps4 install base in turn improving sales of all other software on the ps4 and the next COD being exclusive to next gen would guarantee that opposed to releasing in both gens where the huge cod crowd would feel reluctant to go next gen because they would already have a version on their current consoles.

You have to look at the big picture and the big picture for Sony is the ps4 not the ps3.

Like I said activision aren't crazy to shun away current gen consoles because they would be losing $$.

heck I know for sure it would make my purchase easier(already buying the ps4 day one regardless) and that pretty much everyone on my friends list will buy the ps4 on launch just for cod.

Summons751884d ago

Please call of duty next gen will be on the same old engine with the same old gameplay then same old splosions (because there isn't a story to cod except generic Hollywood crap), the same content left out and slapped on later for 15 bucks and called new and the same children screaming their lungs off. Maybe by cod 10 or 11 they will put money into the game but until then cod still looks like it was made in 2005 which is sad for a game that is made in 2012 or 13 for this new one. Or highly doubtful activision will find a new game next gen to beat to death then beat it some more, at least that would be fresh and new for 2 games before we get the recycled game that cod is today.

Cam9771884d ago

This sounds fake. 'Ghosts'? Really?

N0S3LFESTEEM1884d ago

Sounds like a Vita title.

Sandmano1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

maybe your thinking about the rumoured ghost recon game on the vita?

BanBrother1884d ago

If they make it exclusive to next-gen, you can be damn sure MS and Sony paid gajillions to have it that way. Why would Activision release on new platforms only and not release it on current-gen where they are guaranteed 30 million sales? Because Sony and MS would have to pay Acti an unspeakable amount of money.

Studio-YaMi1884d ago

Unless it can't be done on current gen,then it would be understandable,but I see your point,too many sales to give away just to be next gen.

HarryB1884d ago

I'm sure that a billion dollar machine that call of duty is would invest in next gen consoles. I'm sure we might even see another exclusive cod event for next gen console too like for mw3.

We just have to wait to see what activisions intentions are first. If there is another cod in the making more than likely microsoft is going to be the exclusive next gen console. This is all based on tradition.

But what kind of game is the next cod going to be ? Its anyones guess. I hope its ww2. I really miss burst fireing with the garand and hearing the cartridges go PING.

franko1884d ago

COD gotta take 3-4 years break. Next one should be on new engine, not this copy/paste crap they give us every year. And DEDICATED SERVERS for consoles!!!

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